Olmert: Israel could evacuate 80,000 settlers
Associated Press
Published: 08.02.14, 11:45
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1. oldmert:another kookoo bird squeaking like an alarm clock
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.08.14)
Please turn him off ! I rather be awaken by a rolex.
2. Prattle of horrid corrupt Olmert a waste of space.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.08.14)
Israel is full of wise, courageous men and women who have something worthwhile to say. Why waste space on horrid, corrupt Olmert?
3. Is he still talking?
Miracle Dog ,   Israel   (02.08.14)
4. Jordan Valley Control
David Segal ,   Philadelphia, USA   (02.08.14)
Israel needs to control the Jordan valley less to ward off an invasion from the east than to protect Jordan from a Palestinian takeover. If the Palestinians and Syrians joined an internal revolt by Jordan's Palestinian majority, Syria would get most of the land, but the Palestinians would get the Jordanian military.
5. Compared to badly fitted,,,
Gideon Reader   (02.08.14)
...dentures or jock itch, the Master of Rachov Cremieux; the fountain pen royal is right up there on the really lingering, bad political aftertaste measure, which may actually be named the Olmert Scale for "Useless in office and as bad out", scale. This sticky fingered fool along with Putz Peretz and the boy in the blue cap actually LOST a war. So again here comes the travel office dunce to present some of his wisdom. Puh-LEASE. Huddy. Take a hike. Go! Any door will do.
6. could somebody...please
les ,   canada   (02.08.14)
shot up that crooked, incompetent, blabbermouth? didn't he do enough damage to Israel already?
7. Your Prime Minister is right.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.08.14)
Israeli brothers and sisters. Premier Netanyahu acts with firmness and patience, under democratic principles, about the so desired peace's agreement. He must be supported. "Right" and "Left", or "Center", don't care at this moment. Arab Palestinian State, in Gaza and part of West Bank, is unavoidable. But it can never endanger Israel's security and its Jewish identity. I know it is difficult, but any other solution will be worst.
8. Bibi wants peace and Olmert wants to be PM again!
Michael Redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (02.08.14)
I'm glad that most people don't take Olmert at face value. I mean, which face should they value?
9. Olmert is a profound narcissist who wanted to sell Israel
CJK   (02.08.14)
this despicable man wanted to sell the jeweish nation's most precious assets, including the holy basin. he would have handed over the old city, the kotel, and reduced the jewish state to a ghetto.
10. Israel could evacuate Olmert
11. Olmert should be sitting in jail.
Zev ,   Israel   (02.08.14)
12. Olmert spits in the face of G-d who gave Israel to the Jews.
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles, CA USA   (02.08.14)
13. Olmert-80,000
Neal Rothner ,   Hashmonaim, Israel   (02.08.14)
And where are you going to put them?? Neal the Hasmonean
14. #2
Daddyo ,   Philly, USA   (02.08.14)
True, as usual, Chaim. Too bad that Israel didn`t evacuate Olmert before he became PM.
15. Better to evacuate Olmert.
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (02.08.14)
16. IDF presence isn't to keep tanks out as much as it is...
Sam ,   NY   (02.08.14)
To keep foreign fighters, weapons, extremists, and influence out. Not to mention the wave of radicalized "refugees" that have been educated that soon they will "take back" "their" homes in "Palestine" from the evil Jews.
17. Israel should stop negotiations...
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.09.14)
..until abu mazon recognize the State of Israel.
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