Haredim plan mass rally to protest burden equality bill
Ynet reporters
Published: 02.03.14, 00:13
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1. Seems more likely that there would at least 1.5 million
Anony   (03.02.14)
than 200,000. If for the furneral of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef zt"l there was about 1 million men only and not all haredim, you can therefore expect about 2 million of haredi men, women and children, as well as mizrahi, and even secular are planning to join. Will the secular media have the courage to write the truth?
2. Shoah Forgotten
Zechariah   (03.02.14)
The Haredim have forgotten the Shoah and the need for all Jews who are capable to Defend Themselves as Anti Judaism Surges over 25000Square kilometres of land mostly desert and hilly Rocks with six million Jews six million Arabs a million International only because the Jews control their security in their sliver of land whereas the Islam has huge land Masses and Oil and Money unequally distributed .
3. do not give them weapons to kill-give them tools to work
cristian ,   arg   (03.02.14)
4. Rallies /protests never do anything in Israel
R ,   Jerusalem   (03.02.14)
5. Hariedi arguments are irrational. They need to help or
R ,   Jerusalem   (03.02.14)
they can leave and try to make the goyim fund their lifestyle.
6. Demonstration
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (03.02.14)
Interesting that these people can take off from work, oops, forgot, they don't work, we pay to keep them, to demonstrate! I would arrest the leaders for sedition. As to the threat to leave the country, Go! I say, and good riddance, the quicker the better. Their elitism as if they are only the true Jews and treat all others as inferior has NO place in the state of Israel. Withdraw their citizenship, cut off all finance and arrest the ringleaders even if they are venerated rabbis, no one is above the law!
7. The grand protest will be at 4:00 p.m. Sunday afternoon
8. Whose law is this any way?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.02.14)
Lapid said he would leave the coalition if B'nai Torah were not criminalised for refusing national service. Lapid has approved the bill, while Bennett says there is no mention of criminal sanctions and no one will be arrested! Are they discussing the same proposed law? Has the proposed bill been published in full?
9. defend or ...
freddie ,   usa   (03.02.14)
if a nation is worth living in then it is worth having its young defend it...cut off funding for those who refuse to loaders counting on others to defend and to support them. disgusting. Small wonder half a million Israelis have moved to the US.
10. This is not a "free speech" protest. Arrest them all.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.02.14)
Time to show to Haredim unequivocally that Israel will not tolerate people who don't want to be like everybody else, who do not want to be citizens of an orderly country. Haredim think they are a country by themselves. With beliefs like these, and with a protest like this, there is no room for them in Israel.
11. Another waste of public resources by Haredim
Ted   (03.02.14)
12. Huge expensive PR scam
Homon's taschen ,   Mid Yerushalayim   (03.02.14)
Nothing else, usual shpiel. Holding everyone to ransom. They're already planning their next bag of tricks, and the stupid public falls for it all. They should spoon feed them and hold their hands straight to the army registration base, as the roads will be clear. Our soldiers don't have the funds for or the luxury of this slick piece of well contrived and hugely expensive oy gevalt act. Best show in town. Rival for newly opened Cinema City down the road, which is another one of their slick PR destinations. And the public laps up their nonsense. Our soldiers are busy fulfilling the most important Mitsva of all, guarding Am YIsrael. Including this lot of puppets. Our chayalim are the cream of our nation . Am YIsrael Chai vKayam only because of Tzahal. You all know it.
13. You've all been taken in
Kumta   (03.02.14)
You've all been taken in by a massively financed PR exercise. The clowns are always out and about, as they have nothing else to do. The babies are safe as our chayalim are protecting them. In Hebrew we call it tzumi. Like babies, they wail for a bit of attention. You all fall for it, with nonsense headlines etc. Bring on the clowns....
14. support the rally
moshe ,   brooklyn ny   (03.02.14)
Maybe will be lucky and get a new chareidi gov. Why should chareidim join army ,arabs don't.
15. Moshe
Dovid ,   Efrat   (03.02.14)
we are at war with Arabs. Time for Haredim to contribute.
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