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Rabbinate won't let women take its exams
Kobi Nachshoni
Published: 27.02.14, 23:45
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1. Women who want to be tested should go that guy in the US
Sam ,   PT   (02.28.14)
Avi Weiss. He's looking specifically for women rabbis. Reform is another option. Plenty of women serve as rabbis there.
2. Brilliant women are less qualified than poor male rabbis????
Bunnie Meyer ,   Los Angeles   (02.28.14)
The Torah does not keep women from being rabbis, only fearful, jealous men who are insecure at competing with women to bring Judaism to Jews.
3. Deborah the judge
robert ,   antwerp belgium   (02.28.14)
In ancient Biblical times, we had women like Deborah serving as a judge. I don't think halakha forbids women to be judges, poskim or even rabbis
4. Good thing they don't let them take the exams
The voice of reason ,   Israel   (02.28.14)
They might just get better grades than the men, and then how would that look?
5. we dont wanna women as rabbis
woman power ,   europe   (02.28.14)
i am woman and i dont want woman rabbis !!! every person and creature has special place and role so why mix it up ? tomorrow we will want that male-horse will give us milk ?? israel wake up ! u are trying to become next USA ... :(
6. You r the majority, women. Time to form your own rabbinate!
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.28.14)
7. It's a slippery slope, today: female Rabbis tomorrow, God
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.28.14)
forbid: female bus drivers! This is how Civilisations come to an end.... Thinking of it: since the Imaginary Friend represents and supposedly is All & Everything: shouldn't His High Priests be , let's say: Transgenders, Transvestites,Bi-sexuals and Androgynous people? They kind of encompass more than an average, male humanoid, no?
8. Stone age mentality.
Fossils ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (02.28.14)
Are these men even willing to debate with women ? do they think that women will uncover that fact that some of the rabbinim, are shall we say "not so smart "
9. BA in Jewish Law
Joseph ,   London England   (03.02.14)
Some college or university should create a BA in Jewish Law or some similar degree for women and men not seeking ordination. Baltimore's [Haredi] Ner Israel yeshivah created an academic BA in Talmudic Law accredited by the State and involving Johns Hopkins Professor William Foxwell Albright.
10. Number 7. Good point, but . .
Akiva ,   NYC   (03.02.14)
You've missed the real point. The 'Shecinah' is the female dimension of G-d, that we experience in history. The Shechinah is in exile with us -- until the Redemption.
11. Pirkei Avos. Mesorah
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.02.14)
Pirkei Avos, Ethics of the Fathers, gives the names of the Sages responsible in each generation for the transmission of Torah beginning from Moshe at Sinai. There are no women listed. Men are required to study Torah, while women are free to choose. This makes a difference when it come to appointing Rabbis. On the other hand I believe Rebbetzen Nechama Leibowitz trained men how to teach Chumash. Women can certainly qualify to advise women on women's Halacha
12. Reply to 2. Bunnie from LA
Danny ,   London England   (03.02.14)
You can bring Judaism to Jews and don't need semicha. I've ben a Jewish studies teacher in Orthodox schools for several generations, bringing Judaism to Jewish youth. For poskening shailot I consulted a musmach.
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