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When will Israel recognize the Jewish state?
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 17.02.14, 09:11
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1. & el al security can be the first to recognize Israel!
I am just ever so tired from the constant demand: "Please present your other passports" This after I have handed el al security my ISRAELI passport as proof of citizenship prior to boarding a flight to Israel. Is it my accent? who knows! Thing is that El Al Security bases its request for additional NON-Israeli passports as proof of identity ABOVE and beyond the Israeli Passport! My question is how would they feel if any other country in the world did that to us?!
2. When will Israel recognize the Jewish state?
Oz ,   Tel Aviv   (02.17.14)
Forcing the enlistment of haredim into the army and giving democracy to Arabs and making peace with terrorists does not make Israel into a Jewish state. When politicians will declare that Israel is a Jewish state because the Torah says so, not because the UN decides so, and will make Torah laws the laws of the state that's when Israel will be recognized as a Jewish state. Until then secular Zionists have no right to throw Arabs out of here.
3. The definition "Jewish state" makes it clear!
Yael Schlichting ,   Munich - Germany   (02.17.14)
There are states which are based on Christian order, others are based on Islamic order, others on Buddhist order..... And there is one single state that should be based on Jewish order. It's not so much about citizens to recognize this. It's the politicians, who should act accordingly and produce a little more than 13 basic laws. It's the society that urgently needs to reconcile. As all this is unsettled, Israel society is suffering from extremism: Neturey Karta on the one extreme end and B'Tselem on the other. This situation is totally goofy and one important reason for this is the missing commitment to Israels Jewishness.
4. What is "the missing commitment to Israels Jewishness"?
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.14)
Are you scared to call it by it's name "Torah"?
5. The"broad national consensus over the definition of the
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.17.14)
Jewish state" was always PEACE & security. Jews moved back to Israel for many reasons: it is OUR national homeland (not the arobs' homeland, it is OURS) and also for purposes of having a peaceful life. Remember, we agreed to small pockets of land when we were trying to obtain peace with the arobs in 1948. But they wouldn't give us peace. And we will never in 1000 years have peace with the arobs & we will always be sorry (with few if any exceptions) if our sons and daughter marry them. They are the least moral & ethical of all peoples. And their religion is a death cult. Even the chrustions are more moral & ethical. islooom is gloom ! And the only way to be "safer" is to confront them & take over all land west of the jordumb river. It will take time, but it will happen. So it is senseless to consider a delimiting national "referendumb" that will box Jewish Israelis into future national limitations except to agree that Israel is the Jewish state, dedicated to international Jewish peace & security. Amen
6. True
Larry ,   Israel   (02.17.14)
Most Israelis can't define 'Jewish state.' Most definitions conflict with one another. For some, it is the ethnic homeland realized, for others it is 'a Jewish culture' (which one of the dozens that exist here?); for others, it is a Halachic state. Most of those believe in the latter think the rest of us are hopeless apikorsim. So it is among the Jews. Nobody ever said it would be fun, and it's not.
7. Israel is the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.17.14)
of the Jewish people. This has been the sense we, Jews, have had all along and this is how our freely elected leaders refer to our national home.
8. #4-Chaim - No, I am not scared of calling it Tora
Yael Schlichting ,   Munich - Germany   (02.17.14)
I am scared of those who call it Tora!
9. The nation state of the Jewish people is Israel. What is the
Havivah ,   Kibbutz Dalia   (02.17.14)
10. Sorry #4 i dont live by your religious rules
Haim   (02.17.14)
You can not and will not force others to live by a set of stone-age religious rules that they do not believe in. Israel is not a state run according to Jewish law and never will be so call it what you like but we refuse to live by religious law.
11. Apples and Oranges
Erich ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.17.14)
One is an internal issue and the other an external one. We have every right to expect the Palestinians and in turn the other Arabs to recognize the Jewish State. That is the crux of the war and so that must be the basis for the peace. The Palestinians know this and so do their various sycophants, including the miserable Israeli Left. It is why they turn apoplectic at the mere mention of a Jewish State.
12. The problem is
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.14)
making the Jewish state resembling non-Jewish states and dropping anything having to do with the Jewish religion and Jewish culture. If the only thing Jewish is having a Jewish mother while behaving like non-Jews, how does Israel expect to be recognized as a Jewish state to the world?
13. I Agree
David ,   On this planet   (02.17.14)
Israelis want their state to be recognized as a Jewish state , but they do not want to be Jewish. They want a state of their own but they want to share it with the enemy. Make up your mind so the world will know what you want
14. Constitution? It is time, Israel!
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (02.17.14)
The U.S Constitution was compiled 1787, adopted 1784, has lasted pretty well these 200+ years, until this current president takes his O-veto pen and threatens Executive Action, to re-write the entire document to suit his whims. Yes, Israel, is long overdue to have formalized the groundwork for its own Constitution – and the sooner the better. AM YISRAEL CHAI!
15. Israel's Declaration of Independence...
Avramele   (02.17.14)
...got it as close to right as possible. A liberal democratic state established by Jews with a civic culture rooted in the Jewish experience, language and culture yet promising equality to all it's citizen while maintaining a special connection to the Jewish people worldwide. Outside of the non-halachic law of return no special legal status can or should be accorded to Jews over non-Jews. Within it's borders all Israeli citizens must have equality before the law and the state must be committed to assist all in living a free and productive life.
16. Need a Constitution???
Allen L. Mandel ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.14)
Those who feel that a constitution is necessary are in denial that one was given to the Israelite Nation on Mount Sinai. Not as a religion but as the foundation of this people. Wake up and don't be blinded by the will of the nations of the world. See the truth, finally. After thousands of years of persecution, the Israelites exist as a people.
17. Questions: 1. Who is a Jew? 2. Israeli or Jewish state?
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.17.14)
Simple questions to which the Knesset has had no answers for 66 years. Learn from America 250 years ago: before writing the constitution, there was a DECISIVE agreement that religion is separate from the state. Decide this and IMPLEMENT IT NOW.
18. Jewish state
steve gure ,   coconut creek usa   (02.17.14)
The Jewish state is a state for the Jews. Who is a Jew is already defined in the law oof retirn.
19. Real Estate
Roland ,   Miami Beach, USA   (02.17.14)
laws concerning ownership of land are a major impediment to peace and tend to fuel discrimination. Israel has a mixed up combination of English common law and Ottoman era Turkish law, with a few original innovations for tenancy sharing -Kibbutz, Moshav, et-al. Ultimately when governments tax too much which curtails new construction, and inflate speculative markets; you end up with owners who cannot maintain property which becomes derelict, projects that fail before construction is complete, and a lot of caveat emptor in other areas where new housing is seen as an easy solution- a recipe for disaster .
20. Anti Zionist Israeli Media will destroy us all
AntiZionistMedia ,   Jerusalem Israel   (02.17.14)
What can you expect when for the last 40 or more years the media of the State of Israel has broadcasted a continuous diet of anti Zionist Post Zionist propaganda hostile anti Religious messages to the unsuspecting public, when none of Israel's media stars seemed ever proud of being Jews and Zionists the message was received by the public , if there is ever to be a profound change it has to begin with a media that believes in the justice of the cause of a Jewish Nation.
21. "Palestinians" are mortal foes & must be dealt with as such.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.17.14)
A "peace treaty with Palestinians" means ceding Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria to our genocidal foes. It means constant rockets on all our cities and towns. Right now "Palestinians" send Israel rockets every chance they get. "Palestinians" are mortal foes and must be dealt with as such.
22. Chaim @ # 4 & 12.
Israeli 2   (02.17.14)
As always, you got my fullest and most ardent support and of course you are right. The problem here is that we are dealing with an influx of non Jewish entities into Israel who claim to be Jewish in an attempt to un-Jew the Israeli nation. Read #10!!! There are many screwed up tickers like that.
23. #16 - that one was given to the Israelite Nation on Mount
split ,   US   (02.17.14)
To whom ??? Prove it !!! ,...
24. I dont know what...
JGedalov   (02.17.14)
Israel should define, but maybe it could be interesting to read also some opinions of all those Israelis that are living in Europe & Latin America. I sincerely hope, they come back to live in the jewish state of Israel. Cheers
25. The problem is.....
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.17.14)
If you make Israel into the "Jewish State" you are also, perhaps unintentionally, giving the Jewish government carte blanche to persecute and torment all non-Jewish citizens. There are many types of the latter, not just Arabs in the Triangle. And many of these citizens serve in the IDF, whereas the so-called guardians of Judaism who have a monopoly over how the religion affects our daily lives, usually do not. They even hold public demonstrations and kick up a fuss declaring that they should not be required to serve. Go figure.......
26. #14 As far as I know Great Britain has no Constitution & is
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.17.14)
doing all right. Well, lately maybe not that great, but that's because of the Muslim curse. Yes we need the Arabs to utter: "Jewish State" in order to prevent any future claims of bi-ethnicity!
27. Israel needs more Jews
Zechariah   (02.18.14)
Any body who identifies as Jewish as for example International Hmanitarians disgusted by the Holocaust and willing to live and secure Jewish State ought be identified as Jews .They ought be Humanitarian Jews.
28. Israel needs a Constitution that ........
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.18.14)
... declares her a Jewish, but not "Only Jewish" State. Democrats and Christians, like me and others, are legitimated to say it. We admire Israel mainly for the great ideals that prevailed during her creation in 1948. Terrorism from the "other side" can't justify intolerance or discriminations.
29. Israbluff
Shachar ,   Eilat   (02.18.14)
Whenever we have a problem we turn to the "we won't confirm and won't deny" mode. We are definately a Jewish state. The fact that we don't know what that means is proof of our Jewishness and Israeliness. We are also completely comfortable demanding from others things we refuse to do ourselves. Welcome to Israbluff...keep your expectations low.
30. Misunderstanding the meaning
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.14)
In my view the basic problem is that many people and their leaders in the world do not (or do not want) understand and accept that Jewishness (Judaism) is not identified only with the religion (like Christianism, Islam etc), but also with the Jewish nationality. Unfortunately, this is the case with a number of Jews in Israel and in Diaspora as well! So, being recognized as the nation, Jews are all rights to ask for and have their nation state, which is, in fact, Israel.
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