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Pro-settler singer gets Israeli prize downgrade
Ran Boker
Published: 03.02.14, 14:11
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1. Keep politics out of culture
Shachar ,   Eilat   (02.03.14)
Zilber deserves his award and his politics are totally irrelevant to the situation. If Achinoam Nini (who I adore) wants to stay away, that is her choice. It should not affect the ceremony or Zilbers prize in any way.
2. if a carpenter is a liberal do you downgrade his work/
r ,   Atlantis   (02.03.14)
3. Way to go Noa!
Avramele   (02.03.14)
Noa did not tell them what to do. She simply said she wanted no part of sharing an event with a disgusting racist and bigot. Lieberman has tipped his ideological hat and identfied his future Kahanist partners.
4. Ariel Zilber a talented singer what a joke
Miri   (02.03.14)
He is about as talented at the Dog playing the piano on the muppets show. No insult to that cute dog intended.
5. basic law
In the early days of Israel, members of the rich Ashkenazi elite used their power to prevent dark-skinned Jews from earning a living or receive health care. Now, their progeny, the Israeli Left, is using their power in ACUM to prevent Mr. Zilber from earning a living, but now there is Israel's Basic Law: freedom of occupation and human dignity and freedom I expect the High Court to blast ACUM and force them not only to honor Zilber, but pay him reparations for their racist behavior.
6. # 4
Ivo ,   Israel   (02.03.14)
They are both as talented as each other more or less like discordant carpenters hand saws and neither of them deserve the price, furthermore personal vendettas should be left out of OUR culture.
7. The leftist idiots in this country make me want to puke!!!!!
Martina ,   Tel Aviv   (02.03.14)
Thanks for telling us she's one of them. I will NEVER buy her music.
8. Counterculture ended Vietnam War, Cold War, "War on Terror"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.03.14)
9. Leftwing Fascism is striking again
Arnon ,   Haifa   (02.03.14)
10. 4.Miri
Danny ,   Givatiyim   (02.03.14)
Zilber is without a doubt one of the greatest Israeli song writers. How many great songs have you written? Grow up.
11. Counterculture ended Vietnam War, Cold War, "War on Terror"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.03.14)
12. Leftists
Rabbi Yakov Lazaros ,   USA   (02.03.14)
Its about time the leftists woke up and realized the great contribution to israeli security made by the settlements. Were Israel to give away the settlements G-d forbid than the leftists in Tel-Aviv would be on the receiving end of terrorist attacks and rockets. They should thank the brave and idealistic settlers for saving them.
13. #11, Not like you have much "culture" to counter.
Jake   (02.03.14)
14. #12 - By the time they figure it out it they will have......
Ron ,   Ramat Gan   (02.03.14)
destroyed life in Israel for all of us.
15. Freedom
joan ,   ramat aviv   (02.03.14)
Freedom of speech for Noa and Ms. Rabin is defined as only for people who think like them...what hypocrisy.
16. Hagadah Yapanit
Roland ,   Miami Beach, USA   (02.03.14)
Still a classic.
17. Ahinoam, being a prominent Judeo-Quisling, is sure to win
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.04.14)
everything in sight. That is the sorry state of our Israeli State!
18. McCarthyism and hypocrisy
Lazar   (02.04.14)
Less than a week ago the same people who feel a need to persecute Zilber for his political views were decrying as fascism and McCarthyism the hearing that Adam Verter received for voicing his political opinions in class and bullying a pupil. Short memories and a bit of hypocrisy.
19. Zilber dosent deserve any awards
Miri   (02.04.14)
Zilber is to singing what a hippopotamus is to ballet, the words Zilber and singer do not belong in the same sentence, the only reason he got this so called award is that he shares the same racist fascist right-wing views as Lieberman, which just goes to show what this award is really all about. Talented singer, that's hillarious
20. Disgusting, spineless organization
My Planet Israel ,   Tzfat/LA   (02.05.14)
The leftists win the medal of artistic REPRESSION. May the karma bus run them over ASAP. What a prejudice, abhorrent development. Dispicable!
21. Culture war
Erik ,   Norway   (02.05.14)
I also hope Ariel Zilber will cancel his participation in the ACUM Prize Award Ceremony whatever they decide do with this situation they have made. I also hope there are no weak musicians that can be bought to accept the award instead of him. Let ACUM eat their own medisine.
22. Get the facts straight about release of Yigal Amir
TSB ,   Clifton, NJ USA   (02.05.14)
AFAIU, Zilber did not advocate the release of Yigal Amir. He simply said that if a 1000 Palestinian terrorist murderers can be released, then so can Yigal Amir. Which is what drives the left so wild, because acc. to them Yitzchak Rabin's life was worth more than 1000 or more ordinary Jews killed by terrorists.
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