Opinion  Amnon Abramovich
Netanyahu fights with Obama at Israel's expense
Amnon Abramovich
Published: 12.02.14, 00:55
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1. why can't one disagree with obama
edgar   (02.12.14)
allies can disagree and the US has been wrong on 90% of its interventions. Abramovitch is a dzimmi kiss ass like barnea, kadman, peres and haber. It is revolting and obnoxious. If anytihing bibi is too soft.
2. A Cowardly Fawning Article
A Simple Jew ,   USA   (02.12.14)
This article spreads fear and panic. If Bibi stands tough against Obama, all will be well. Standing up to America brings respect. Winning brings respect. Israel got respect for winning the Six Day War. Giving in to Obama gets us spit upon.
3. Excellent portrayal of the Netanyahu government
Harri ,   EU   (02.12.14)
4. Nice...
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.14)
Very interesting...
5. Prime minister Netanyahu
Joe Asfour ,   Burke,Virginia   (02.12.14)
They say countries deserve the leadership they elect. I have known Mr. Netanyahu as a politician for over 30 years. He has always worried me for his public utterances that often bordered on hate specifically when people disagreed with him. However when he speaks for Israel can he afford to ( nay can Israel afford) a discourse so stiff and unflinching that shuts off two way communication? It is unfortunate that the political reality today in Israel dictates the presence of a leadership that does not know and is unwilling to negotiate a better future for Israel through peace.
6. Nonsense about Menachem Begin
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (02.12.14)
Menachem Begin destroyed the Iraqi nuclear facility and the whole world including America condemed it. Menachem Begin showed no fear. Bibi needs to the same and destroy the Iranian nuclear facilities before it is too late.
7. Oy veh
Sidney ,   USA   (02.12.14)
So Israel is a vassal state of the United States. When the United States elects a president hostile to Israel, Israel is supposed to sacrifice its security to him. If the writer knew anything about American politics, he would know that nobody pays any attention to Obama, but he thinks Israel must. And for the record, Rabin had a nasty confrontation with Carter in 1977.
8. You came from the old school, Amnon
Israeli 2   (02.12.14)
Those were the days, my friend and all such thinking must end. If it was the case then, it should not be the case now. A boy may grow up listening to the advice and even threats of his neighbor. When he was young and needed friends instead of bullies, it was wise for him to comply. Now that he has become a young man, he must stand up for himself. The neighbor is not his father. It it is time this young man listens to his father - Hashem.
9. Baseless opinion
Italian for Israel ,   Italy   (02.12.14)
It is true that US supported Israel, above all in UN, against arab thuggery, but if the jewish State was a sort of American colony, like the author suggests, it would have been lost from immemorial time. And history confirms this: Truman pressured Ben Gurion to relinquish al the Negev in 1949,but he bluntly ruled out it, and Truman capitulated. How bad that an Israeli doesn't know his country history, unlike me, who I am neither jewish.
10. Article just as it says - Opinion
Scott ,   Haifa   (02.12.14)
You people (who adhere to this kind of fear) don't have faith in a God who promised to re-establish Israel. It might be our army and missile defense systems that God uses, but without Him we wouldn't be here. America is not our salvation. Cast off Obama and the suicidal peace process already, and return to faith in the God who re-established and prospers Israel. (see Genesis 35:5, and Joshua 2:9)
11. the problem seems to be the Israeli voter
Mark B. ,   Amsterdam / Holland   (02.12.14)
Shouting, bragging, bluffing, threatning, patronizing, humiliating, insulting: it seems the Israeli voter concedes all this as a display of maturity, strength, self-confidence and wisdom. The core of the problem in this seems to me to be the illusion many Israeli's hold dear that Israel belongs to the select group of very powerfull nations in this world, comparable in might with powers like the US, China and Russia. That might prove to be a dangerous illusion.
12. There's only ONE to fear!
The Watchman ,   USA   (02.12.14)
Zechariah 12:3    And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it. We're watching the beginning fulfillment of this prophetical promise; its complete fruition will find its final summation during the "...time of Jacob's trouble" (Jeremiah 30:4-7). Israel's leaders' need to start worrying about what God thinks, and not godless clowns like Kerry and Obama. God has already started judgment on the U.S. for its many sins, especially being a nation that has forgotten their God, and those who do will be turned into hell (Psalm 9:17).   God judged Sharon for giving-up parts of HIS land, as He has other leaders who have tried the same thing. So, Israeli leaders' need to worry because God won't tolerate it from Jew or Gentile--those who come against HIS land...HIS people! It's a shame that the Israeli public is primarily secular and agnostic. A stiff-necked and rebellious people; but, thank, God, He's faithful to HIS Word. There's a promised Remnant that will come to the truth, found only in HIS Son, Jesus Christ. Praying for the peace of Jerusalem! God bless Israel!
13. This article is BS.!!
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.12.14)
Any citizen of Israel should actually know BIBI is working for Israel. And attempts to reduce his honor should be criticized and dealt with, even by the majority of talkbackers. None of us know which kind of pressure the sunni sotero is playing onto him. And until we know, he is a statesman and defending Israel in the best way.
14. Why is an Op-Ed headline news?
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.14)
A) No other significant news to write about today. B) yNet is trying to be fair and balanced. C) yNet was purchased by Thomas Friedman D) Abramovich gets a call from the editor at yNet over the weekend asking him to write a scathing piece on Netanyahu. The pay is good and if other news services pick up on the title as 'News', 'foreign interests' will pay a premium bonus.
15. Amnon Abramovich is a RADICAL LEFTIST!
Father Abe   (02.12.14)
his words mean nothing.
16. What An Intensely Unholy, Provocative And Offensive Piece!
Ariel ben Yochanan ,   Kfar Tapuah, Efraim   (02.12.14)
B"H - No, Amnon Abramovich, the United States is definitely not "like the Tablets of the Decalogue of our existence". Maybe it is for you, but please don't generalize: For most Israelis the Tablets of the Decalogue are like the Tablets of the Decalogue and the earlier we all learn to rely on G-d, in the prescribed manner, and not on the more or less anti-Semitic American presidents, the better. Why do you think Hashem withholds His rain and His peace? Hm?
17. the jewish state is not a vassal state
CJK   (02.12.14)
israel's dependence on the united states has been necessary but unhealthy. netanyahu has done much to diversify israel's economic alliances and to develop israel's native military technologies. it must be said that the great warrior sharon had neglected the idf. netanyahu has also fought back against the obama regime's attempts to force the jewish state to accept decisions made in the white house regarding israel which are clearly detrimental to israel's national security. israel is also fighting back against the boycott movement, though more could be done legally. israel is not as dependent on the united states as it used to be in the past. with the new gas field descoveries, closer ties with china, improved relations with south america, there is no reason to panic. what obama could do, and what he will never do, is to take out iran's nuclear weapons program. he is therefore becoming useless as an ally.
18. A brief study of Obama's foreign policy and actions will
b ,   canada   (02.12.14)
will quickly reveal that Obama has always preferred Iran over Israel, and has always acted to support Iran's allies and to weaken Israel's.
19. ynet: how many defeatist leftists yet???????
trump   (02.12.14)
20. It is not Netanyahu, it's Obama,
ghilmeini ,   us us   (02.12.14)
Obama's antipathy for Israel was clear from the start. He doesn't like Netanyahu much either. But Obama's serial screw ups, from his Cairo speech to Syria, the Ghouta gas attack and most especially on Iran are deliberate and wrong. Even the Saudis are saying wake up. Obama has even sent out feelers to Hezbollah. think how clueless you have to be to do that. He is counting on the nice ayatollahs to be the first totalitarian regime in history to honor an arms accord. How is this Netanyahu's fault? Actually, it is his fault in one respect, he should have smacked the Iranians hard three years ago and tell Obama thanks for his "support." Obama has protected the the Iranian nuclear program and it looks like those psychos with turbans will get the bomb. Won't life be great then? We are on the verge of a mass nuclear catastrophe and, if there are any Jews surviving, the blood will be on Obama's hands. There is only one solution- attack Iran's nukes, hit their pipelines and blockade/attack any tanker leaving Iran until those criminal murdering barbarians are driven to their knees. It is now or never.
21. Abraham how much were you paid
Aba Abraham ,   Tel Avia Israel   (02.12.14)
By the state department to write this story ?
22. wrong. he defends israel from islam biased president
ralph   (02.12.14)
23. Alte leftist kakker irrelevance alert
Leon   (02.12.14)
24. Netanyahu is a baby! Right?
Seth Greenberg ,   Raanana   (02.12.14)
When Mr. Netanyahu said that Mr. Obama has, "got that kind of slouch, looking like the bored kid in the back of the classroom," is that the kind of childish behavior Mr. Abramovich is talking about? Oh, wait. That wasn't Netanyahu? That was Obama talking about Putin? Got it. Carl Rove thought Obama showed strength in standing up to Putin's bullying in a live press conference when he made this clearly insulting statement. By the double standard in this sour grapes op-ed, is it possible that it is Obama who is on the childish side of the conversation? Why does Ynet need to parade a ridiculously biased and baseless op-ed as the lead 'story'? Seriously? No real news? The irony is not lost on the reader who sees Mr. Abramovich personally insulting Israel's elected leader for aparently insulting Mr. Obama. So, Mr. Abramovich, I would continue the chain of insults, but you have done a fine job in insulting yourself and the intelligence of Ynet's readers with this op-ed. Thank you for saving me the trouble.
25. The usual nauseating, mealy-mouthed pablum from Abramovich
Noodles ,   Coney Island   (02.12.14)
26. Abramovich, another mindless radical Leftist
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.12.14)
27. A Cowardly Fawning Article
A Simple Jew ,   USA   (02.12.14)
This article spreads fear and panic. If Bibi stands tough against Obama, all will be well. Standing up to America brings respect. Winning brings respect. Israel got respect for winning the Six Day War. Giving in to Obama gets us spit upon.
28. YNET's despicable war against Bibi and Israel
Yacov ,   U.S. & Israel   (02.12.14)
YNET has conducted a vicious, despicable war against Bibi and Israel for years. Jews have a right to live in the Jewish homelands, ALL of the Jewish homelands including Judea and Samaria. Jews are NOT SETTLERS in their own homelands. Israel is not a ghetto, the boundaries of which are to be imposed by either radical Christianists or radical Islamists. YNET does not like it that Israel is not a ghetto? Then YNET needs to get out of Israel. Let the radical Christianists such as Carter, Obama and Kerry tell Black "settlers" in America that they cannot "settle" in Caucasian communities that the white people want for their own Caucastinian nation. Let the radical Christianists divide Washington, D.C. and give East Washington to the Arabs for a "Palestinian" capital.
29. Don't give Rouhani or Abbas credit for making US against Isr
that belongs all to Obama and the liberal Jews who voted for him.
30. Looks liberation from Medieval Ghettoes was in vain,journos
ab   (02.12.14)
love to play role of enforcers of The Most Holy Bishop's whims over the Unfaithful Jews
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