Ya'alon: Abbas is a partner that receives, not one that gives
Published: 15.03.14, 21:07
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1. Hear Hear
James ,   USA   (03.15.14)
Exactly right. What country is blackmailed into releasing murders. There is no justification that the PA can come up with that says 'its Ok the murders were only fighting for something'. Who agreed to this stupidity? Wipe out Gaza..its to late for them and annex all the west bank, build and tax heavily until the pals leave. No Arab country will stand shoulder to shoulder with the pals, all they will do is talk hatered (whats new). Then set sight on Lebannon and or Iran, whichever is the larger threat. Next, maybe (think on this) do a deal with syrian rebels to purchase land beyond the west bank for support. Is that hard line enough?
2. PA to receive stolen goods from, homes, freedom
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.15.14)
3. Release of Murderers
max ,   washington dc   (03.15.14)
Bibi has set a precedent that will haunt Israel for generations. He has shown that even terrorists convicted of the most heinous crimes will be released to appease others. In America these morderers would have been executed.
4. The Obama backing
Moshe ,   Israel   (03.15.14)
Abbas has a strong partner to his intransigent conduct with Israel – The U.S. current administration. It demands concessions almost only from Israel. These have included the stop of settlements' construction (beginning in the early Obama's Cairo speech), basing the borders on the pre 1967 lines, and recently the release of 104 hefty prisoners in exchange for suspension of Pals' revocable international anti Israeli activity. No even a condemnation of the "Right of return" and other Pals' prerequisites.
5. Pals" give n'take"-You give and they take
Alan ,   SA   (03.15.14)
6. Ya'alon is right as so often
CJK   (03.15.14)
israel must not release israeli arab murderers under any circumstances. israeli arabs cannot be represented by foreign entities such as the pa. ya'alon is also correct in saying that there cannot be peace unless the arabs recognise israel as the national homeland of the jewish people.
7. Releasing killers
Hertz ,   Tveria   (03.15.14)
Only a stupid leadership of stupid people run by stupid courts stupidly capitulate to a demand from a stupid so called friendly buddy in DC that will not release a jew rotting in prison 30 years for just passing info to this vwery same friend, but yet demands from Israel to release barbaric killers that are none humans in their deeds.
8. Defense Minister Dosen't Believe Peace
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (03.15.14)
in his generation?!?? No doubt his belief, hence behaviours, will lead to our reality. As he behaves, so it is written ...
9. Ya'lon Israel's defense minister
Neb Lachee ,   Framingham MA USA   (03.15.14)
I definitely agree with his ascertain!!!
10. Thank you Mr Ya'alon for saying it as it is!
Son of Cyrus ,   UK   (03.15.14)
11. Indeed Abbas has no intent 2 let Jews to exist in Palistine
Galut i a ,   Selah   (03.15.14)
They have proven time and again they wish to remove Israel from the mideast how long does it take the West to realize the reality of that ?
12. Ya'alon and peace
yosef, phd ,   florida - israel   (03.15.14)
Thank God for a strong, determined defense minister. What a change from the sybaritic E. Barak. Ya'alon is 100% right - Mazen never was a true partner and besides he is missing a critical amount of gray cells. Enough of the charade and moronic Kerry as well.
13. Mr. Ya'alon is THE man of the hour
GS ,   Germany   (03.16.14)
And this time he's not going to apologize to nobody. / He really sharpens his profile. Is Mr. Ya'alon the next PM of the Jewish State of Israel? We'll see.
14. Arabs Locked in
Zechariah   (03.16.14)
The Palestinian Arabs are locked into A Belief the Jews had no Right to Return To Israel EnMasse and establish a State there.The Ograms the Persecutions were a Christian Sin very little to do with Islam.But from a International humanirian view the Jews deserved refugee just as the Iraquis and Syrians and Palestians have Had .But the Jews were refused refugee in Palestine and all Islamic lands yet Mohammed saved the Daughter of his enemy.
15. What a farce !
Gabe ,   Canada   (03.16.14)
John Kerry is not mediating. A mediator should not take sides.
16. Netanyahu must be replaced ASAP
Al   (03.16.14)
He has outlived his usefulness. He is being played by the USA and he will fold, as he always does. No matter what is going on in the Ukraine, Syria and other spots, America is hell bend on weakening Israel. ISRAEL NEEDS RESOLUTE LEADERSHIP. The schnorrers, the whiners, the wannabes must be shown the door. Israels existence depends on it. Netanyahu must go!
17. Yaalon for PM.
Reuven   (03.16.14)
18. Everyone knows this is the truth
Barney ,   USA   (03.16.14)
19. At this rate we'll run out of prisoners to free! What then?!
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.16.14)
20. We Gave Them Murderers....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.16.14)
and got nothing. We gave them more muderers..... and got more of nothing. We saw how stupid it was for the Government to give them murderers, and maybe now the Government understands that point. I declare these "peace-talks" officially over.
21. To #19
lidia ,   Israel   (03.16.14)
What then? We've already become their prisoners when we have to rush to the shelters to protect our lives and if we're released as the murderers have, we're not going to be called martyrs/heroes nor being paid for our contribution to our homeland. Are we actually free?
22. crybaby
Ya'alon cries that Abbas is a partner that receives and does not give. What is wrong with Ya'alon? Abbas is not your friend, never pretended to be one and he owes you nothing. He feels that you stole his childhood home in Tzfat and made him a refugee. He has never hidden the fact that he considers Israel his mortal enemy. He is the leader of the PLO which clearly calls for elimination of Israel which is viewed as the root of all evil (PLO Charter articles 18, 22 and 23). So yes, he will use all means necessary to win, which includes taking anything you stupidly are willing to give him. And you know what, if you are willing to give Abbas things just so you will look good, you deserve to lose.
23. Abbas is not a partner
Harold ,   USA   (03.16.14)
Here we go again. It seems the right Palestinian partner is not born yet. So Ya'ialon has to wait another 50 years to choose the favourable partner. If Abbas is not relevant then why he is invited to the white house to discuss matters with President Obama and John Kerry.
24. BA to receive stolen goods by, homes, freedom
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.16.14)
#2, not mine.
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