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When will Israel recognize the Jewish state?
Yoaz Hendel
Published: 17.02.14, 09:11
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31. Jewish state?
chris (munich)   (02.18.14)
Has there ever been a referendum among Jews to decide whether the state of Israel is recognized by the people it claims to represent??
32. #30, Stretching the word means nothing.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.18.14)
Nationality requires a territory, a state most of the time. Jews are a religion and a culture with history, not a nation. Israelis are nation. Curds are also a nation but without a state, as are the Druz people within Israel. To most of American, the word "Jew" means religion and a race, like Blacks for instance but with several religions. I am sure this surprises you. But the Haredim will probably accept Jew as a race since they are stuck on genes and the mother lineage. To me, the word "Jew" is a very confusing term in the way it is used.
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