Netanyahu on Iran's denial: When ship reaches Eilat, we'll see who the liar is
Attila Somfalvi, AP
Published: 06.03.14, 22:39
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1. Iran's lies and the West
CJK   (03.06.14)
the shia terror regime is emboldened in its pathological lies by the west's indifference to its decades of terror and its threats of annhilation of the jewish state of israel. the very fact that obama and members of his administration have openly declared that they would continue talks with iran on its nuclear weapons program despite iran's continued acts of terror, genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity, is a strong signal to the shia terror regime that the united states under obama will never punish the shia terror regime for its many continued transgressions of the most basic rules of international humanitarian laws. yet this same obama lectures democratic israel incessantly about apartments being built in jerusalem. let syria burn, let iran continue its terror and proxy wars against israel, as long as i get some deals, says obama.
2.  just focus on not signing framework
marcel   (03.06.14)
for once in your life, do not give in and sign kerry's document. Show some guts once in your life and stop being such a bloody weakling, it is disgusting.
3. Iran's nuke program shall soon be laying in ashes
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.06.14)
And we'll all be gladly able to say "it was worth the wait".
4. Iran abuses "Summits" to smuggle, hiding behind superpowers
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.06.14)
5. Ashton is visiting Zarif this weekend in Iran
perhaps they will connive countermeasures against israel when not mutually admiring one another.
6. Surprised
Sarah   (03.07.14)
I'm surprised there was not a sticker on the missile that said "Made In Iran". Oh well...maybe by tomorrow it will be there.
7. All Christian Countries are guilty of Iran support.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (03.07.14)
8. Truth Israeli style
We all know very well the truth of medinat Israel. Always turned to her advantage! Bibi and you predecessors. You've always been liars. These operation is a scapegoat op that coincides just in time with you AIPAC speech. Israelis might believe you but the world is not blind.
9. BB the liar
Avi   (03.07.14)
You can't trust what comes out of this Benjamin Netanyahu's mouth. He lies and he is a dictator and governs Palestine under an Apartheid System. The Tea Party Republicans, cherish and put their guns, rifles and weapons, on pedestals. Parades them openly and legally anywhere they please. So why shouldn't the people of Palestine, do the same? The USA, and the Republican Party, tell that who owns guns, weapons, rule. So why would be deny this to the people of Palestine and any nation on earth? What's good for the wealthy, rich, Oligarchy, Dictatorships, or any other form of governance, is good for the people of any nation. On principle.
10. Gaza...Polish resistance smuggled weapons into Warsaw ghetto
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.07.14) why can't Iran resistance smuggle weapons into Gaza ghetto? Both Gaza and Warsaw ghettos created by ethnic cleansing. #3,4 not mine.
11. Proof
Jackson ,   NY USA   (03.07.14)
I believe that Iran shipped these weapons, for use against Israel. The problem lies in proving this to the world - basically there is no proof that Israel can show, that they could not also have faked if they had wanted to falsely accuse Iran. The crew didn't know, so can't confess, that the weapons were Iranian proved nothing, as Israel has capture Iranian weapons before, or can buy them easily enough. Bibi is telling the truth, but the nations of the world will chose what to believed themselves.
12. #9 Russ or Mohommud
For the record ,   Israel   (03.07.14)
Avi is a Hebrew name.
13. #10 Big difference between Iran smuggling weapons
A ,   Belgium   (03.07.14)
and Polish resistance. The Jews in the Warsaw ghetto were also Poles, trying to defend their country and lives against a cruel invader. What business does Iran have in the terrorist enclave called gaza? And what "ethnic cleansing" in gaza are you referring to, when it was ethnically cleansed of its Jewish population? Really, Benazsi, you should keep your nose out of those bedpans, the fumes are obviously having a bad effect on you.
14. Museum of Tolerance by Bibi
David Pluff ,   Miami, FL, USA   (03.08.14)
The joke is Netanyahu promoting tolerance. What kind of tolerance is that exactly?
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