Lapid, MKs praise haredi enlistment bill as 'historic'
Moran Azulay
Published: 21.02.14, 00:50
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1. Haredi are to Jews, what Jews are to world, a pain in fanny
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.21.14)
2. How can something be historic
Anonymous   (02.21.14)
if it will never happen? Who in their right mind believes that Torah scholars will enlist or will be jailed for not enlisting? One has to be a real dunce to believe so. The only historic thing will be that Lapid, Bennett and Shaked will be gone as quick as Haman.
3. Make them build affordable housing...
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.21.14)
I don't want to see religious fanatics with weapons.
4. Charedim will come about by their
Robert Haymond ,   Teko'a, Israel   (02.21.14)
own accord because service, whether military or national, will allow them to get out of the sinkhole they are mired in. As more expand their outlooks, the Charedi leadership, which thrives on fear and repression, will lose their hold on the Jewish people. Another concern which will exponentially expand is the sexual abuse of minors rampant in the Charedi community. As this phenomenon becomes more and more obvious (as in the Catholic Church), the hold on these hapless and subservient (to their leaders) people will disintegrate and the Charedi world, as we know it in Israel, will look totally different.
5. hopefully an historic moment
eden ,   new york   (02.21.14)
the most important part military service is that its going to help them get out of their bubble and integrate into Israeli society. They will become part of the country get also join the workforce which will help the Israeli economy grow.
6. #4 speaking lashon harah
Dan ,   Hadera Israel   (02.21.14)
your insults and lashon harah to a pious community is insulting, even if I am not haredi, and i don't like the making of scapegoat!
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