Norway fund blacklists Israeli firms with settlement ties
Published: 30.01.14, 19:09
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1. Next to N. Korea and Syria ,...
split ,   US   (01.30.14)
Ban on Iran is profit related, you don't boost your market rival ,... An entity with a $818 billion worth of assets have a lot of torque power to convince others to follow ,...
2. Norway
David W. Rothschild ,   Montreal, Canada   (01.30.14)
Now isn't that nice ? The Scandanavian Scoundrel that does nothing to thwart its citizens and immigrants from harassing Jews wants us to believe that we give a damn about what the Norwegian clowns do vis à vis Israel ? Norway is an oil polluter that kills whales, breeds leftist and right wing nutbars and Quisling supporters. Screw Norway.
3. Sorry
rune flækøy ,   oslo   (01.30.14)
So sorry about that :(
4. I don't buy Norwegian (costco) salmon/lox or Kavli bread.
SG ,   Teaneck   (01.30.14)
two can play this game.
5. norway is an insignificant little country
C   (01.30.14)
norway has no influence whatever on israel's policies.
6. i buy nothing made in norway. nor should anyone else
ralph   (01.30.14)
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