Arab Israeli gets 15 months for training in Syria
Published: 11.02.14, 18:17
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1. Israel should stay out of other nation's business
Yoshua ,   N.Y   (02.11.14)
A foolish move. Israel should not intervene in internal Arab affairs. If an arab wishes to gain tactical know-how and military training unrelated to Israel it's his business. The Islamic groups of Syria have no agressive policy towards Israel and we've seen that clearly
2. Why 15 months?
Italian for Israel ,   Italy   (02.11.14)
He could have been kicked in prison forever. This jihadist scum doesn't have any place in Israel.
3. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.11.14)
If he wishes to continue to carry an Israeli passport and hold Israeli citizenship, it is very much Israel's business. If he's ready to relinquish both -- fine. We'll let him serve out his prison term, and then send his ass to Syria. For good.
4. complete waste of taxpayer money locking him up
zionist forever   (02.11.14)
Instead of spending a fortune of taxpayers money to keep this guy locked up for 18 months lets give him the option to go fight in Syria on the condition that in the unlikely event he comes back alive he will no longer be an Israeli citizen. Why should we care if he wants to get his head blown off fighting fellow arabs if he is willing to give up his citizenship?
5. What would have been more fitting is
A one way ticket Back to damascus, and Not Allowed Back in Israel Forever! Why should Israeli tax payer's foot the bill?
6. better to send them to gaza
bernard ross   (02.11.14)
7. #1 is a Poser and a arab at that
Kifuk poser, is your name really ali?
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