MKs to discuss bill targeting 'anti-Israel' NGOs
Moran Azulay
Published: 26.02.14, 14:26
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1. Are Israeli leaders so blind or just dumb?
Sam ,   PT   (02.26.14)
Don't they see G-d's hand in the boycotts against Israel? What Israel does to its religious citizens and yeshivas - cutting funds here and there - the world does to them. As simple as that. If Israel wants the world to stop their boycotts against them, Israel must stop their racism and hatred against haredi and religious Jews.
2. Taking care of a non problem
Non Jewish Immigrant ,   Italy/Israel   (02.26.14)
This law will never effectivelly fight against BDS because if NGO's can't register in Israel they will anyway register in other countries and other groups - or just change their statut to curb the law. We will continue to fight against the stealing of Palestinian lands by jewish settlers and against the Israeli military oppression they live in. We will continue to call for the boycott of products manufactured in the illegal Israeli settelments in the West Bank and we will continue to pressure and call governments to prosecute Israeli soldiers who are responsible for killing innocents.
3. Doesn't go far enough
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.26.14)
Any NGO that gets over 50% of the funding from governments outside of Israel are not NGOs at all. The are agents of foreign governments attempting to overthrow a democratic government - that makes anybody aiding them a TRAITOR and a foreign agent
4. My Antisemitic clone will again scream as usual "Apartheid"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.26.14)
5. now lets just hope it passes
zionist forever   (02.26.14)
This is a very fair and balanced piece of legislation. These NGOS can still receive their money and have their free speech to fund their anti israel activities but they just going to have to pay tax on it. They are lobby groups not charities but they abused the charity system. Now the more they spend on their anti Israel spending the more then the more they raise for the government through high taxation. Certainly we should not be allowing any NGO pro or anti Israel thats based abroad to recieve charitable status in Israel
6. livni is a moron
Livni=moron ,   unbelievable   (02.26.14)
7. Imagine if Saudi,Russian,or any other country
Rod ,   Fargo N.Dakota   (02.26.14)
Sent money to the U.S. to campaign against America.Under any other administration except obama's they would be booted out.Imagine if an Israeli NGO sent money to the Basques or the Northern League in Italy they would be booted out.It's about time Israel bleed these anti Israel NGO's dry.
8. Why "controversial"? The US has the same laws.
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (02.26.14)
A basic piece of US federal law, The Logan Act, makes it illegal for US citizens, corporations [both commercial and non-profit] or foreign visa holders in the US to conspire with foreign entities to harm the US or alter its character , as specified in its Declaration of Independence and Constitution, in these same ways. It also prevents citizens not part of the government in power from negotiating and signing treaty agreements with foreign entities - such as Beilin and Peres did with the Oslo Accords, leading to the deaths of 1100 Israelis and no benefit to Israel whatsoever.
9. #7 what do you call the Jewish Agency?
10. 7
zionist forever   (02.26.14)
For decades the US has had much tougher laws than these in place so no foreign NGOS going to be trying to influence with US politics only for Israel laws like this are considered to be undeomcaratic and an attempt to stifle free speech. The Meretz Geneva Accord policy the drafting of that was funded by and with political input from the British & Swiss governments. Imagine if a US political party had its official policies dreamed up by and funded by foreign governments, be a sure way to gurantee that you loose the election. We need this law to pass and we need other much tougher laws and we need them now because its starting to look more and more like Herzog might just be the next PM then we will have a leftist dreeam team of Labor, Meretz, Lapid and Livni assuming of course she even wins any seats.
11. #1 The Hharedi logic
Moshe ,   Israel   (02.26.14)
Israel does nothing to its religious citizens, just to its leeches, who milk its money and are shield behind IDF for more than 60 years. What is unique with hharedi arguments that it is usually imaginary, rather than based on facts. Your comment is a good example.
12. I don't know what to say
Jonathan ,   MN/US   (02.27.14)
On one hand I don't have enough information on the bill to make an informed decision. On the other hand from what little information I do have it seems that this bill could be used to stifle any criticism of Israel by NOGs. I've seen enough laws used like that to be wary.
13. #7 zionist forever
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.27.14)
American Evangelical/ Tea Party racist groups who support Israeli right wing NGO's, motivated by the ultimate conversion of Jews to Christianity, The "forever" in your name is only temporary.
14. Jewish Minority, Democratic Apartheid State is more accurate
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.27.14)
...where denial of Holocaust is a crime, and denial of Nakba a law.
15. Mr
Daniel Cabral ,   Nazareth Illit   (02.27.14)
It's time to stop the attacks they are doing against those that are keep them alive.
16. A very wise step for Advocating Israel
Alexander Scheiner ,   Israel   (02.27.14)
Certain "jewish" anti-Israeli NGOs actually receive funds from dubious origins. Since some time I am fighting such NGOs in Europe and in Switzerland. The worst of them is the Swiss NGO JVJP.CH, a group of sick and stupid selfhating "jews", demonizing Israel and Jews. They too have lots of funds and their contacts with Palestinian Arabs is better than with Jews. If you understand german, please read my website. rememberamalek.blogspot
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