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Rabbis ban IDF soldier Purim costume
Dudi Avitan
Published: 05.03.14, 08:11
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1. the IDF soldiers,are saving day by day their lifes ;what the hell these traitors all dictating?
2. They do not deserve this privilege
S.Ter   (03.05.14)
They would cheapen our families and desecrate Tzahal They would have to be holy, which they are not. Our chayal children and grandchildren are holy. Tell your parents to teach you the tfilla for the welfare of the chayalim that guard you and Am YIsrael . Till then, do tshuva and beg our chayalim to forgive you and your parents
3. The Rabbis of today are nothing more than the Rabbis of
Al   (03.05.14)
pre-war Europe circa 1920-1939. They told their poor flock, that America was treif and that Israel was run by the godless zionists. I have a picture in my house of when my late Grandfather and his brother were seeing off his brothers kids to Israel from the Poiish town of Lukov in the early 1930's. These kids were all shommer hazair kids with bald heads. My grandfather and his brother were Hassidim. My grandfather and his brother and their families save my mother and her sister were all murdered at Treblinka. The baldheaded kids who left to pre-state Israel, lived to became a nation. Listen to the Rabbis, they will lead you to gates of hell. Israel was founded to be a nation for free thinking Jews. You want to live in a myopic cult then by all means leave Israel and stew among the goyim. The Jews of Israel will live as nation while the rest of the Jews will keep on living at the whim of their host goyim.
4. Al, remind us again where you live?
Big Yossi ,   Jerusalem   (03.05.14)
Bro', you've got quite a bit to yap about from over in North America.
5. to #3
iselin ,   oslo   (03.05.14)
Your talkback does not make sense. First you say that the rabbis will lead you to the gates of hell, but that Israel was founded for free thinking Jews. However, the rabbis have no room for free thought on their agenda. My conclusion: If you want to live in a myopic cult, you should NOT leave. The myopic cult is well-established in Israel. We in the outside world, especially in the US, do not stew among the goyim, nor do we live on their whims. We think and act freely without religious constraints imposed by others. If the kids want to wear IDF costumes for Purim, then they haven't been brainwashed yet by the rabbis. Think it over.
6. #4 I live in Canada my kids lie in Israel
Al   (03.05.14)
thats what counts you dummy!
7. #3
Sane   (03.05.14)
Well, we know how a heck of a lot of Zionists conspired to prevent Jews escaping from the nazi's, especially the undesirable religious ones deemed surplus to Zionist requirements.
8. Thank you for this notification
Shmuel Y   (03.05.14)
I'll pass it on to anyone and everyone.
9. I would too ,...
split ,   US   (03.05.14)
10. G-d bless the IDF
moshico ,   Jerusalem   (03.05.14)
11. #7 nonsense...
Al   (03.05.14)
Stop playing the fool and get off that useless train. Either the ultra orthodox take a responsible state in Israeli society or they are clearly invited to up and leave. As it stands right now, their contribution to the State is minimal at best, detrimental at worst.
12. 7 the twenties,the hasidic rabbis
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (03.05.14)
opposed emigration,like rabbi yy schneiorson of habad,who said to his followers,whoever leaves Russia,is like a soldier running away from the front,so,his Hasidim stayed,and whoever survived stalin was killed by the Germans,the same happened all over eastern Europe,the rebbes of satmar,belz,gur muncatch,all opposed emigration,when it was still possible,Judge Hadassa Ben Itto told the story of her grand father in Poland who planed to move to than Palestine,he vent to his rebbe of gur to say goodbye,the rebbe said:wuss brent ?.(what's the rush) so,her grand father stayed,especially,rabbi Teitelbaum of satmar,vehemently opposed emigration,than in the thirties all doors were closed to European Jews,so what are you talking about, of course the few certificates of entrance to than Palestine given to the yishuv,were used to bring in young Halutzim including the haredi Agudat Israel.
13. What's the difference?
Non Jewish immigrant ,   Haifa   (03.05.14)
At Purim when I see kids dressed as soldiers, they remind me of these brainwashed kids in Gaza.
14. 11&12
Sane   (03.06.14)
I notice that neither of you deny the fact I mentioned. And to add to this, all you secular Jews only have an identity as such due to your religious ancestors.. If anyone should leave Israel it is not the religious Jews, who were in Israel before Herzl invented his ideology (after his plan A- get all the Jews to convert to christianity- failed).
15. Carnival
HIstory nut   (03.06.14)
Where do you think the idea to dress up in costumes came from? Don't think this allows men to dress up like women even if some religious person tells you the Torah allows it.
16. 11, 12, 14 and whoever else
tit for tat ,   tel aviv   (03.06.14)
You get out of Israel. No, YOU get out. No, YOUuuuu get out. No, YOUuuuuuuuuuu get out. So childish and so pathetic.
17. Queen's Guards
Joseph ,   London England   (03.07.14)
Here in London the favourite costumes for boys in our Haredi schools tend to be soldiers, whether the Queen's Guards or the IDF. It fits well with the masculine ethos and discipline of our Haredi schools.
18. King of Persia allowed Jews to Fight
Zechariah   (03.08.14)
In Purim according to the Tradition the King of Persia gave Jews and Helped Jews Arm to fight their enemies .So theyoughtallowJewish Self defense Uniforms with Weapons of those times .
19. Rabbis are correct
Ex oleh chadash   (03.08.14)
Children should not dress like soldiers. We are not Muslim jihadists.
20. But they don't have any problem taking the state's money
Avi   (03.09.14)
School's management bans soldier costumes but doesn't have a problem being funded by the state. Disgusting.
21. here in Brooklyn NEw York also
heshy ,   brooklyn ny   (03.10.14)
Very interesting. In previous years purim costume catalogs carried israeli soldier and police uniforms. This year they have been deleted and the purim stores refuse to sell them. I find it fascinating. In light of todays massive turnout in lower manhattan by tens of thousands of orthodox jewish protesters against the drafting of yeshiva boys it makes sense.
22. #21 you are right the IDF uniform does not become you
Al   (03.11.14)
and your ilk. The IDF is true Kedusha. I would suggest you all dress up as Duck Dynasty characters. You have the beards,all you miss is the bandana and or wool cap. In Fact 'Si' would be right up your alley. As a mater of fact, your everyday libush is purim ready as it is.
23. # J.K and all others
woman ,   europe   (03.11.14)
and what do you think? who died had to die death and live come from heaven , from G-d it is not as we decide if it will be on our decision we are all death chasveshalom some remain in eu and survived someone left and died in Israel and so what ?? do u want to tell us that milions of death of jews are rebbes fault? dont u think it was some decree? we are close to purim so read the meghila and learn the lesson
24. Authentic Torah True Rabbis support the IDF
Mordechai   (03.16.14)
Just to point out the mainstream Rabbinical opinion does not support this rule. Authentic Torah True Rabbis support the IDF and indeed run the hesder programs. The haredi Rabbi's do not represent Torah Judaism but rather the opinions of ignoramouses
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