Gaza Strip faces water shortage
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Published: 29.01.14, 18:55
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1. If Gaza's "leadership" put its energies
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (01.29.14)
over these past decades, into building a sound infrastructure (e.g., public services/water/sewage...) instead of constructing terror-tunnels . . .
2. OH..YES
les ,   canada   (01.29.14)
but they have developed their "home made" rocket launcher. now they just have to convince the children to drink rocket launchers, when thirsty. poor, hapless people.
3. Plenty of water in Jordan and no Jews!!!
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (01.30.14)
So, all you pals move to Jordan and let Israeli's live in total peace. BUILDING MORE JEWISH ONLY HOMES !!!
4. I Can't Help With The Water, But,
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (01.30.14)
I am willing to send them one can of gefilte fish, with the yoich, for every rocket or gun they give up to Israel. This is non-negotiable.
5. Stupoid investors
Olavi ,   espoo, finland   (01.30.14)
The hamas is ignorant of the need of people. It put really all energy to plan news strikes against Israel. They have no aim and even any ability to run decent state. Stupid EU finances some of this behavior.
6. Gaza refuses to pay
Margie   (01.30.14)
Israel has a pipeline to Gaza but Gaza refuses to pay for the water. Israel offered a desalination plant to Gaza but Gaza refuses to pay for the electricity to operate it. Why will it inevitably be Israel;s fault?
7. Who needs water?
Ben S ,   Free World   (01.30.14)
When you have thousands of rockets.
8. Water?
Shmulie ,   Magic Kingdom   (01.30.14)
Why, they can just drink from the Mediterranean sea! or rocket fuel, whichever they prefer. Plenty of both!
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