Ambassador Prosor becomes first Israeli to chair elections to UN Human Rights Committee
Published: 18.02.14, 21:48
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1. Prosor & UNHRC
Louis Fried ,   Toronto Canada   (02.18.14)
Do not delude yourselves. Prosor's election is irrelevant. UNHRC will continue to pass hypocritical anti-Israel resolutions and will approve investigations and reports with a pre-determined anti-Israel outcome.
2. Mazal Tov
3. Delighted, but shocked.
Dan ,   NJ, USA   (02.18.14)
4. #1
Andy ,   Washington, DC   (02.18.14)
It's hard to imagine how anybody could spin this into a bad thing. Your effort is weird.
5. So an Israeli can watch Syria be elected
Mordechai   (02.19.14)
Or Iran or the Sudan. And then when the Human Rights Council condemns Israel they can say an Israeli supervised the elections so we must be kosher.
6. #1, you're overlooking the potential for the position
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (02.19.14)
Being chair of the elections committee means he'll be able to bring up the human rights violations of countries like Syria that look to be elected to the council and hopefully void their nominations.
7. Now I'm convinced the UN is irrelevant.
Robert ,   Australia   (02.19.14)
Just as Israel has always claimed.
8. Whatever.....As long as Hillel Neuer's
Mark ,   Lodz, Poland   (02.19.14)
got our back and highlighting the facts about this sham of an organization ....Who cares? Mordechai at #5 nailed it
9. Israeli to chair elections to UNHRC
Harold ,   USA   (02.19.14)
This is just a test to find out what this man is going to say about Israeli Human Rights Violations in occupied Palestinian lands. We will watch and see what will be his statements.
10. MK R.Prosor Mazol Tov
May You Succeed In Shining The Light Of Ha Shem on all injustices to His Greatest Creation "Man" !!!
11. Prosor is an excellent representative!
Michael Redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (02.19.14)
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