Abbas: We want peace with Israel
Published: 27.01.14, 17:16
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les ,   canada   (01.27.14)
I do like it ... you give me everything I want, (including all of Israel), and we will agree to it easy it is to deal with the pals. :))
stude ham   (01.27.14)
abbas must be smoking from Toronto rob ford's pipe... he also sounds eerily similar to the 1938 final request for european territory made by a hell monster far greater than anyone could have ever imagined.
3. Moderates will be danger of sabotage .
Zechariah   (01.27.14)
Moderates on both the Jewish and Arab side will be Sabotaged and no Idf presence in the Jordan valley is not immediately feasible .Besides this the Jews are the minority in the area .However it's an option for the future for the majority of Diaspora Jews who are not threatened and some Israelis who believe Israel military Capacity is overwhelming with USA as an ally and Russia fearing Islamist Jihadi in its lands .The Jews need more time and peace ought be gradual.
4. Israeli Think tank????
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (01.27.14)
Do this people really believe that he is telling then the true when you listen to a completely different version before and after this so "important" interview??? If this is the Think tank, Israel is in trouble!!!
5. Right of return
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.27.14)
I think he can have as many of his refugees return to the Palestinian state as he wants. As long as they move back to his new country, not ours. They can settle there as much as they want. Just not here in Israel
6. IDF Free Borders
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (01.27.14)
The IDF will not just get up and leave, it will be a staged disengagement from the area. Additionally, the IDF will be all over the borders making sure there are no illegal crossings. There will also be protocols put in place that will allow IDF to cross those borders in the case of any ordinance of people or wepons crossing the border in an aggressive fashion.
7. Yeah, yeah, yeah
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (01.27.14)
That's what he says to the Israeli press; that's what he says to Western press. What he says to the Arab press is 180 degrees different. That said -- what right does he have to demand that "Palestinian" displaced persons be allowed to return to Israel? First of all, most of the people who were directly affected are either no longer alive or elderly. Secondly, why doesn't he want them in the "Palestine" Authority? I guess he really doesn't want them, does he? Or is it the four generations they have spawned since.
8. He lies
LK ,   USA   (01.27.14)
The 1967 lines are not "borders" on the insistence of the Arabs, who considered them temporary before the intended destruction of Israel. Now he is calling it "borders" as if Israel captured any previously established state. Everything else he is saying is as phony. He lies.
9. Abbas
Ike ,   Chicago, USA   (01.27.14)
What he meant was "a piece of Israel". And then another piece and another piece and another piece.
10. Is Abbas an elected leader or dictator?
InquiringMind   (01.27.14)
When was he elected? How often are elections held? What about the roadmap what happened to that? Just wondering....
11. Anybody believe this hypocrisy? Just yesterday...
Chaim   (01.27.14)
Abbas' Fatah party called to "renew the armed uprising against Israel" followed by a threat to "bomb Tel Aviv". Who in the right mind will still believe the head of this terrorist group that he wants peace with Israel? One has to be a real dunce to trust any word he says.
12. peace
Gil ,   Spain   (01.27.14)
"as well as a non-violent popular resistance".He means resistance will not end till Israel desappear from the map
13. "There'll be complete recognition with full diplomatic ties.
Corey ,   Canada   (01.27.14)
Better to exist yet not be recognized than be recognized yet not exist!
14. His Demands are (Intentionally) Unreasonable
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.27.14)
Forget it. There will be no agreement with the Arabs this time around. Come back in a decade.
15. Translation: We Want Israel
emanon ,   USA   (01.27.14)
16. Peace in our time!
albert snow ,   sweden   (01.27.14)
First. Abbas term as president ended 2009, so his got no authority to sign any Peace deal. Second.Hamas is no problem. Well if Hamas aint a problem how come they rule Gaza and not the PA. Three. Both Hamas and PLO charter deny jews to have Israel as jewish state. Four. He admits the palestinians will continue a "nonviolent resistance". In other Words they´ll continue to fight against the jewish state until they conquered it. Conclusion. Don´t trust this man. A Peace agreement with him will be of no more value than the Peace Chamberlain did with Hitler.
17. War reparations, ROR, '67 borders, US troops in West Bank
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (01.27.14) Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country.
...DACON9   (01.27.14)
Abbas said. "Jerusalem will be a city open to all the religions and there will be arrangements made between the two sides." IF THAT IS TRUE THEN he has no need to claim any part of Israel for his own because , JERUSALEM, NORTH ,WEST SOUTH ,EAST IS ALREADY OPEN TO EVERYONE, its the arabs that prevent ''anyone'' from walking an arab area..that arab area occupied from arab squatter who have no right to claim anypart of the already occupied jerusalem by the romans for 2000 years ,or the ottomons or the british. ARABS DO NOT HAVE ANY CLAIM BY HISTORY ALONE
19. Refugees
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (01.27.14)
Abbas: "We would be very happy to create another failed Arab state in what is now Jewish majority Israel. We have made the large concession of agreeing to do this in slow motion, only because thus far we have been unable to do it using violence. In theory Jews will be able to visit their holy places, but of course in reality we will stand by while they are destroyed."
20. Kerry will undoubtedly fall for this schtick
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (01.27.14)
21. Abbas understand his miss gold peace that might not return
Jason ,   USA ,Monsey   (01.27.14)
Right of return and Jerusalem Israel reject both and Israel has security fence borderline would work. However Palestinian wake smell coffie they might lot less I mean Palestinian Arab birthrate in West Bank fall right now same as the Birthrate Arab Israeli in Israel. Only half a child higher then Jews birthrate by average. Palestinian at the rate they going might end up Gaze strip. Gold opportunity one might not return weight few years.
22. Lying to the infidel for the sake of JIHAD is a MITZVAH.....
Bemet ,   Israel   (01.27.14)
and Abbas does this very well. The day after the agreement Abbas will be killed and the new leader will refuse to do anything Abbas said. Let's be honest. NO ARABS want peace with Israel and they will not stop attacking and killing Jews until the very last one is DEAD.
23. "Hamas isn't a problem," Abbas said.
Devorah   (01.27.14)
Since when? Abbas can barely be in the same room with Haniyeh, et al. I suspect Abbas is playing nice because he may be getting ready to ask for another big handout from the international community.
24. "Abbas: The Snake!"
BENNY ,   Iran   (01.27.14)
If it looks like a snake, talks like a snake & acts like a snake, it is a snake. That is Abbas in a nutshell. He is hopeless. He orchestrated the Munich Massacre of the 11 Israeli athletes; he is daily preaching & praising resistance in all its forms; he praises his suicide bombers as heroes & erects monuments for them & pays them for their evil deed that he encouraged. His media, TV, books for school and all his diatribes is incitefull vs Israel & costs Jewish lives daily. He needs to be arrested & put on trial. His "loose lips have sank plenty of ships' for the Israelis. He & his crooked entourage belong behind bars.
25. Abbas' Wish List
BEN JABO ,   ISRAEL   (01.27.14)
Would be Israel's' Nightmare
26. Abbas trying to con US+EU. They are the real audience.
Sam ,   Canada   (01.27.14)
Abbas agrees to an Israel with a Palestinian majority. In this way he doesn't have to fear Palestinians killing him because he's offering nothing. He can also pretend to the naive US and EU that he is offering a 2 state solution as they wish. His next step will be to blame Israel for the failure of talks because it rejected his terrific offer.
27. Return of refugees
Jim ,   Chicago, USA   (01.27.14)
Why don't you take care of the refugees that still live in "Palestine" in the refugee camps?
28. #17.You forgot all Jews to Birobidjan
29. # 27 Syria did just that!
Big bad Jew ,   United States   (01.27.14)
Syria's starving the pals to death literally in their refugee camps.. How about all the pals go there and fight with Syria? The best man wins Syria.
30. DOA
Ron ,   oc us   (01.27.14)
Abbas knows that the return of the so called refugees is a deal breaker. The responsibility for creating and the future of the refugees is and was of the Arabs own making: period. 67 borders, can't be done. Jerusalem, there can he some adjustments. Israel must be recognized as the Jewish state. The Wadi should be part of the PA state.
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