Israeli settlements also face pressure from within
Associated Press
Published: 13.02.14, 00:38
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1. Whoever gives up on Judea and Samaria
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.13.14)
gives up on Israel !
2. Amira Hass ...
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.13.14)
... would look simply fetching in a coffin.
3. Under international law the West Bank &Gaza belong to Israel
Ray ,   USA   (02.13.14)
But Israelis don't know this because Israel is a 3rd World country. People in 3rd World countries are stupid.
4. Article from "Associated Press" - is it really believable ?
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Winnipeg, CANADA   (02.13.14)
5. pi, palestine israel, 2 states, 1 country
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.13.14)
6. Palestinians cannot accept Israeli Majority Offer
Zechariah   (02.13.14)
The Majority Israel offer is unacceptable to the Palestinians and vies versa .But there are intermediate gives and Takes like more Water and Land Plots for the Palestinians in exchange for Holocaust Awareness and the Jewish need for a Sanctuary Guarded by Jews .Also a Recognition of Jewish achievements in bettering life for all people's such as in medicine and agriculture .
7. ha ha ha
What pressure? Psagot sells enough wine to sane people despite the boycott by the same Leftists who supported Hamas against IDF during Cast Lead, Erdogan against Shayetet and Assad when it was bon ton.
8. Article cites Zehava Gal-on and Amira Hass
Jake   (02.13.14)
as a measure of Israeli public opinion? Only the last paragraph of the article has any value to it: "Yaniv Rosner, who runs a liquor store in neighboring Kfar Saba, said clients rejecting settler wine was a rare thing. Either way. He added, wine and politics should stay apart: "Give me a good wine from Lebanon and I will sell it too."
9. Chris #1: Amen!
Steve Klein   (02.13.14)
10. Leftist media trying to do hatchet job on settlements.
Sam ,   Canada   (02.13.14)
It won't work. There is too much momentum in settling biblical Israel whether for religious reasons, housing reasons, nationalistic reasons, security reasons etc. Palestinians reject a Jewish majority Israel and despite the effort of misguided leftists to suck up to them settlement building will go on. Israel will neither annex the territory nor give Palestinians citizenship in order to keep Israel's Jewish majority.
11. This article is pure nonsense
trump   (02.13.14)
and could be applied to tel aviv Was it sponsored by eu or arab league?
12. Settlement Semantics
Settlements is an unfortunate choice of name for the new homes. It sounds imposed or a less than hoped for result. The new "settlement" homes would have a much more positive and friendly image if they were consistently referred to as new "communities" or "neighborhoods" in English. Perception is everything in every language when it comes to branding/ and marketing and that is where Israel is losing.
13. And there are many that will only purchase product
Abba Abraham ,   Tel Aviv Israel   (02.13.14)
Made east of the green line
14. #1
Andy ,   U.S.   (02.13.14)
Freedom and justice can no longer be swept under the carpet. Palestine will be free!
15. Yoram Cohen from Ofra is right.
Israeli 2   (02.13.14)
Those so called Israelis from Tel Aviv are hypocrites to the max.
16. Distorted reality from anonymous activist writers
jdc   (02.13.14)
No doubt there are "some" Israelis who will avoid products from beyond the Green Line. Are they representative ? Rightist parties won the last election and the previous one too. That answers the question, does it not ?This article is a transparent attempt by an activist journalist at creating an alternative reality without any disclaimers. Quoting Amira Hass is sort of like quoting the Unabomber as evidence of increased alienation in the American society.
17. Boycott TA restaurants
Bill Stein ,   USA   (02.13.14)
A list needs to be made of thos restaurants that are boycotting settlements and boycott these restaurants
18. What happens when the newspapers report
Lioness ,   Israel   (02.13.14)
Rockets hit Tel Aviv fired from Samaria or terrorists built a tunnel to Kfar Saba and launched a terror attack. Lets hope that Israel never abandons its land to suicide borders.
19. nd I understand who were the kapos
abraham ,   greater jerusalem   (02.13.14)
In each generation we have renegade who are willing to sell their fellow Jews to please the anti-Semitic world.they keep forgetting that from the inquisition only those double faced Jews where burnt and that the Nazis checked for Jewish blood backward and at trend even those slickers went to tbecrematorium
20. Is yNet on the State Department payroll?
Avi Israeli ,   Tel Aviv   (02.13.14)
Why is State Department policy-propaganda (written by AP no less) Headline News on yNet? This is the third time this week that anti-settler articles have appeared as the featured story in yNet online. No wonder why readership is taken over as the leading daily newspaper in Israel.
21. What a bunch of hateful people
David ,   On this planet   (02.13.14)
You don't deserve to have a country.
22. Tel Aviv sucks except a few restaurants,
Isac   (02.13.14)
it's over crowed, there is no parking, it's dirty, overpriced, too many people there are "left wing, tofu, muesli eating, arrogant, bad mouthed, don't stop for pedestrians, self hating, self centered, rude and neurotic individuals who prefer glorifying Berlin than the entire State of Israel. Therefore I give a s$#t about the opinion of most individuals in Tel Aviv. When it comes to Israel's future and national interests, I rather ask people in places such as Rishpon, Jerusalem, Haifa, Ashdod, Hadera, Beersheva.
23. What Kind of free?
A.F ,   Boulder   (02.13.14)
I am not sure what kind of free you are talking about.Free to teach hatred,free to ban any other religion,free to have no religion,free to drink wine,free to be with gay friends,free to divorce your husband and make him pay for your housing and child support,free to have a fair trial.I think the freedom you might be talking about might not be freedom at all but the opposite unless you don't want choices.
24. brainwashing from ASS Press.
tiki ,   belgium   (02.13.14)
Probably some 'leftist & friends will uphold their political correctness in favor of their European friends against their Israeli compatriots. Shame on them & restaurants boycotting Israeli wines!
25. I do not buy settlement products
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.13.14)
A small contribution towards balancing the fascist-nationalist tone of the talkbacks on this item.
26. #17 No neeed most not Kosher!
David ,   Shiloh Israel   (02.13.14)
This article is a storm in a tea pot, trying to brew something bigger. Tel Aviv is home to thousands of good Jews, as is our home in Shiloh. We need to throttle this rationale, and not turn it into a tempest!
27. The media lies
Michael ,   Shomron   (02.13.14)
This is how the media (and the minority left) make themselves larger than they are. This article--and many others--seek to give the illusion that support for the settlement movement is insignificant and disdain for it is the majority sentiment. Nothing is further from the truth. While polls are not usually reliable, a total of no less than 5 polls in the last 2 months show overwhelming support for keeping Judea and Samaria among Israelis to the tune of 70%-85% (70 being conservative). The media here is trying to change those numbers through the power of suggestion, by making it appear as though anti-settlement sentiment is is not.
28. Proud to Boycott Settlement Products
Eldar ,   Haifa   (02.13.14)
I do not by products from settlements that never should have been allowed, and whose presence continues to threaten Israel's future.
Rau   (02.13.14)
"countries with much worse human rights records". Unfortunately the Palestinian suffers from both.
BUILD BABY BUILD!!!! ,   United States   (02.13.14)
BUILD EVERY INCH OF ISRAEL FOR JEWS ONLY !!!! Israel's so small to begin with.
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