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Ukraine Jewish leaders to Putin: No anti-Semitism, please leave
Published: 11.03.14, 11:37
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1. Last time the world was shooting Jewish people in the street
Miron ,   USA   (03.11.14)
they got defended by Russia. Today it's a legitimate government of Ukraine that is being shot in the middle of the town, dead, in front of whole world, and do Jewish people of Israel do? I am ashamed of this press organ which is lying about my nation. We do not support murderous thugs shooting people in the middle of the square. We fight states that support it.
2. why now?
Calibi ,   Sydney Aust   (03.11.14)
There is a lot of neo -nazi gangs in Russia itself and nothing was done about it! So why so sudden he is concern about the Jews? Come on Putty it's too cheap and shallow to play. Worse of all don't call yourself a Christian and represent others.
3. yes, the Ukraine has a long
frank ,   rehovot   (03.11.14)
history of being friendly and compassionate to the jews...just look how they helped us during the Holocaust...history tends to repeat itself and for us it is always a bad thing...
4. Obvious Pressure: it is Built-in Ukrainian culture
zoro ,   israel   (03.11.14)
Ukrainian Jews under pressure to act against Russia. Their "leaders" have become Puppets of Kiev's Thugs. This "letter" is obviously staged and forced. Ukrainian Antisemitism has gone nowhere. It was always there, sometimes hidden, sometimes blowing-up. It is very ugly!
6. frank @ 3 - Pointing finger at others ,..
split ,   US   (03.11.14)
We can see in real time these days how friendly and compassionate are the Jews to their 'infiltrators' in Israel? ,... Don't forget your attitude and conduct every time an enemy showed up at their borders or your commie homies contribution to great famine in '32-'33 winter ,...
7. Ukraine Jewish leaders to Putin: No anti-Semitism, please le
George Weiss ,   Teaneck, USA   (03.11.14)
I think Ukranian jews woulf do well not to stir the ire of Putin because the odds are he will win out in the end. he may not forget.
8. What will it take for the brain dead in Ukie to understand
Al   (03.11.14)
that its time to up and leave. The Ukraine has been in the Jew killing business since the beginning of time. Get a clue..get the hell out of there and live a life. There is no future for a Jew in the FSU. I wish that the Jewish philanthropists who insist on sponsoring the farce of continuity of Jewish life in FSU, would finally wake up and put their money to better use and get the Jews out of there. As long as they insist on sponsoring this farce, we can expect the continual nonsensical declarations of the supposed Jewish leadership in the FSU.
9. The latter means that they are very, very scared
The situation is very bad for Jews in Kiev. It is a war between Catolics/Muslims and ChristianOrthodox. The Jews should get OUT as fast as possible. Let oligarhs get killed, not poor Jews.
10. Putin must stay in Crimea and even advance into E. Ukraine
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.11.14)
These "Jews" are just doing someone's dirty work....
11. unbelievable
Gady ,   Mexico City   (03.11.14)
remember the days when kosak murderers ran trough the planes killing and raping jews, hired by the bloody czar?, remember Baby-yar?, remember the elders of zion, tailored by the russian barbarians?, remember the ussr kidnapping millions of jews for decades?, remember the russians aiding syrian blood-thirsty animals and the iranian loonies?. How can you fellow jews live in that hell-hole? the place is still driping blood!!!. Let them kill each other!!!, they will blame it on us any way: the russian massacre of the ucranians will blamed on the jews eating palestinian babies!!! oy vey!!!
12. Ukraine is their country
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.11.14)
When will these fools ever learn? Never. When will the fools in North America or South America ever learn? Never. They should thank God that they will not have to be put through another Holocaust, but they will be attacked, beaten, and robbed more frequently than before. They are fools and they are blind. Their names have become so muddied and mongrelized that they are far from their origins. If they do not remember that they are just guests amongst the gentiles, Hashem will make sure to remind them.
13. this "open letter" is lie
Rehavam ,   Israel   (03.11.14)
Ukraine jews are political hostages to Nazi war criminal - Bandera followers. Similar to Iranian "antizionist jews". I refer attention to recent Mila Kunis incident. Ukranians expressing "respect and good will" reintroduced equivalent of word "kike" in every day life. There is much more.
14. And Russian Jews hate new regime in Kiev
Igor ,   NY, USA   (03.11.14)
Neo-nazis who took power in Ukraine are very dangerous. Country is heading to disaster. Jews should get out ASAP!
15. What are Jews doing in that place?
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (03.11.14)
They need to get the hell out of there ASAP! With a debt of $30 billion USDs, Ukraine will never recover to normal. It doesn‘t matter if they go to the West to Russia. The country is finished, and Jews with working brains need to exit that place to greener pastures.
16. Putin playing "Holocaust in Ukraine" off of "Holodomor"
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.11.14)
"Stalin's Jews", 38% of top security apparatus, murdered up to 10 million Ukrainians in "Holodomor", then Hitler murdered 4 million more Ukrainians in "Holocaust". #10 not mine.
17. ALL Ukrainian Jews==Russian Jews
zoro ,   israel   (03.11.14)
Not only Ukrainian Jews, but ALL Jews of the former SU, are Russian Jews. Because our culture is Russian Culture, one of the richest cultures of the world. Some of the Jews were educated in non-russian speaking schools, but the Preferred Language of communication, of Culture, of Science, of Education, of Music...was always Russian.
18. Very - Very - stupid !.
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.11.14)
Putin will strike back at the Jews !. Arn.Sweden.
19. why is this a jewish
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.11.14)
problem? what's going on over there got nothing to do with jews--why must we put the onis for all that happens around the globe on the jews--please let everyone take a shower, lay down and take a nap--you'll feel a lot better.
20. I only know Ukranians have the reputation for biggest Jew
Alan ,   SA   (03.11.14)
Murderers with Nazis in World War 2.Also goes back a couple of Centuries! They were busy in Vilna Ghetto where many many of my fathers family were murdered.Two of my relatives survived to tell us the tales of Ukranians and Lithuanians.Not pretty!
21. #20 ,...
split ,   US   (03.12.14)
Did they tell you about stabbing Ukrainians in the back during invasions and annexations by Ottomans, Poles, Russians, Austrians and Soviets? Did they ever mention holodomor an artificial famine conceived and inflicted by Kaganowich/Yagoda duo and their hand picked commie homies responsible for starving 8-10 million Ukrainians during one winter '32/'33?. I bet they didn't - I'm surprised that there's are Jews living in Ukraine today not because they have chose it but because they're allowed ,...
22. @16 Abwer archive, kept in US has Holodomor like
Miron ,   USA   (03.12.14)
stories about Ashwitz being Communist's doing. Every lie has an eye... and address, too.
23. The 'Revo.' was made by the Germans ;all Maidan-criminals flew there to..
They made it with their beloved criminal bancrupt AGA KHAN now to present him new markets to a) fill the pockets for hime andsome more and b) for the all political direction (nazis and middleaged radical islam in 'soft' mixture). Germans did never gave up their NaziAryanRace thinking of 'Running the World'!, we shouldnt forget! They had been and are behind the Muslim Brotherhood and following shiits movements, acteurs and all that, threatens Israel ! The other helpers -from the own rows- we can find in the Net and last publishings
24. #21: It was STALIN's Order.
zoro ,   israel   (03.12.14)
nothing new here, to blame and accuse Jews. It was STALIN's Order. And WHO gave Ukrainians orders to murder Jews? They did it on their own free will. They joined nazis, they formed whole units in german army, they wanted to be guards in nazi concentration camps...pogroms by Khmelnitzki, Makhno, Bendera...etc
25. #24 ,...
split ,   US   (03.12.14)
Sorry to disappoint you but it was Kaganowich/Yagoda idea approved by Stalin and couple other politburo members, Molotov and Zinoviev, another of your commie homie. I repeat it was Stalin's approval not an order. Following your logic Himmler, Eichmann or other nazi war criminals just followed Hitler orders too, idiot, they didn't do it on their own free will either ;),... Read my post @ 21 there're the answers to the question why did they hated you so much and why did they or any Baltic nation joined nazis. After all those purges, forced exiles to Siberia gulags and famine inflicted on them everything was better than Soviet occupation.
26. All Ukrainian/Crimean Jews come to Israel now!
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.13.14)
Get the hell out of there! Do you honestly believe you'll accomplish anything by sticking around where all-out war is about to happen? Come to Israel now. Right now. Come.
27. Uk KAPOS sold their community to neo-nazis!!!
Rabbi Shapiro ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.13.14)
Corrupt crooked pretenders Ukraine's "jewish leaders" are neo-nazi bandera's puppets. Their words are null & void. Jews, don't listen to these traitors, leave Ukraine now!
28. Good to hear from Ukrainian Jews!
DontForget Mikhail   (03.25.14)
Their voice is a welcome call in fighting the tyranny of the narrow clique of Putin. We have to join forces with the Kasparovs to end the rule of Putin and his circle. Do not forget Mikhail Borisovich Khodorkovsky.
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