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Mor Maman crowned Miss Israel 2014
Dalia Ben Ari
Published: 05.03.14, 14:08
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1. Gorgeus girl
2. Nice to see a Miss Israel that looks the part.
Jake   (03.05.14)
as opposed to a "Miss Iceland" or "Miss Congo".
3. 2013 is the hottest woman on the planet!
David ,   Hartford USA   (03.05.14)
Israel simply has the most beautiful women on earth. Italy maybe second...
4. No offense
But the most beautiful girl didn't win. The most beautiful girl in the contest was clearly Sasha Shuturov who only made top 5. They hardly ever pick the prettiest girl in the Miss.Israel contest,and then they wonder why they hardly ever place in Miss World and Miss Universe anymore.
5. Israeli Women: more than pretty faces
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (03.05.14)
Israeli women = proof that Beauty + Brains are a winning combination.
6. #2, 'Miss Iceland' and 'Miss Congo' are 'the part' too.
Ibraim Sued ,   Rio de Janeiro   (03.05.14)
7. Jake 2# , Jews come in many different colors
Judah ,   Golan Heights,ISRAEL   (03.05.14)
My wife has two Jewish parents and she is a beautiful blond Jewish woman from Ukraine. Miss Israel 2013 (an Ethiopian Jew) is stunning. Even though I have curly black hair, a lttle bit of extrra weight around my stomach and I wear glasses , not all Jews look like this. Thank G-D my two daughters have their mother's looks!
8. #5
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.05.14)
Agree :-) Israeli women = The best there is :-)
9. Tzeniut
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.06.14)
I hope they all exhibit the sense of tzeniut of the photo of Miss Israel 2013.
10. Israelis are becoming very good looking.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.05.14)
Praize the mixing of genes from the various immigration groups. When those groups were living in isolation, there was a lot of intermarriage, weakening of the gene pools, and retention of defects through generations. With the intermixing of gene pools after immigration to Israel, the population in Israel has been getting healthier and better looking. Mental health adds to the beauty of people and aside from the religious fanatics Israelis are mentally very healthy.
11. All the Jewish women in Israel are beautiful !
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.06.14)
12. Sorry to be biased
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.06.14)
I am olive skinned dark complexion mid east Jew. I have to admit the Russian and Ukrainian women out class the Israeli women hands down. They are prettier, more feminine, and more attractive overall.
13. #12, Beautify & disasters will not happen, that's the bias!
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.06.14)
Beautiful Russian women can be a bias. Polish women are also famous for their beauty. For ages German royalty and aristocracy were taking beautiful Slavic concubines from Poland and Russia, marrying them even. You see, for ages, no huge disasters have happened. But there were five extinctions through ages that almost eliminated life from the face of the earth. Google for "the sixth extinction."
14. gorgeous and courageous Mor Maman ! Congratulations
15. Both girls are kind of ok if you are into that
Peter ,   Jerusalem   (03.08.14)
Dont bring one home though.
16. she is not pretty
The girl who won this year has a horse face and is not pretty at all sorry if that sounds mean,but it is the truth.
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