IDF combat engineering unit, Navy fighters unload Iranian weapons ship
Yoav Zitun
Published: 08.03.14, 22:04
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1. Iran is bombing neighbors, stealing Kurds land, imprisoning
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.08.14)
peaceful protesters and opposition members, executes Gays and Bahai's, raping women in prison, tortures prisoners to death, oppressing minorities, violating every single human right.
2. Iran abuses "Summits" to smuggle, hiding behind superpowers
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.08.14)
3. Thank you, soldiers and officers of the Israel Defense...
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.08.14)
...Forces (IDF) for well planned and executed very complex mission חיזקו ואימצו / be strong and brave!
4. well done IDF !!
Fad Egypt   (03.08.14)
welcome back IDF heros, excellent job !!! God bless Israel and the IDF Shalom
5. Hardliner
James ,   USA   (03.08.14)
Can't let this go without answer. Smuggle a nuke into downtown Tehran with anti-tamper technology. This is the seat of 90% of the worlds trouble.
6. Kol HaKavod L'Chayal Hayam HaYisraeli!!!
Essie HaKohane ,   USA   (03.08.14)
7. KlosC crew were not professional terrorists like Mavimarmara
Alan ,   SA   (03.08.14)
Hence no nonsense But I believe they knew what was on the manifest
8. Commentary on LIVE: Iranian weapons ship, Navy warships arri
Ayodeji ,   Nigeria   (03.08.14)
Pls, run English commentary of the live coverage too; I'm watching & listening now but couldn't effectively follow because the commentary is in Hebrew.
James ,   BH CA   (03.08.14)
god watches over his people, it was iran during purim time and now its once again a miracle thanks everyone for showing the world we are the choosen people
10. job well done !
Jorge Stern ,   Mex   (03.08.14)
11. That was very emotional
Deborah Tzarfaty ,   Eilat Israel   (03.08.14)
Well done Kol Hakavod
12. Well done IDF
Mike ,   NZ   (03.08.14)
But goodness me . . . The navy ship looks like it needs a decent paint job.
13. Congratulations! Well done!
GS ,   Germany   (03.08.14)
14. Time for passive Women to take over
Rudy Haugeneder ,   Victoria, BC, Canada   (03.08.14)
Hopefully shipments of American-made arms to Israel and designed to kill Israeli enemies, generally speaking Arabic and Persian-speaking Muslims, will also somehow be intercepted and then destroyed rather than resold. The same applies to American-made arms sent to Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other tyrannical Persian Gulf oil states that prevent their people from experiencing democracy by threatening to kill them and any Israeli or Jew who can be killed without retaliation . And the same applies to Israeli-made and Russian-made and Chinese-made weapons sold to AFrican, South American, Asian and even European countries whose leaders are anti-democratic and who may also use the weaponry to gain neighboring lands. That all said, perhaps the time has come worldwide, where male politicians -- and their like-thinking female cohorts -- all stepped aside and were replaced for at least two decades by women who passed psychological testing to prove they were intelligent and non-violent.
15.  Bells are ringing.Purim is on it's way.
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.08.14)
Timing perfect for haman's defeat.
16. Iran ship capture
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (03.08.14)
This was a blatant act of piracy on the high seas. The perpetrators need to be taken to The Hague for trial at the International Criminal Court. In times past, piracy was punished by hanging. This punishment should apply here, too.
17. Trojan Horse
Joshua ,   Israel   (03.08.14)
So Israel captures a huge ship from Iran and bring it into our Eilat harbour. Who knows whats lurking in the depths of that ships hull.. Maybe a dirty bomb? Unload the boat in the ocean and sink it off the coast.
18. Conrgat's to Shayetet 13
Pat Migroin ,   Philadelphia   (03.08.14)
Great operation again, keep up the amazing work. I would parade the missiles through Sderdot and let residents launch them into Gaza the next time a Kassam comes over the fence.
19. #9 I'm with you, James, on the sentiment
Righteous Zionist ,   Israel   (03.08.14)
but unfortunately the 'world' has a habit of wearing blinkers when we survive miraculously. Especially when world media present us through jaundiced eyes and increasingly buy the narrative of our enemies.
20. A country with guts to make me proud
Jerome ,   AKL   (03.08.14)
would distribute these rockets to Sderot residents. Each time a kassam comes flying above from gaza, the head of the family takes an iranian rocket and fires back. How would the unidirectional leftists react, we are yet to see......
21. we should use these rockets against gaza and lebanon in the
ralph   (03.08.14)
next war. fire them right back at their civilian centers just like they were planning to do to us. we do not owe them any greater accuracy then these weapons have.
22. why must the Klos c be set free? why cannot it be sunk to
ralph   (03.08.14)
create an artificial reef. why give it back to iran.
les ,   canada   (03.08.14)
now i just wonder how those rockets should be used........? :)).
24. Staged
The fact that the army releases the crew is a proof that the whole thing was staged. Why would Israel forces let them go while they can be of precious source of information?
25. Klos C
Rick S. ,   USA   (03.08.14)
I can understand freeing the crew, if they did not involved. I can not understand releasing the ship. Ship owners would be less likely to carry Iranian or Syrian cargo if they knew they could lose their ships.
26. The students of the ORT school in Tivon
David ,   On this planet   (03.08.14)
with their teacher should come and shine the shoes of those IDF soldiers.
27. mike from NZ
ADAM ,   CHICAGO   (03.08.14)
thanks for the support but the paint job was a kick in the ass . new zealand dismanteled its armed forces and gave the job of its protection to australia.
28. Bravo
Dik ,   Spijkenisse, Holland   (03.08.14)
well done Israel, we are proud of your brave soldiers defending the country. If you trust on your God (also ours) He will protect you against your enemies. Shalom from Holland
29. #14, does the Religion of "Peace" approve of this?
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.08.14)
They will still kill me and you and everyone else including their own with stoning, hanging and beheading.
30. Gaza Warsaw ghetto, crime against humanity, Jews responsible
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.09.14)
Don't expect Palestinians to go to their deaths without a fight, like European Jews. 1, 2, 29 not mine.
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