Lapid warns failure of peace talks poses demographic threat
Associated Press
Published: 17.02.14, 21:06
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1. Idiotic leftist Jews like Lapid are even MORE DANGEROUS than
Silverman ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.14)
Arabs to Israel. If Lapid doesn't want to be Jewish he should LEAVE!!!!!!! Go to Europe and join the goy boys.
2. Lapid's lapse
Moshe ,   Israel   (02.17.14)
One would expect from a senior minister, the leader of a big party, to be more sober with his words. Does he not understand that the more Israeli leaders utter publicly their eagerness for peace, the more the Palestinians will harden their negotiation stance, or more accurately, will not make concessions, and thus stave off the peace. What Lapid has to say about this issue, he should broach it off the record in the Cabinet. State interest is more important than finance minister's career.
3. # 1 Learn some history
Daniel   (02.17.14)
The early Zionists were mainly leftists, Israel was founded by leftists, Israel was built by leftists. Leftist Israelis won all the wars against the Arabs, defending the country in 1948, in 1967 and in 1973. This country was built by "leftists". You don't like, then why don't YOU go somewhere else.
4. No vote for Islamic jihad No vote for Kahanists
Zechariah   (02.17.14)
The Jews have to think of military security first.Israel is at war.Seven million Arabs a mixture of Fatah Ba'ath and Islamic Jihad in Judae and Samariahwill not bring peace .The Talks ought aim at Slowing Settlement expansion and Militirization and Nuclear shelters in Area C for Jews and Arabs .
5. Palestinians seek a state over all of Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (02.17.14)
What peace plan has Lapid, the Associated Press or other received in which Palestinians accept a Jewish Israel? But Lapid and other daydreamers insist that Israel must make peace. So, what will Lapid do if Palestinians refuse him?
6. To #1:
Israeli 2   (02.17.14)
Lapid is part of the Gog and Magog entity along with the entire "Khazarian Zionist mentality". They converted to Judaism as part of G-d's grand design to do what they knew best...plunder, conquer, divide and rule. Since they have become "Jews", they re-entered ancient Israel and resettled the dispersed diaspora Jews of that time into Israel. However, since it was a "wasteland" and Torah, tradition, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were not part of them, Israel meant not much to them. They left as easily as they entered. The same happened with the early Zionists without whom, we now would not have Israel. So...yes, they are very down to Earth, pragmatical and intellectual, but do not expect a soul connection with our ancestors or Torah or kings or Beit Hamikdash.
7. He wants to have a Jewish state. WHY
David ,   On this planet   (02.17.14)
He is not Jewish. Correction he is a secular Jewish Israeli.Try to explain that one
8. Nonsense Yair !
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (02.17.14)
This pitiful minister is friendlier to the leftist panic-mongers than to patriots and supporters of the Jewish state. Bibi would do good by restraining, or better yet, firing him. The Junior Lapid has done enough damage already !
9.  Talks will fail. Arabs are strangers to peace
10. To those claiming secular Jews aren't Jews
Daniel   (02.18.14)
Secular Jews built Israel, secular Jews won all of Israel's war and secular Jews work and pay the Haredim. Saying secular Jews aren't Jews is one of the worst kinds of anti-Semitism I know. G-D only knows what you hope to gain by constantly trying to split the Jewish people...
11. Is it not about time to offer your deal to the Pals
Arnold-Canada ,   Montreal   (02.18.14)
Lapid and every other left or centrist politician is worried that a deal must get done or else. Well is it not about time that they come out and publicly say what they want or are ready to offer. I'm sick and tired of these guys mouthing off but saying nothing.
12. Why Lapid is wrong
Richard S ,   Miami, USA   (02.17.14)
Lapid fears the demographic bomb because he sees the world thru his liberal Tel-Avivesque eyes where people marry late and have 1.5 kids plus a dog. Those on the right who live among families where they have 4-5 kids (or more) are not as fearful. Additionally the fertility rate of the Arabs in Israel and West Bank have diminished a lot . As for separation, Gaza Strip is the only basket case. The entire West Bank (Judea and Samaria) has a Jewish Population (called settlers) that are growing faster than the Arab population there. If peace talks fail they will just begin again and the status quo will remain. What the Arab street really craves now is not a flag that says Paleatine at the UN instead of Palestinian Authority. They want jobs, a house, a car and take their family out for dinner. They watch Western TV and see the life in the West and they want the same. The young would rather be tweeting with their friends at a trendy cafe than throwing rocks. The world has changed and we have politicians stuck in the Telex (Abbas) and Fax (Lapid) world while the rest is using FaceTime.
13. Peace
LJH ,   Canada   (02.17.14)
The pursuit of peace is scoffed at by both the left and the right. If they get their way, Israel will have only war and bloodshed in its future.
14. Sometimes , Assurances are not possible
15. #3 - Right but Wrong !
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (02.18.14)
Daniel, While quite a few of them may have been leftist BY THOSE times standards, they were also fearless, patriotic and idealistic Jews, which certainly cannot be said of Lapid and his ilk, who care for nothing except power and the "comphy" chair...
16. first step in any divorce is....
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.18.14)
...someone moving out. Arabic-speakers should be moved to the Arabic-speaking side of the River. If the Palace in Amman doesn't like it.... we don't have any legal treaty obligations to any particular Royal Family. Royal Families can be changed. How many different families have helkd the throne in England without loss of national status?
17. Wrong Empasis
Tom ,   New York   (02.18.14)
Israel's emphasis should be on being Jewish and less on Democracy . There is no reason to grant citizenship to someone in Ramallah .
18. All this discussion is pointless as long as Islam is left
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.18.14)
alone to do as it pleases. This is WW3 in it's initial stages and nothing Israel does is able to influence it. Not before the West realizes, that it is being led by utter morons will we see a ray of hope on the horizon.
19. TO11
KIKI ,   JERUSALEM   (02.18.14)
20. #3 labels and history
By today's standards, Ben Gurion, Golda and Rabin would be considered not much different than Kahanists by Lapid and Livni. The Right-wing of the Likud is the ideological successor of the Leftists who built the country.
21. #12 Seems like you are stuck even further in the past
You know, in those times when enslavement of another people was normal.
22. #1Your commnt support's Lapid's position)
On the Balcony   (02.18.14)
23. #3 Right cataloging
Moshe ,   Israel   (02.18.14)
The bulk of the pioneers who have built the country were not leftists, nor rightists. They were centrists, belonged to the largest party Mapay . Ben-Gurion used to say that he could make coalition with any party, except Hherut (the primeval version of Likud) and Maki (the far-left commusts). As concerns the Israeli wars, all segments of the society participated in them, except the Hharedim parasites and the Arabs (Bedouins excluded).
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