Obama vows harsh response to Iran sanctions violators
Associated Press
Published: 11.02.14, 22:24
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1. The unreasoningness of Obathhouse
Leon   (02.11.14)
Is it due to: 1) Borderline Personality Disorder 2) Bipolar Disorder 3) Current use of cocaine 4) Past use of cocaine and marijuana Discuss.
2. Trust the lying, cheating and deceiving Obama at your peril.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.11.14)
3. A vey good joke. Obama himself cancelled the sanctions.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.11.14)
4. Don't Believe Him.....
Dan ,   USA   (02.11.14)
he lies.
5. anothe red line that will disappear in the mirage
CJK   (02.12.14)
obama's red lines exist only in his imagination.
6. This speech is a bad joke. First, Obama is doing everything
a ,   canada   (02.12.14)
he can to remove sanctions on Iran and to help Iran advance its nuclear program. Secondly, his threat to take action against those who do not listen to the U.S. position rings hollow, after his inaction during the Syria crisis.
7. Reality Check . . .
spyguy ,   seattle USA   (02.12.14)
The simple reality is all third-party sanctions on Iran will be gone by the end of 2014, no matter what the US does. The US has no capacity to enforce any third-party sanctions without causing a massive trade war that will send the US into a recession again. If the US tries to threaten China or most other countries, the countries will immediately and brutally retaliate against US business. If the US tries to use the SWIFT network to control international banking, most countries will simply withdraw from the SWIFT network and build a non-US network and freeze out US companies from transactions. The other countries on earth will NOT tolerate any further US bullying and it is impossible for the US to bully China.
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