Captured missiles: Similar to those used by Hezbollah in 2006
Yoav Zitun
Published: 05.03.14, 18:54
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1. How do they know?
mish ,   TA   (03.05.14)
How do they know that the missiles were bound for Gaza and not somewhere else? None of the talking heads have answered this question.
2. Gosh !!!!
Mike ,   NZ   (03.05.14)
Lydia would be most upset . . . .
3. Good for Israel. Use summits/crises and get rid of enemies
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.05.14)
4. I Am Suspicious
emanon ,   USA   (03.05.14)
The phrase "IDF boarded the Iranian ship without resistance" makes me wonder *IF* the IDF was meant to find this shipment as a distraction tactic. Think about it: if there is another, possibly bigger, shipment coming in via another route and the IDF is looking only at the one that was intercepted, the big shipment is clear. If this one had gone undetected, that's even better for the terrorists. This sacrifice tactic is used by drug smugglers, so why not arms smugglers?
5. #4, Israel will follow any ship carrying weapons to Gaza
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.05.14)
You underestimate Israel's capabilities and believe that it can follow only one ship at a time. This is not the case, Israel monitors and is on top of numerous security threats at the same time. Even if there is a another ship delivering weapons too Israel could not afford to let the first one get through. Israel is smart enough and will catch the second ship, if there is one. The Special Ops that participated in this operation are already under way to the next target.
6. How were they going to be fired?
Neil ,   Auckland, NZ   (03.06.14)
Did anyone see the photo above of the missiles being launched by truck? Where are those truck in Gaza now? PS. The missiles are 6.34 meters long and weigh 725 kilograms.
7. to #6 with cigarette lighter.
ghostq   (03.06.14)
they r going to fire them as they drink cola. And the article said 125 kg per each not 725 kg. Some amerikans weight more then 125 kg.
8. Missiles captured
Yoel ,   Israel   (03.06.14)
I am proud of their acheivrement- just goes to show how Iran and its close associates are involved in trying to hurt us, but they have to be closely watched this may have been just a part of their plan. Well done you boys out there, keep it up - we citizens of Israel depend on you for our safety. Bless you!
9. to #6 in a pipe
Mikey ,   Smallville USA   (03.06.14)
You get a 7 meter long sewer pipe, aim North-North-East and off it goes. It's not like they really care exactly where it lands, any random location NNE will be fine. In fact the more random the more Terror. And to #7, the payload can be as much as 125 kg, the missile itself is heavier. Not that it matters.
10. Maybe...
Maybe Israel should start "Buying Russian"? Cheaper, very reliable, very durable, and since the stuff is Russian and since Obimbo seems to be doing nothing, that may even "convince" the Muslims to shut up or else. Just a sick thought.
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