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Dieudonne ordered to remove anti-Semitic sections of YouTube video
Published: 13.02.14, 09:14
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1. I don't get him
r ,   Israel   (02.13.14)
If he had been around during the nazi regime, he'd have been joined the ranks of their victims. He's not exactly aryan.
2. Truly ...
NilsG ,   Helsingborg, Sweden   (02.13.14)
"these comments were clearly humorous" Yes this guy is just a laugh a minute. Funny as a barrel full of dead puppies.
3. More Moshe poetry :
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.13.14)
Do . . Do . . Do. . Dun An antisemite, he is one. His bad talk is to blame. His mouth & but emit the same. But don't worry; have no pain, H-Shem will flush him down the drain.
4. #1 He peddles racism
Benji ,   US   (02.13.14)
Because he has no talent. And he is so desperate for attention. Pathetic, ugly creature whose world is now falling apart.
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