Explosive device targets IDF force on Lebanon border
Yoav Zitun
Published: 14.03.14, 19:29
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1. use of robotic patrols
merv   (03.14.14)
israel must create high ground through mudworks and engineering on the border areas. Robotic patrols need to be instituted to reduce casualties from tradiional arab explosives. Yaalon is doing a damn good job. The bottom line is to destroy, not to stop but to destroy the enemy.
2. Looks like someone in Teheran does not like Purim
Genuine Moshe   (03.14.14)
Never mind this someone will end up like Haman.
3. Time for Israel to strike closer to Assad's palace
Al   (03.15.14)
Time for Israel to strike a little closer to Assad's palace in broad daylight to scare him.
4. @ #3... why tease him?
Batman ,   Gotham City, Lebanon   (03.15.14)
... wipe out his palace and those of his cronies...bullseye... sooner or later the GLORIOUS IDF will have to do the job and make this zip code a better and safer place to live...
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