Draft of haredi enlistment bill revealed
Yuval Karni
Published: 06.02.14, 12:31
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1. Equality
Ami ,   Tel Aviv   (02.06.14)
If there will be no criminal penalties for Haredi draft evaders, then the law must be changed so there will be no criminal penalties for any draft evaders. The burden of service must be exactly the same for everyone.
2. #1, and when israeli arabs make civil service?
Italian for Israel ,   Italy   (02.06.14)
Who are they for being exonerated? I am fed upto see their useless MKs weeping about "Palestine", and refusing to contribute to their State. Equality means that they will be forced to make National Service, instead of gaining years, unlike the others.
3. Stop the pandering. Its time that the Haradi youth
Al   (02.06.14)
man up and take their place in Israeli society. As it is they are being relegated to the poverty bin by way of their power hungry 'Rabbis' and their equally deluded parents. No sane parent would deny their child a well rounded education, however in the Haredi world that is what is happening. Public service and or military service is their ticket to a higher education, employment and public acceptance. They don't see it for they are good little brainwashed fools, but in time they will realize it. When the taste of hunger and want smack your lips, a light bulb suddenly goes on in your brain.
4. Work
Israeli taxpayer   (02.06.14)
How about the part about cutting off all government funds to able bodies persons who refuse to work?
5. #1 Equality
Steve ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.06.14)
I 100% agree with #1
6. It has to work both ways.
Wise Saba ,   Netivot area   (02.06.14)
What about all the secular who are evading the draft? The same sanctions should apply to them, cut the funding of their places of learning as well. What's good for one is good for the other. In other words everyone serves & pays the price.
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