New details from peace talks: Americans offer parts of Negev to Palestinian refugees
Itamar Eichner
Published: 02.02.14, 13:09
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1. Back to the future - Questions
Dan ,   K"S   (02.02.14)
Why back only 70 years? Why not 500 years or 2000 years? Where will the Negev suddenly get water from? It has water only because of the Israeli water project of the 1960's. Boycott because of THIS peace deal.... Since when do these people need a reason to boycott Israel?
2. Negev??? why americans
lili   (02.02.14)
are thinking to place any population in the desert? and this article much like most of the narrow minded start the arab hostility in 1947, everyone knows it began earlyer than 1947. The refugee camps were build by the british not the Israelies and not in 1947. Most of the arabs fled 1947 to existing refugee camps.
3. Stop everything !
Raphael ,   Paris, France   (02.02.14)
Israel must bury the piss process, right now !
4. Turning back the clock
tiki ,   belgium   (02.02.14)
Israel back to the Emmentaler cheese it was in 1948. That's the US peace deal supported by the EU!
5. Naked evil of "peace talks" revealed.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.02.14)
No wonder Livni and Kerry want to keep Israelis in the dark about their "peace talks with the P.A." The more we learn about these talks; the more their pure naked evil is revealed. Let us all demand these vile talks end NOW!
6. If we'd follow the brainpower
Israel   (02.02.14)
of Leftists, Israel would long have been a goner. Leftists, whose brains are that of a goldfish, never learn from history. Sharon handed over Gaza to the PA on a golden platter. What did Israel get from them? Rockets and more rockets, terrorism and more terrorism. Indyk another self-hating galut mentality Leftist out to please our enemies. Too many of these nutcases living off our tax money.
7. The UN General Assembly partition proposal of 1947 was just
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.02.14)
that, a proposal and not part of international law. Indeed, it was a proposal that was dead on arrival since all Arabs rejected it out right. It is pathetic to now attempt to use it to extract more land from the Jews, only because the Arabs demand so. Stick to law, international law, and act according to the UN Security Council Resolution, 242, 1967 which has, by consensus, been accepted as the basis for ALL talks and agreements to date. And, 242 doesn't call for or even suggest the setting up of an additional state between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea; nor does it even make use of concepts such as "Palestine" or "Palestinians". Furthermore, 242 is based on the fundamental elements of international law related to the conflict: San Remo conference, 1920; League of Nations decisions, 1922; and, UN Charter, article 80, 1945.
8. Without water teh Negev is worthless
spyguy ,   seattle usa   (02.02.14)
The US and Israel are asking the Arabs to give up fertile land with water for worthless land with no water. Even is the Arabs get 100 square km for every square KM they give up, it is a worthless swap. Right now Jordan has a huge water problem, so what will the US and Israel do to supply enough water in the Negev for millions of people? Are the US and Israel going to build nuclear and solar power plants that are large enough to desalinate enough water?
9. a better land swap idea
Michael   (02.02.14)
Let us have a Four Country land swap. Give Florida back to Spain.In return Spain will give the Palestinians spanish Morroco and Israel will retain its territory. As a good will gesture to the Palestinian's. the U.S. will give Massachusetts as a bonus.
10. So now everyone& his sister feel free to carve up our Land?
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.02.14)
11. Why not
Teddyboy ,   Paris France   (02.02.14)
Give à part of Colorado désert and half Washington or New York to indians Would you agree mister Kerry
12. Rule of law
Something is wrong with this article. Unlike Israel, the PLO works under the Rule of Law. Abbas can negotiate all he wants, but he cannot surrender any part of Israel to the Jews and he cannot give up the "Right of Return" without a unanimous decision of the PNC to change the PLO Charter. Even if he manages to change the PLO Charter, he will need to convince Hamas to sign any agreement.
13. What Jewish leaders?
Devorah   (02.02.14)
Who, exactly, are these Jewish leaders, and who do they represent? "Jewish" does not necessarily mean it's good. Take, for example, the American Jewish Congress which has endorsed Hitlery Clinton in 2016.
14. #8 Nice family homes in "worthless" Negev
Logic ,   Israel   (02.02.14)
sell for over $200k.
15. oh really????
scandal   (02.02.14)
Now they want to give the Negev???? unbelievable...unacceptable.....I hope the citizens of Israel get a chance to have their say.
16. Foreign policy
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (02.02.14)
I really hope this "peace treaty" will inlcude a foreign policy for how Israel will respond when (not if) violent factions of palestinians decide to attack Israel from the west bank.
17. Indyk is a turkey?
Ibrahim El Awal ,   Dearborn, USA   (02.02.14)
So, let us give Palestinians part of the Negev? May be Natanya will satisfy them? But what about Hamas Covenant, WAQF, TAQYYA, HUDNA? What will Hamas, Islamic Jihad commit to anything? Abbas presidency ended 6 years ago. He is not a legal representative of the Palestinians.
Next OBOOOMA & Kerry will put pressure on Israel, this time for final deal and peace with the whole Muslims world, Israel should give back Tel-Aviv, Jaffa,and Haifa
19. Arabs get Death Valley, Jews, California Coast, good trade.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.02.14)
20. When everything is not enough.
Harri ,   EU   (02.02.14)
US is offering dessert as a land swap for the best hills in West Bank, and the writers on this forum blame US and argue it is too much. These negotiations will show the world that there is only one solution left, and that is the one state solution with new elections. It will be forced by massive boycotts, because world has no other choice anymore. This conflict has cost too much and is getting day by day meaner and uglier. Only sane man on this game seem to be Palestinian leader Abbas, who plays by the rules and is heading for a big win. Maybe Abbas is preparing to win the next Knesset elections. I wouldn't be surprised if even Jews would vote for him, because if you look this mess around Israel, Abbas is undoubtedly the smartest leader between the Jordan and the sea. I feel sorry for Israel. You have a real possibility for peace, but you let your settlers destroy your future.
21. Kerry and Indyk=Persona-Non-Grata!
Dave   (02.02.14)
22. The 1949 armistice agreement line was violated by the Arabs,
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.02.14)
hence it has not been in existence since June 1967!! What has been around however has been the decisions of the League of Nations, 1922 and the UN Charter, article 80, 1945, which adopts those decisions. Both are of course instruments of international law which designate "the national home of the Jewish people" to be located between the Jordan River and the Med. Sea. This ought to be the starting point and not the "1967 borders" which have never been borders, only armistice lines.
23. Get serious Kerry ,...
split ,   US   (02.02.14)
Desert for stolen valuable land, it won't fly ,... So called 'buffer zones' in the time of missiles exceeding speed of sound it's just another excuse to steal more land ,...
24. Kerry? Give up the Negev?
Mike Caton ,   vestal, NY USA   (02.02.14)
Clearly, Kerry is a naive child. This is a non-starter
25. Time to shut up the lemmings
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (02.02.14)
Its time to tell the right wing lemmings to shut up and that we are not willing to sacrifice our country on the altar of territorial agrandisement - now we can all see the price to pay for the right wing's monstrous stupidity over the last thirty years - we all understand their perverse distortion of judaism is leading to another masada and its time to tell them that we will not jump over the cliff with them. Nobody wants to have to compromise but that is the state of things - so instead of condemning the country to economic disaster and throwing hundreds of thousands out of work - perhaps the government can arrange for these people who are so idealistic that they need tax breaks for living where they do - to be able to keep their precious tax breaks when they move home to Israel.
26. Extending range of Qassams,brilliant!
ab   (02.02.14)
27. Compensation for jews,not goyim.
$$$$$$£££¢¢¢   (02.02.14)
28. Prediction
K. Oncussion   (02.02.14)
Poopystinians will continue to rake through their poopy, this being their main contribution to the world. Nothing else of these plans will go forward.
29. Doesn't understand Arab culture much
mea   (02.02.14)
The Arabs marry and stay put right in their villages. When they marry, the girl moves to the husbands family home or very close by and they rarely even travel back to their own village. It is highly unlikely that the Arabs will re-settle in the Negev even if they got it. It is a failed idea and a perfect example of why the Americans cannot negotiate in the situation.
30. re: #11. Ever heard of reservations?
Cali Lib ,   Los Angeles, USA   (02.02.14)
Native Americans do own chunks of New York and Colorado.
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