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Knesset produces film defending circumcision
Kobi Nachsoni
Published: 05.02.14, 23:50
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1. christian europe will never manage to ban the bris
CJK   (02.06.14)
jews will continue to practice the bris regardless of what christian europe legislates.
2. Hypocrisy
Dr.Ludwig ,   Belgium   (02.06.14)
During the self-appointed protectors of children right attack the circumcision ,they say nothing when it comes to child abuse in all facilities. Their real problem is apparently the Semitic ritual.
3. Will it actually go there?
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (02.06.14)
If the Council of Europe actually goes so far as to ban circumcision, it will be banning Judaism and will be numbering itself among the likes of Antiochus IV Epiphanes and others I don't care to mention.
4. Time to go home
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (02.06.14)
"a wave of legislation banning circumcision across Europe." Wouldn't surprise me. European Jews need to read the writing on the wall and make aliyah while the getting is still good. They have a chance to benefit themselves and Israel.
5. Thank G-d for Muslims in Israel
Sam ,   PT   (02.06.14)
Otherwise the "high" court of Israel would be the first on the bandwagon of banning circumcision. Secular Israel is generally the first against anything having to do with Jewish religion. They're better at that than the EU or any other country in the world. They promote gays and lesbians when many countries don't and what is it called 'murdering a live kicking baby in the womb'?
6. What about imunisation?
Jul ,   JulJul   (02.06.14)
They should also prohibit any vaccination, ear piercing and the administration of any drug, which of course can cause severe side effects and even permanent damage.
7. It's time for Jews to come back to Israel
escape Europe   (02.06.14)
Today they ban the brit, Tomorrow they will ban Kashrut and Shabat. And then they will ban Jewish books. Anti-Semitic Europe is at it again.
8. to #5 Circumcision is very safe
Tova ,   Canada   (02.06.14)
the problem stems with who is performing the circumcision. like any medical procedure. Circumcision done properly is healthy and good. A bad experience for the child if the circumcision is not done properly. As for the muslin the included circumcision for Judaism - circumcision became a common practice in the middle east. Like all muslins they copy Jewish practices and mix it up through their own culture which in the end separates them from Judaism.
9. Downhill from here.....
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (02.06.14)
Personally, I think Judaism lost it's appeal to many when they banned polygamy and concubines..... Gimme dat ol time religion!
10. 4,000 years with few problems!
Danny ,   London England   (02.09.14)
What I find so sad is that Victor Schonfeld is named after his grandfather Rav Dr Victor [Avigdor] Schonfeld, first Rav of London's Haredi Adass Yisrael Kehilloh in Stamfod Hill. Every medical procedure involves an element of risk, but the level of risk with Bris Milah done by a registered Mohel is very low. We have performed Bris Milah since the days of Abraham, about 4,000 years ago, and the only risk mentioned in Halacha seems to be haemophilia .
11. not anti-semitic, its anti-mutilation
nocirc ,   Norway   (02.09.14)
I also find it sad that the anti-semite label is waved at anyone that is trying to protect the rights of children. To inflict a life-long wound, with known negative consequences to sexual performance and function, on a child that has no say in the matter is a horrific violation. It is a forced submission to a religious idea, in the most violating way.
12. Gross violation of human rights
nocirc ,   Norway   (02.09.14)
I'm circumcised and am abhorred that someone held me down against my will and mutilated my genitals. We have protection for women why not for men. Her Body Her rights. HIS BODY HIS RIGHTS!
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