BDS network infiltrating Holland
Emily Ziedman
Published: 26.01.14, 17:05
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1. BDS in Holland
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (01.26.14)
Best news I have seen in a long time. Most gratifying. It proves that Zionism can be totally defeated and Palestine liberated from its clutches via economic and political action, with minimal or even no bloodshed whatever. It is high time for the United States to join fully in the BDS effort.
2. Why should Holland "rise" to protect Israel?
Avi ,   NYC, USA   (01.26.14)
Have we bothered, on our side, to mend our criminal behavior? Have we reneged on our hostile attitude towards gentiles? Have we distanced ourselves from Talmud's teachings regarding Gentiles?
3. #! Grazcek
dennis ,   nj usa   (01.26.14)
Grazcek: Its high time for you to go back and crawl under the freaking rock that you live under, and which apparently is still pressing on our pin-head. If you hate Israel and Jews so much, stop trolling our site, and go find a copy of Der Sturmer to read.
4. #2 Self Hatred
Tambour ,   Eilat   (01.26.14)
Avi : Why are you so ashamed of being Jewish? Get out, convert , but stop your self hatred. Jews have done more to advance humanity & sciences, won more Nobel awards per capita than any other race, and Israel is the living miracle the world envies but loves to destroy. Judaism is fundamentally based on social Justice, of which you are clearly ignorant. What do you know of the Talmud? I doubt you have any knowledge besides what you may have read in hate literrature. That you are ashamed of yourself and your people is due to your parents. Ask them why they poisoned your life
5. Kol HaKavod Dennis and Tambour
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.26.14)
for setting things straight with "graczek" and "avi." This "grazcek" character has been an annoying, tiresome insect on YNet for many years. And Avi in NYC, simply reflects the bane of NYC liberal ideology: the Jews must give in to, concede to, and bow down to the goyim. AM YISRAEL CHAI!
6. To Planet Earth:
Yechiel HaMashiach   (01.26.14)
If you boycott Israel you are boycotting God. Love your friend like you love yourself, this is the Torah. Your friend Mashiach
7. To Graczek
Mike Caton ,   Vestal, NY USA   (01.26.14)
I see that you have not taken my advice and gone to see your psychologist/psychiatrist regarding your OCS vis a vis the Jews and Israel. You will feel much better once your OCD is alliviated.. I am dead serious.
8. #4 Avi is Shrewish, not Jewish
Gary ,   USA   (01.26.14)
Just one of graczek's many talkback names.
9. Dutch doing what they do best.
tiki ,   belgium   (01.26.14)
Being hypocrites, backstabbers & enablers of those who want to harm Jews!. Nothing has changed, except that now there are those who can warn about the ''friends" from the low lands. It's about time for the Jews to take their money out of the Dutch banks, because ""money talks! Yes even to the Dutch!
10. BDS=Racist McCarthy era blacklisting
Benji ,   USA   (01.26.14)
All focused on Jews. Holland and all European governments must distance themselves from this evil policy. There is no justification for a boycott of Israel and it certainly benefits no one except those who hate Israel.
11. To Avi #2
Yechiel HaMashiach   (01.26.14)
I love you. I am your friend. You must love Israel and the whole world. God loves everyone. Your friend Mashiach
12. Infiltraring suggest unwelcome ,...
split ,   US   (01.26.14)
Hate to disappoint you but warmly greeted there ,...
13. Oh I love it . . .
Mike ,   NZ   (01.26.14)
The poor Dutch fight so hard to keep their backsides above sea level and yet seem to have no problems descending into the sewers of Muslimisim. I hope the Dutch enjoy the company of their Muslim bed fellows ... and there more coming their way !!
14. graczek, have the guts to change th word
Dov ben David ,   Eilat, Israel   (01.26.14)
Zionism for the Jews... The best news for you would be if Hitler came back to earth. Just admit it!
15. To all who have posted before me:
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.26.14)
I am an American of Jewish ethnicity who does not believe in any religion, supreme being etc. I am a social democrat - lefty - and I proudly state that I am a liberal. You may think that I am against Israel like Avi. But i am the opposite. I am a strong supporter of Israel only because it is the right thing. Historically Palestine has been where Jews lived for millenniums. Even after forced exiles many Jews managed not to leave. It is the Jewish homeland. I am not against Arabs also having a state that they want to call Palestine in the land of Palestine as long as they do not destroy Israel and live in peace with Israel. What I am trying to say is: don't generalize that all New York Left wing liberals are against Israel and don't think that all religious Jews are for Israel (such as Naturei Karta) . Those who believe in peace, justice for all sides in the ME can not ignore the existence of two parties 1) Palestinian Jews (Their state already established and will remain forever as Israel) and 2) Palestinian Arab state - which one day will be established side by side with Israel when they are ready to accept the reality of Israel and decide to live in peace with them.
16. Don't buy Tom Tom navigation and Dutch vegetables
ab   (01.26.14)
17. Avi #2
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (01.26.14)
Have you taken your medication?
18. Heheh ,...
split ,   US   (01.26.14)
On the top of that medical groups in neighboring countries Sweden and Denmark call for ban on ritual circumcisions ,...
19. Boycott Unilever
David ,   Montpelier   (01.26.14)
Teach Dutch a lesson, boycott Unilever. Make your friends aware of the Dutch antisemitism and attempts to help Palestinians murder Israelis and Jewish people.
20. #15 - You're not social democrat, lefty or liberal ,...
split ,   US   (01.26.14)
You're phony ,... Read the 'The Mythic Past' by Thomas L. Thomson, also the 'Goliath' by M. Blumenthal and call me ,...
21. #18 There is still hope for you Kowalsky
A ,   Belgium   (01.26.14)
and your kamerad Graysik: The Polish government is looking for volunteers of Polish background for an experimental brain transplant program using brain cells and brain tissue of dead pigs. Don't wait too long, Kowalsky and Graysik, you may end up forever with the nothing that you already have now..
22. #1 #18 The perfect organization for 2 p0l@kius
A ,   Belgium   (01.27.14)
ignoramius as yourselves: B.rain D.ead S.imians. Ask him nicely and maybe Roger Waters will send you an autographed photo to worship.
23. Split: Who are you to judge me?
David Israel ,   New York, USA   (01.27.14)
You never met me you don't know anything about me except what I posted. You calling me phony is same as me calling you Anti Semite which I am not saying you are since I don't know you but people who read the posts know what I mean. But I can say one thing for sure. My post was all about peace. Your objection to it indicates that you are against peace between Jews and Arabs in the middle east.
24. To All Commentators.
Harold ,   USA   (01.27.14)
Graczek is right and is a peace lover. All commentators against him hate peace and love occupying the Palestinian lands. Try to learn from Grazek and respect International Laws. The EU already backs Grazek and will apply sanctions against those who violate International Laws.
25. #24 To all Harolds
Gary ,   USA   (01.27.14)
It's obvious you also post as graczek so spare the hot air.
26. #24 Another B.rain D.ead S.imian with nothing
A ,   Belgium   (01.27.14)
intelligent to say. Oh well, you are in equal company with your 2 p0l@kius ignoramius friends.
27. #4-He is an Anti-Semite pretending to be Israeli
fake identity   (01.27.14)
Avi (#2) is not Avi. He is probably a Muslim, a European Jewish-hater, or a looney ultra-leftist. You can see it in the choice of words and terms he used. It happens that people like him post their racist lies under a Jewish or an Israeli name.
28. BDS & "Arab Spring"
Mark ,   London, UK   (01.27.14)
Sitting in Europe I am not totally against investing here rather than overseas. One thing is sure, however, that I have no confidence in the wisdom of investing in any Arab country or their allies. With all the instability, do I want my money to be invested in Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Jordan, "Palestine" etc. Let Saudi and Qatar invest there and keep their hands off our assets. I feel it's a complete nonsense for every country to be chasing around the globe for foreigners to invest in our industries. I don't really want to work hard to have the profits from my labour exported all over the world. I think it's been a con to provide all sorts of tax exemptions from multi-national organisations. By all means, send humanitarian aid when required, and trade is useful (how else can we get hold of dates, olives and oil) but why are we closing down our industries, creating unemployment etc to take advantage of low wages elsewhere?
29. 23 ,...
split ,   US   (01.27.14)
Hit the books pal you may find something you're not aware off ,...
30. #27
Harold ,   USA   (01.27.14)
Your hand fingures are not the same size aod people in Israwl or any where else are not the same. Some love what their leaders are doing and some don;t so you cannot brand #2 as not Jewish or Israeli. By the way there are many Jews aroiund the world who do not recognize Zionism and even the state of Israel.
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