American war weariness? Think again!
Jonathan Adelman, Asaf Romirowsky
Published: 22.01.14, 22:02
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1. The US is going the way of Rome.
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (01.22.14)
Fighting continuous wars in the interest of a small wealthy elite has bankrupted the nation and caused millions of deaths unnecessarily. Are Americans any freer from the warmongering? No! Their freedoms are being taken away, starting with the Patriot Act. Today, there are no American values left to cherish. If Jonathan Adelman and Asaf Romirowsky want war and blood, we should get these scholars in uniform and ship them out to Iraq and Afghanistan.
2. US has been hijacked by far left pro-Muslim elements
CJK   (01.22.14)
the entire obama administration is far left and pro-muslim. the media support obama's far left, promuslim policies. the average american has no idea what is being done in his name, nor does he have the means to inform himself by just following the news on the main stream media. the new york times is a veritable propaganda arm of the obama administration. david remmick's interview of obama lacked all objectivity. no questions were asked about obama's support for the muslim brotherhood nor about the wisdom of engaging the genocidal, totalitarian shia terror regime. since obama became president, the entire middle east has been engulfed in genocidal wars and despite his claims to the contrary, al qaeda is strengthened and spreading like cancer.
3. "Dwell alone" Jewish values, are not American values
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.22.14)
4. USA youth need evidence of 9/11 planes but none exists.
JMK ,   NYC   (01.23.14)
Fight why, hate why, persecute war why, there were no planes on 9/11. No planes means no muslims.
5. #3, my clone, is obviously ignorant of American history
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.23.14)
6. Good article. I like facts and not opinions!
Michael Redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (01.23.14)
7. The American people are not war weary
Sarah B ,   US/Israel   (01.23.14)
What they are beginning to do is question what the current wars they are involved in are about, and who they are fighting for. A big difference
8. war & politics go hand in hand not war & casualties
zionist forever   (01.23.14)
The reason America is war weary has nothing to do with dead bodies,hardware or money its public opinion and the public are sick watching coffins being unloaded from planes and with no visible enemy they are fighting so it looks like they died for nothing. Afghanistan is thousands of miles away, they don't have nuclear missiles, tanks, ships, jets or anything that makes them look like an enemy. The bad guy is just a religious extremist with an AK47. There is no national pride when a drone kills a terrorist and when a soldier is killed by a roadside bomb he didn't go down fighting like a man against an enemy soldier so no heroics to praise. Afghanistan started over 9/11 but that was 12 years ago, Bin Laden is dead and now the voting public want out so the politicians want out.
9. #4 JMK
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.23.14)
I was working at 180 Maiden Lane on 9/11. I saw the second plane hitting the WTC from the 41st floor window. When I returned to work 2 weeks later I saw the landing gear on the ground next to the AMEX building. Children at Stuyvesant high school saw it with their own eyes. People in Jersey city , Hoboken, West NY Brooklyn etc saw it while it was happening.
10. JMK how do you respond to #9
JS ,   USA   (01.23.14)
11. #9#10, Where is the proof?
JMK ,   NYC   (01.23.14)
First, where is the evidence, the investigation, the due diligence, the corroboration of these siting? Where is the evidence, the investigation, the due diligence for planes? I was commuting that morning, sitting on the Express Bus from Queens facing south at the proper time I did not see planes.
12. so, Mr Jonathan Adelman.....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (01.24.14)
...when did you ever put on a uniform and put your life on the line to protect your country? When Colorado had its recent natural disasters, were you called up alongside the Colorado National Guard? Or did you just write another essay from the comfort of your leather chair?
13. #11 JMK
David Isarel ,   New York, USA   (01.23.14)
I take an express bus from Queens every morning too and I know those coaches. They do not provide much visibility and most commuters sleep. But what is important is not that you missed to see the terrorist action but despite your blatant lies thousands of young Stuyvesant high school students saw it and lived the experience of running away from the site. They will never forget and will never fall to your lies and false propaganda. There are photographs, ATC records and recordings, radar reports all to prove. If you have teh courage go and tell these lies of yours to the face of the family of my friend Abe Zelmanov who lost his wife while he was trying to save the life of a wheel chair ridden colleague crying him down the stairs at WTC or the family of Pat Quicgly my friend at work who lost his life in the flight down in Pennsylvania. It was not enough that your terrorists ruined the lives of thousands of families you keep on disrespecting their sorrow with your lies. What kind of creature are you.
14. #13
JS ,   USA   (01.24.14)
JMK is a troll who, by his own standards, doesn't exist.
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