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Mars One responds to fatwa on red planet colonization
Published: 22.02.14, 14:22
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1. Mars One sounds like a big scam?
David ,   Shilo Israel   (02.22.14)
Without considering the religious issues involved, has anyone really bothered to take notice of what Mars One actually is about? There are no links to NASA nor any other serious organiztion one would expect to be involved in such an enterprise as a manned mission to Mars. It seems to be either a clever scam, a Star Trek conventions' dream come true, or hype for a coming movie? The wildest thing is that it has media treating it with dignity and respect, almost as crazy as suggesting Peace Now represents Israel!
2. So...
Takan ,   Eilat   (02.22.14)
where is the fatwa against suicide bombers?
3. The islamic-cult-followers.....
Beary White ,   Norway   (02.22.14)
do not need a fatwa to be martyrs..!! Neither do they need allah either, the van allan-belt for sure will do the job, okay Sarah Palin??
4. I guess it's confirmed from the source
Scott ,   Florida   (02.22.14)
Muslims are anti science and pro-suicide, but only when taking the lives of others.
5. From absurdity to absurdity!
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (02.22.14)
6. Battuta= Pettita i.e. a Christian Roman convert to Islam
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.22.14)
7. DonĀ“t worry about the fatwa
Erez   (02.22.14)
The moment the red planet will be inhabited and will be worthy for the human race the islamonazi sect will claim that it was first discovered by a muslim and it is Dar el Harb pending to become Dar el Islam. We better worry when the fatwa will be rescinded.
8. Not much atmosphere
Akiva ,   NYC   (02.23.14)
As former chairman of the Association of Martian Hebrew Congregations I would advise Jews thinking of moving to Mars that there are many problems with Shabbos, seasons, festivals. Many visitors to Mars complain that there isn't much atmosphere.
9. House prices ?
Danny ,   London England   (02.24.14)
Does that mean the only way to get away from Islamists is to move to Mars? What are the house prices like on Mars? They're too high here on earth!
10. You have to be kidding !!
Mike ,   NZ   (02.26.14)
I would have thought that the Dutch would be more interested in keeping their heads above the water line than engaging the Muslims in such stupidity.
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