Abbas will ask Obama for settlement freeze, more prisoners freed
Elior Levy
Published: 17.03.14, 00:52
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1. Islam allows Abbas to hedge the truth
Galut ia ,   Selah   (03.17.14)
He will play Obama and Israel for all he can get without giving anything
2. Abbas still squeezing for freebies for useless talks.
Sam ,   Canada   (03.17.14)
The US are such suckers they would probably release Pollard if Abbas asked them to.
3. Prisoners
James ,   USA   (03.17.14)
Memorandum to Paelstinian authority. In the future, any palestinian charged with murder will be tried in Texas, USA, and subject to the applicable laws of that state.
4. More demands on the Usefull Idiot !
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.17.14)
Demanding everything without giving anything in return. Arn.Sweden.
5. Israeli minister Rehavam Zeevi
David ,   On this planet   (03.17.14)
Was a wonderful person Z/L. But terrorist Ahmad Saadat killed a Kenesset member he will not be free, compare to other terrorist who just killed plain old worthless Israelis.
6. Stricken
Devorah   (03.17.14)
These outrageous negotiations will never result in peace. And the reason is because the appeasing Israeli leadership has put the country under the collective thumb of her enemies. Who is Obama? Who is Kerry? Who are any of these people to determine the future of Jewish lives in Israel? They less than a whisper. Less than a shadow. They are nothing. G-D will strike them down, all of them, for what they have done, for what they are doing.
7. Morally Settlement Slowdown ok Prisoner Release Betrayal
Zechariah   (03.17.14)
A settlement slow down is better than a Prisoner Release a Betrayal of Victims Killed and Maimed. It also gives Palestinians Work and Livehood . As for statehood no Islamic jihadi or Fatah Ba'ath Greater Syria can be allowed in and the Jews have to have control of security and immigration .Every Nation Has Police Forces and in the USA Britain and France they are from many Proud Ethnic groups creatively but diligently creating a More peaceful Society.
8. Time for our demands
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (03.17.14)
No concessions to the Arabs period. The Arabs must fulfill all previous obligations. The Arabs must end all violations of all previous treaties. The Arabs must pay all their bills. The Arabs must remove all the trash from our Temple Mount.
9. Abbas will freeze as will the "refugees"
CJK   (03.17.14)
netanyahu has no mandate to agree to another building freeze. he has no mandate to let in a single arab palestinian so-called refugee or descendent of so-called refugees. netanyahu has no mandate to divide the holy city of jerusalem, seat of zion, the physical and spiritual capital of judaism.
10. Mark my words..Netanyahu will fold for he is useless.
Al   (03.17.14)
He will turn Israel into a weak indefensible little country, because he was in Hollywood two weeks ago and was mesmerized by all the fake boobs. He wants to go to Hollywood, appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live, sing on American Idol, and do a cameo appearance on Modern Family. He has the hots for Sofia Vergara. He has precious little time for Israel and its concerns.
11. Is he kidding?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.17.14)
NEWS FLASH! Obama has no control over settlements. Obama has no control over security prisoners in Israeli jails. Abbas is acting like a small whiny child (oh, okay, he's not acting). There is only one road for him to take -- he either talks to Israel -- and meets Israel's quid pro quo with respect to recognition of the State of Israel as a Jewish state and there being absolutely no "right of return" for "Palestinian" voluntary quits, or the road for him to follow will take him -- and the rest of the "Palestinian" rabble -- straight to Jordan. There will be no settlement freeze. And Abbas is not in a position to issue demands. This is as good a time for a reality check for Abbas as any. Netanyahu has not delegated any rights to Obama. April 29th, here we come. Abbas is playing his usual game. Blissfully, for the last time. He's played out his string.
12. Abbas still squeezing for freebies for useless talks.
Sam ,   Canada   (03.17.14)
The US are such suckers they would probably release Pollard if Abbas asked them to.
13. It is YOUR TURN to GIVE, Abbas!
Mea   (03.17.14)
14. A Muslim "Summiit" in WH between two radical Islamists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.17.14)
15. Obama is over his head, leading from his Muslim behinds
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.17.14)
16. When the Arabs put down their weapons, peace will regin. But
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.17.14)
when Israel puts down its weapons, there won't be an Israel. Weapons, consist not only of light arms, explosives, mortars and rockets, but also of acts of manipulation and deception. Let us hope the Obama/Kerry duo don't fully fall into the trap of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) - think of the origin and meaning of the name!! - headed by Mahmoud Abbas. After all, the United States of America is engaged in a discourse with only an organization that until recently was considered a terror group...!!
17. US Has No Say In Israel's Urban Expansion
emanon ,   USA   (03.17.14)
18. Abbas
gramps ,   NJ USA   (03.17.14)
Israel and the US should tell him to take a hike in the desert without any water. This Holocaust denier has been scamming them for years. Enough already.
19. The Taker abu mazen Is All Out Of Leverage
Time to see is arabs want peace? Now fatah Has To Give, no more Israeli concessions.
20. Terrorist in a suit
Lioness ,   Israel   (03.17.14)
It is about time we put Abbas on trial for his involvement in the Munich Olympic Games Massacre, The Maalot Massacre and the attack on the boat where an elderly American gentleman in a wheelchair was thrown overboard.
21. Error in Headline....
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.17.14)
Should have read: Settlers ask Prisoners to freeze Abbas and Obama. Oh boy. The Arabs are just going nuts with their idiotic "demands". These peace-talks are now officially dead.
22. abbas wants what
Don Saliman ,   nahaloz, israel   (03.17.14)
I have one question for abbas, what are you going to do for peace? All you do is say what Israel has to do for peace, but what Israel wants in return, you have one answer NO, NO and NO
23. Blah Blah Blah
Yonatan ,   Dishon, Israel   (03.17.14)
Always something for nothing, well not exactly nothing. We always get dead Israeli Jews for "peace talks"! We won the war, we don't owe them anything but eviction to Jordan, period.
24. # 10 So, What are you the 'Hollywood Reporter"?
BUILD BABY BUILD   (03.17.14)
Sounds like your projecting your own disturbed ego. KEEP BUILDING!!!
25. # 11 More big news...
BUILD BABY BUILD   (03.17.14)
obama has no control on American's either. His approval ratings are just above Nixon's all time lows.. Brightens my day. re: the road to Jordan and the pals... From your lips , dear lady. Shalom. KEEP BUILDING!!!
26. # 16, So, now the PLO isn't a terrorist organization?
BUILD BABY BUILD   (03.17.14)
News to me... BE BOP A BUILDING !!!!
27.  settlement freeze, more prisoners freed
mat ,   uk   (03.17.14)
Obama should tell Abbas what are you offering in return as Netanyahu says it takes three to tango
28. You can tell he is heading to DC determined to make peace.
Alan ,   SA   (03.17.14)
He is such an Angel he could fly there unaided without going by Jet
29. Are there any Malaysian pilots...
frauss ,   Jerusalem   (03.17.14)
willing to fly the PLO contingent to Washington?
30. #29 I pay for Haman-Abbas' ticket.
GS ,   Germany   (03.17.14)
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