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Sarah Silverman, my sister the prophet
Akiva Novick
Published: 09.03.14, 19:04
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But Susan Silverman makes some very convincing points ,the traditional Rabbinate has sadly lost the plot much of the time and they obsess with trivial mintia while important issues are ignored.
2. "(Mixed couples) are good for Judaism ...
split ,   US   (03.09.14)
,... and will improve our gene pool." - She's correct right there ,... '36 times to help the stranger and the orphan"... and not once specified that the receiver must be a Jew ,... Susan I'm looking for fishing partner ,... Have good one
3. she is no rabbi
avi ,   nyc   (03.10.14)
that is an insult to those who have achieved Smicha.
4. Sweet, naive and so..American, bless her & her sister!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.10.14)
5. Vulgarity, self- righteousness, disrespect of others,
Shalom Freedman ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.10.14)
Vulgarity, self- righteousness, disrespect for others characterize the subject of this interview. Her sister threatened elderly Jews should they not vote for the President who many feel is the most anti- Israel in modern times. I have a sense that a bit of teshuvah, and walking humbly is in order here.
6. Israel is a strange place
Scarborough1414 ,   Scarborough, ON, CA   (03.10.14)
Susan Silverman lives in Israel. She is but one of many who have illustrious relatives in the U.S. (or elsewhere). Susan is extremely liberal, whereas the ultra-Orthodox represent the extremely reactionary. Perhaps the two sides balance each other out. I am somewhere in the middle. I am suspicious of hordes of migrants coming to Israel illegally. At the same time, I am irritated by ultra-Orthodox fanatics trying to impose tough-minded dress codes on the public (esp. women) by force. Can't we find some middle ground through the ancient Jewish art of negotiation? (Settling disputes 'Game of Thrones' style is not the Jewish way). As for her sister Sarah, the comedian, well let me say this. Sarah is cute and energetic, but her ultra-liberalism and support of Obama, combined with her potty-mouthed humour leave me cold. She and (non-Jewish) comedian Chelsea Handler have only niche appeal. [Get this straight: Chelsea is NOT Jewish. Her mother is not Jewish, therefore SHE is not Jewish, got it? It was recently revealed that one of her relatives on her mom's side fought for the Germans in WW II. To be fair, Chelsea was not pleased to learn that. That being said, her excuse for humour leaves me even colder than Sarah Silverman's. Don't believe me? Read Chelsea's books. You'll be glad she's not Jewish].
7. @3, she's a better rabbi than most in Israeli rabbanut
AY ,   USA   (03.10.14)
8. Great interview!
Shimon ,   Cincinnati   (03.10.14)
Fascinating. Judaism needs more people like the good Rabbi. Yashar Koach!
9. Lunatic Erev Rav
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.10.14)
Her whole family is meshuga. Sickos all of them.
10. It s goo to...
Walt K ,   Sherbrooke, Canada   (03.10.14)
read about a humanist.
11. Prophetess?
Yosef ,   Dania Beach   (03.10.14)
If she likes to think so...oh well. Do not forget what our sages said...prophecy was taken out of main stream and placed with dogs and fools. So if she wants to call her self a prophet or allows others to insult her then there is no much anyone else can do.
12. Most Disrespectful Person
Ben ,   USA   (03.11.14)
People like Sara Silverman and her sister are exactly the reason why we do not need these people in Israel. I am sorry, but I am not even Orthodox but I find these two nothing but attention Whores. This is why Reform Judaism should be banned in Israel. Listen to her: Mixed couples are good for Israel. Really? In what sense? What kind of female rabi is it that says love stronger than that. These people are incredibly annoying and reprehensible.
13. Overprotected Fortunate Jewry
Zechariah   (03.11.14)
Undoubtedly Idealistic but far from the Harsh Realities of National Survival of the Jewish People in which Military Strength not Feminism is the Core Value.Playing Make Up at the Western Wall is a minor Issue compared to the Holocausts the Famines and Plagues That Threaten Humanity .Domestic Violence and Shelters for Battered Women plus Protecting children From Abuse.
14. Sexy??
Uncle Jack   (03.11.14)
If she is sexy, like in the picture, my broom can compete in the same category!!
15. dear Susan Silverman
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (03.11.14)
first things first. Your sister Sarah is delusional. She made a big noise, that she will refuse to get married until gays have right to get married. She forgot to mention that, in her whole life - no man ever proposed to her. She is NOT "wife material". She has clinical Borderline Personality Disorder. She has been dumped by EVERY man she's ever dated. She's a low-quality specimen.
16. Respect
Jb ,   Herzliah israel   (03.11.14)
Way to go Silverman sisters. I've always thought Sarah was hilarious. Never knew she had a sister rabbi in israel. Way to go susan! IMO, The world needs fewer rabbis altogether but a few more like you would be a good thing. Liberal, Feminist, humanitarian, egalitarian, vegetarian, common-sense-nick. & Way to go WOW. It's amazing how women who are not even considered people-enough to be counted in a minyan, for example, will still shout at the WOW such insults as you are not a Jew. Because u wear pants. Load of crapsky
17. #7 if your ideal rabbi
Avi ,   NYC   (03.11.14)
Is one who performs gay and interfaith marriage and knows less than15 year old yeshiva students and helps contribute to the PEW Polls confirmation of the non commitment of secular Jews she's your rabbi!
18. warped!
Mary Anne ,   jerusalem   (03.11.14)
seriously warped! where warped and crazy meet. I think we should take all rules and laws and throw them to the garbage because "love just was stronger" I was never into the WOW. I actually wouldn't understand the fuss but if this is the perspective and view of its leaders then of course they need to be banned. The first sign of it's weakness is susan glorifying and excusing sarah's big ugly mouth. she may have a few million followers but just because it's sensational not because anyone respects her like her sister susan does. Despicable.
19. Talk about misrepresentation
Bob ,   Boulder, Colorado   (03.11.14)
I don't agree with plastic wrapping on planes, I don't agree with much of what the Rabbanut does here, I don't agree that women should be arrested for wearing talitot and I don't believe that groups should cause provocations at the Western Wall. But to take a number of extreme examples and lambast all of Orthodoxy and to claim that no Orthodox people care about refugees or do anything to better the world. Orthodoxy has no redeeming features? In order to make your point you have to grossly misrepresent? If you can't give respect to your adversary then I assume you don't expect it in return. And if you're still reading, forgive me for saying that many so-called liberals are no longer able to accept that other opinions may have some good in them. It's either my liberal way or nothing. Keep up the good work but try adding the "br" prefix to "other" and realise that we are one people.
20. I can't stand either of them
Steve ,   Tel Aviv   (03.11.14)
21. Cohanim and graves etc
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.11.14)
There is no longer a problem of certain flights going directly over a graveyard, and Cohanim need no longer be concerned. Regarding charity I've lived in Jewish and Christian areas, among Haredim and other streams of Judaism, but no sector compares to Haredim in England and America when it comes to concern for others, and I understand the situation is similar in Eretz HaKodesh. Regarding WOW Rabbi Silverman knows the concepts of minhag Avosainu and Minhag HaMakom, i.e. we follow the customs of our parents and the custom of the place -- at the Western Wall as everywhere else.
22. Lashon Hara
Ploni ,   Toronto   (03.12.14)
You are insult to all those who respect am Yisrael.
23. Sexiest Rabbi?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (03.17.14)
I feel we Orthodox are being lft out. Our yeshivah students should vote on the Rabbis with the 'cutest' beards. the 'cutest' model Borcelino hats. the yeshivahs with the top haute cuisine.
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