Bennett: Palestinian state will destroy Israel's economy
Omer Benjakob
Published: 20.01.14, 15:13
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1. One Jewish people and one Jewish land !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.20.14)
2. Bennet is right ! The Antisemites just try
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (01.20.14)
to split up and destroy Israel ! ONE JEWISH LAND AND ONE JEWISH PEOPLE ! The Jew haters will fail !
3. Mr. Bennett seems to be a sweet & loving man
lydia ,   brisbane   (01.20.14)
Just the kind I seek in a marriage partner....
4. Peace is made, if possible, to save lives
Sam ,   Canada   (01.20.14)
5. Bennet is right
jenifer ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (01.20.14)
G-D bless Bennet and may he continue to be a strong spokeman for Am Yisroel
6. Peace is made, if possible, to save lives
Sam ,   Canada   (01.20.14)
7. Jewish NGOs are supporting boycott
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (01.20.14)
Among them are: Btselem, Jews For Peace, Rabies for Human Rights (RHR), NIF, the main supporter the behind BDS is the JVJP.CH in Switzerland! Behind BDS is Omar Barghouti, scholar at the TAU. It is possible to control BDS with removing its supporters from positions in Israel. rememberamalek
8. Solution: One State Greater Israel free of Arabs relocated.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.14)
9. He just doesn't get it
Daniel   (01.20.14)
The argument "it belonged to us" is a deeply racist argument with no relevance in a democracy. It is never an excuse not to extend equal rights to everybody. The US was built by Protestants Christians, it doesn't mean Jewish Americans have lesser rights. If Bennett wants to give up Zionism and go for a binational state, that's his problem (and I disagree with him, I want a Jewish state) but if he wants to give up democracy, that's even worse. It's really so simple. We can have 2 out of these 3 things. 1 The whole land. 2 A Jewish state. 3 A democracy. We cannot have all three. Bennett seems to be willing to give up having a Jewish state, or give up democracy. Most Israelis disagree, we want a Jewish and democratic state. That means a two-state solution.
10. Bennett is a facist pipe dreamer.
Mike Tyson ,   Columbia.   (01.20.14)
It aint gonna happen sonny boy, its either war or peace and all you offer is more terror and war.
Leon   (01.20.14)
And all the wimpy liberal elitist whingers wrong.
12. #3 Halleluja
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (01.20.14)
Hallelujah Lydia! You figured out the only way for you to get hold of our land.. all of it. Bravo! If he'll have you, that is.
13. A healthy 90% jewish majority needed.
Nora Tel Aviv   (01.20.14)
Today, 20% of the Israelis are Arabs. Abu Mazen is for a 100% Arab Palestinian state. The swapping of the Israeli Arab inhabitants area in Northern Israel against the jewish settlements of the West Bank will do just that. Only then, a 90% Jewish Israel can be called a Jewish State.
14. Benneth is talking to the pocket..
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.14)
of Israelis.Might be more convincing than patriotist arguments
15. What's the next step? Expulsion?
J ,   Tel Aviv   (01.20.14)
There are now an equal number of Jews and Palestinians between the Jordan and Mediterranean: unless a hundred thousand are expelled to maintain a Jewish majority, we'll have to accept that we live in an apartheid state (for lack of a better term).
16. when criticising Bibi look what he has to deal with
zionist forever   (01.20.14)
Bennet being anti palestinians state. Lapid saying he will pull out the coalition if we don't create a palestinians state even if it is for election point scoring rather than ideology. Members of Likud criticising Bibi for talking about creating a palestinians state. Kerry who has his sites on the 2016 presidency and Obmama who just hates Israel and loves muslims. That little Napoleon Abbas Its not an easy job and he deserves a little slack now and again although he should not be above criticism.
17. #14 ORA
Michael ,   Haifa   (01.20.14)
The impending wave of boycotts will also talk to Israeli pockets
18. Bennet Rocks !
Jennie ,   Israel/US   (01.20.14)
A refreshingly true and bold Statement from the Knesset ! Finally a politician and a patriot, finds the necessity and courage to say it, as it really is...How many Palestinian states should be in the ME? Do we even have any preconditions for "talks", like their willingness to recognize Israel...? It is tragic, how easily the leftist liberals in Israel, are so overly eager to give up land to an enemy, who are honest and bold in their desire to annihilate the Jewish State...And haven't Israel done it before ? Gush Katif, Galil, Sinai...No other country would sacrifice as much land, as the tiny Israel did...And were is even their hint of recognition of the Jewish state ? Time to take off the "blindfolds" and learn to make conclusion based on reality, not wishful thinking...
19. A "win-win" sharing of Palestine Israel is only way forward
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.14)
20. One land equals end of Israel
Shmoulik ,   Afula   (01.20.14)
we live in reality, not in dreams, for Israel there are no good choices layed down for the moment, we have to choose between a bad and a worse one, the worse one is the status quo which means one jewish land between the sea and the Jordan, which will bring to the end of Israel, like in Soiuth Africa
21. naftali bennett
Michael Livingston ,   Philadelphia PA   (01.20.14)
But a universal boycott will hurt it even more.
22. 17 Michael,Israel doesn't need the
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (01.20.14)
worn out West. israel has enough to offer and the dynamic East countries will open eagerly their doors.
23. #9 Daniel; review your post
Jerome ,   AKL   (01.20.14)
Equal rights; Rosh Hashana, Kippur, Succot, Pessah are statutory holydays in the US or Canada or France or do they come off your annual leave? How can you say Jews enjoy equal rights? In New Zealand we get 4 weeks annual leave + statutory holidays. If I spend most of my annual leave on Jewish festivals what is left? Equal rights means when any states recognises the religous festival of all minorities.
24. Surprisingly irrational arguments by Bennett
Dave ,   Sao Paulo, Brazil   (01.20.14)
Nothing he says makes sense and he is simply fearmongering. If a PEACE agreement is formed, then no rockets will be thrown at Israel. That's why it's called a PEACE agreement. Moreover, the threat of boycotts (which have already started) will stop, and Israel's image would improve throughout the world. Only benefits will come from this. Stop destroying Israel!
25. #9 Daniel
DavidR ,   USA   (01.20.14)
Why do you bring up the US and its founding by what you call "Protestant Christians? You are arguing for a "democracy" however, you are using an example of a Constitutional Republic. The US is not now nor has it ever been a "democracy." Those who think otherwise are ignorant of the facts. Israel can and will be a "Constitutional Republic with Torah as the Constitution. It can and will be a Jewish Nation on the whole of Eretz Israel as defined by its Constitution, the Torah! The US Constitution is deeply rooted in Torah. That is why the likes of obummmer wants, and is successfully in destroying it. The "People" have fallen into a deep sleep of immorality and greed and has no strength or desire to reverse the situation and preserve their Republic. Please educate yourself Daniel.
26. "Win-win" Israel GI's enter US and return it to 1776 borders
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.20.14)
27. There exists No Juridical ground for a Palestinian State.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (01.20.14)
There exists no Juridical basis for such a thing as an Occupation. Kerry is totaly wrong. Arn.
28. #3 Bennet is an observant Jew, therefore
A ,   Belgium   (01.20.14)
he doesn't like pigs.
29. Israel is in huge denial
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (01.20.14)
More that 20% of its population is not Jewish and the percentage is getting bigger because of foreigners, non Jews coming to Israel for any reasons and native Arabs. Israel and Israelis cannot just ignore that fact. A 90% Jewish country and therefore a Jewish country is utopic Nation states are on decline and it's like that in the whole western world. Get real!!
30. #29 Western nation states are in decline
Nora Tel Aviv   (01.20.14)
True, but not yet advised for Israel. The day the 22 non-democratic states surrounding Israel will become 20 y.o. stable democracies, Israel should reconsider an increase in today`s 20% non-Jewish minority . Getting real (!) does not mean getting suicidal.
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