Netanyahu and California Gov. sign pro-business pact
Associated Press
Published: 06.03.14, 01:00
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1. We need to see more of this
Hmm. ,   Chicago   (03.06.14)
"commitments from California and Israel to promote trade, research and economic development." Exactly what the doctor ordered!
2. bibi did good in California .
Moshe ,   Usa   (03.06.14)
3. We can sure use the help . . .
JB in SoCal ,   USA   (03.06.14)
. . . here in California, and I know our Gov. Jerry Brown is intelligent enough to recognize Israel's success in the world of water conservation. And cyber-security. And business start-ups. And research. And . . well, you name it. I sure hope that the trade-off is as good for Israel as it is for us. This is great news! Shalom . . .
4. California seems like a defacto country
Logic ,   Israel   (03.06.14)
It's not everyday that a visiting Prime Minister sits down next to a State Governor and signs an agreement. Most countries would have sent a lower-level official due to protocol. This just goes to show what kind of economic powerhouse California is and the burgeoning business connections of both Silicon Valley and Silicon Wadi.
5. CA and IL
Herb Glatter ,   Hood River, Oregon   (03.07.14)
Congratulations to California and Israel in forging new business ties making sense for both parties.
6. to #4 Logic
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (03.11.14)
if you think that "North Mexico" is an economic powerhouse, you are invited to buy its Sovereign Bonds. Let's see your attitude change when the re-payment of your loan to them - depends on them being able to come up with the cash. I was there TWO times when they issued funny-money script to creditors because they had actually RUN OUT of cash-on-hand.
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