VIDEO / Made in Israel: The new Katana combat vessel
Michal Margalit
Published: 05.02.14, 10:41
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1. Am Yisrael Chai...Boycott buster No.1
Gideon78 ,   Cpt South Africa   (02.05.14)
If the world actually thinks they can boycott the most advanced and most intellectual country in the world. Brilliant work keep it up.
2. Oh Yea BOOYAH
SWEET, that's one Bad Mofo!!! The video is sweet also, so when does the admiral get to test this New Bad Ass, unmanned vessel? Another nice addition to the Israeli Navy!!! Bravo
3. #1
Malcolm Blankenship ,   US   (02.05.14)
That's why you put a satellite in space 30 some years later using French technology (Jericho tech). Israel, the worlds most hated country, is the world leader in lies and thievery.
4. #3 and the US is the most loved country
" lies and thievery" Like your beloved president Hussein with red lines on Syria and spying on everyone in the world? stealing the land from native Americans and telling everyone it's your country? what a genius. Antisemitism is a serious illness - it destroys your brain
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