Lapid cuts funding for yeshiva students
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 06.02.14, 14:13
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1. I don't think it's "cruel"
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.06.14)
I think it's irrelevant.
2. fear of the Yirat Shamayim heaven
...DACON9   (02.06.14)
THE HIGH COURT "THINKS" THEY ARE AS HIGH AS 'HASHEM AND THE TORAH AND OUR RABBIS (SAGES). They are not afraid of the wrath of Hashem upon their heads. ….and this is possibly why all Jews are suffering
3. I am not religious but i want to say that Lapid is stalinian
4. Cruel? Get to work then
Avi   (02.06.14)
Cruel? Why? Because he's denying money that is rightfully yours? Because he's intentionally starving you? Because it's money for basic needs? None of that is true. Go clean that park, go tend to that elder man, go harvest the fields, go work in that hospital, go serve in the army. The only cruel thing in this entire story is the state of Israel creating and perpetuating your unacceptable life style. This never existed before in the history of Judaism, and anywhere else except here, because the hilonim got a state and one of them had the brilliant idea to spoon feed a minority with no responsibilities. Fast forward 60 years and it's no surprise they grew so fast, and now they're kicking and screaming about losing a golden spoon and a silver plate. You're still a minority among the minority of World Jewry, thank god, but it's time to end this unnatural and un-Jewish life style while it's still 60 years old.
5. #2 You're as far away from god as one can be.
Avi   (02.06.14)
Please don't speak his name in vain. You have no monopoly over God. You speak like his messiah, knowing what he wants and what he'll do, and act like you have a leash on him, like a dog, meant to scare the people around you to give you what you want. Your life style is barely 3 generations old and exists no where on this planet except between Jerusalem and Bne Brak, living on the grace, blood and charity of the hilonim. You're a tiny minority among Jews yet you scorn anyone outside your community. That should tell you something. You're as far away from god as one can be.
6. No use for lapid BUt agree on this one
hy   (02.06.14)
Haredi have to become functional and do idf duty, generals notwithstanding. This idea of studying torah most of the day while neglecting their physical defense and learning of basic arts and science is ridiculous and has produced generations of identifiable torah nerds who display submissiveness that invites bullying much as livni sat submissively before erekat. They have to get the hell into the idf asap, no bullshit, no rabbinic excuses. Get the bloody hell into the army and natioinal service. That several hundred thousand israelis can be segregated and raised in a a fashion that neglects theirphysical and emotional development for the benefit of furthuring the religion does not add up. get the bloody hell into the idf and that also applies to lapid if he is fit, do his military servicenot just military reporter. So you get the hell into the idf.Don't be a hippocrite.
7. hidding
michel ,   Ashkelon   (02.06.14)
Lapid hides behind the court decision his hate for judaism and religion.
8. YES!!!!! at last.
Talula ,   Israel   (02.06.14)
9. About time to. Lapid for PM
Haim ,   TA   (02.06.14)
One nation one draft. If they dont like it they are free to leave the country.
10. To number 2...
Aaron ,   Jerusalem   (02.06.14)
God doesn't care whether or not the government gives yeshivot money or not-the individual can do what he wants; the Israeli government has always been secular, and is not required to pay people for their mitzvot. The responsibility to perform mitzvot should be placed on the individual, not the state. The entire reason why the mitzva to study torah is so important has always been because it is a difficult path to choose. It has never been so easy; torah scholars were never paid by the government to study in all of history until recently, so people shouldnt complain that now they actually have to work towards the mitzvot themselves...
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (02.06.14)
It is high time that we all serve no exemptions for any population group. You don't want to serve and not be part of the rest of the population , you do not deserve any money from the working people period. I am no Lapid fan , but I am a tax paying citizen , who is getting fed up with people who not want to work.
12. #2 - The haredi do not know GOD
Tova ,   Canada   (02.06.14)
The haredi are against GOD. They do not respect Israel. GOD commanded th people of Israel to fight for the land HE has given them as in the days of Joshua, King David and when Moses took them out of Egypt. GOD commanded High Priets to pray for Israel while the soilders were conquering the enemy. Religious studies does not constitue absence from service in the IDF. Secular society knows bettr than anyone and because the haredi polluts the mind of the young the yeshiva students must work and pay for the living like anyother citizen of Israel. GOD blesses those who abide by HIS Command and not the commond of Haredi community
13. #9 what about
Adam Verta? Do you agree with me he should leave the country?
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