Opinion  Shimon Shiffer
Netanyahu's last tango in Washington
Shimon Shiffer
Published: 04.03.14, 10:04
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1. actually no
The "settlement construction" that Shiffer, Obama and Abbas are crying about is small-scale and only in the areas that even the Left (Herzog yesterday) says will keep in exchange for Arab-populated areas currently in Israel. The "settlement construction" issue is one that Abbas, Shiffer and Obama will use to blame Israel for the inevitable failure of the talks. The mistake Netanyahu made was going to these talks, knowing they would fail and that he would be blamed.
2. Actually, it is the PLO and PA that has been doing the dance
Lynx ,   Palestine   (03.04.14)
PLO/PA has been dancing for the last 20 years...recognizing Israel, for nothing in return but more disintegration of Palestinian life in the West Bank caused by Area Classification, land confiscations, barriers, home demolitions, assassinations, and deportations. In brief, the PA took so many bullets while dancing the Tango and so-called security collaboration that it's on its last leg and shred of legitimacy in the eyes of Palestinians everywhere. If Netanyahu doesn't give up the settlements and depart from his father's legacy of racism and superiority, there will be only one solution left, One plural state. Personally, I prefer the single plural state as proposed by the PLO in the 1960-1970's and earlier by the UN as represented by Count Bernadotte who was assassinated by Jewish terrorists in 1948.
3. The problem is that this issue it takes 4 or more to Tango
Eric ,   Tel Aviv & NYC   (03.04.14)
It is all well and good to say that Israel and the US have been negotiating for years and that the PA needs to step up. But the PA does not represent all of the Palestinians, with Hamas denouncing the talks before they are concluded. And now Jordan is looking for a say in the final talks (will Egypt be far behind?) as it will affect them too. Then there is the Arab league that needs to "ratify" any deal. So what we have is 2 negotiators, 2 no sayers, and 2 other would be players. Plus countless little groups that would love to see an all out war.
4. As long as settlement construction increases, one can....
Zev ,   Israel   (03.04.14)
understand. No I don't understand. If construction is an issue all the Arabs have to do is sign an agreement for peace. What I do understand is that they have no intention of recognizing Israel as the Jewish homeland and making peace. They want everything for nothing and expect Israel to lay down and accept it. I am really surprised at all these leftists that still write their dribble and do not understand this.
5. Right of Return...
Lynx ,   Palestine   (03.04.14)
" It would be an offence against the principles of elemental justice if these innocent victims of the conflict were denied the right to return to their homes while Jewish immigrants flow into Palestine, and, indeed, at least offer the threat of permanent replacement of the Arab refugees who have been rooted in the land for centuries" Count Bernadotte...1948 quote. The Swedish gentleman was assassinated by Yitzhak Shamir and other terrorists, shortly after he said the truth. The truth never dies. As long as Palestinians people believe in their rights and ask for them, and they do to this day, their rights will not die.
6. Sarkozy was Right
Mark ben Josef ,   USA   (03.04.14)
Sarkozy was right. Netanyahu has been on the BS dance, with no peaceful intention.
7. BS
SK ,   Tel Aviv   (03.04.14)
% increase misleading as growth is off a base that included a partial freeze. And what really matters is whether building is within settlement blocs or not.
8. So much BS - there will never be 'peace' - everyone knows it
Shlomo   (03.04.14)
While you have an implacable enemy that refuses never to recognise Israel. Further proof is the way arabs and their sympathetic bigots behave towards Jews generally world-wide- they hate them because they are Jews - not because of Israel, 'settlements' ,"occupation" just all BS excuses for their never-ending anti-semitism.
9. Analysis?
Michael ,   Shomron   (03.04.14)
Ynet, you call this an "analysis"? This piece of journalistic and analytical trash makes it as your headline for today's online edition? How pathetic. First of all the whole premise is flawed. The jump in construction in 2013 is due to the 2012 freeze. If there were not severe restrictions on building then we would have see increases of around 300%. Construction in 2013 was thus mostly unbuilt projects from 2012 that were merely completed after the freeze. Second, the author takes the stance that if only ISRAEL would stop construction there would be peace. Where was peace in 2012? Where was peace when we withdrew from gaza? Peace will come when 'the Arabs love their children more than they hate us' and when they put down their weapons and end their incessant incitement. Lastly, how is this an analysis? I am a security analyst and the word analysis can in no way shape or form be attached to this lowly op-ed.
10. last tango
basri ,   paris   (03.04.14)
Michelle Obama is behind all Obama's words against Israƫl. Since the begening, she is completely for palestinians'strategy. We will see what tango Obama will choose...
11. Arabs Rejected Partition in 1937
Zechariah   (03.04.14)
The Arabs rejected a Partition in 1937 that could have saved Most of European Jewry and Led to AJewish Islamic Christian Union in which Islam would still be the Majority Easily .
12. The blah, blah NONSENSE has now gone
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.04.14)
full circle and that's it !
13. Comporting with our enemies is sedition!
Israeli-American ,   Israel   (03.04.14)
If you're on their side, go live with them!
14. #5, right on Achmed. Mecca is waiting. Return home there.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.04.14)
15. shimon shiffer
mari ,   jerusalem   (03.04.14)
shimon, you are paid to "WRITE" no one asked for your opinion that is not professional in the first place, keep your thoughts to yoursels
16. #6 sarkozy?
Is that the same Sarkozy who butchered Libyan civilians?
17. Either make peace on Israel's terms, or more settlements
Jake ,   USA   (03.04.14)
You can also choose war, and lose...again...and again.
18. Refugees
Jeff ,   Silver Spring, MD   (03.04.14)
Hundreds of thousands? Actually, no. There are only a few thousand Palestinians who fled Israel. It is only by labeling any descendant of a refugee as a "refugee" that you end up with these crazy numbers. If you follow that path, in a few thousand years the entire world population may be Palestinian "refugees."
19. Harsh words?
Iris ,   Ny   (03.04.14)
He had to have harsh words to 0bama not Netanyahoo.
20. #14 not mine.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay,   (03.04.14)
21. The article is fluff and says nothing worth reading!
Michael Redbourn ,   Lisbon Portugal   (03.04.14)
22. Right of Return
tom ,   Toronto Canada   (03.04.14)
Is not ever going to happen, The PA has walked away from substantial offers fro Olmert et al 93 Percent if what the PA asked for they got and still said no. The all or nothing mentality will leave the Arabs of the Palestine Mandate with nothing.
23. Last tango for Netanyahu
Harold ,   USA   (03.05.14)
After meeting President Obama his next dance will be Shake Rattle and Roll.
24. #6 and #16
Harold ,   USA   (03.05.14)
Sarkozy also said Netanyahu is a Liar.
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