At White House talks, Obama urges Abbas to take risks for peace
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Published: 17.03.14, 17:52
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1. Why isn't recognizing Israel enough?
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (03.17.14)
Why does Netanyahu insist that Abbas recognize not just The State of Israel but the Jewish State of Israel? If this was so important why didn't former Prime Ministers Rabin, Peres, Olmert, Barak and Sharon demand the same thing of the Palestinians? Why? Simple. Netanyahu truly does not want the talks to succeed. The boycott movement will grow and Netanyahu has only one person to blame.....not Abbas but the man he sees in the mirror every morning when he shaves.
2. One does wonder, though
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.17.14)
What has Abbas done to show that he is serious about the peace process? Except, of course, for issue demands and insist that Israel release mass murderers back into society? And why has Abbas not been arrested in the United States for the murder of Leon Klinghofer? The whole "peace process" is a joke. Time to send the "Palestinian" rabble illegally squatting in Judea and Samaria packing, once and for all.
3. Let's see Abbas take a risk
Ian ,   Newcastle upon Tyne   (03.17.14)
For a start,I'd like to see Abbas cross the Grand Canyon on a tightrope without a safety net. THREE CHEERS FOR ISRAEL!!!
4. what kind of partner considers it
Barney ,   USA   (03.17.14)
treason to recognize a state for what it is a Jewish State? I feel on the other hand it is treasonous to release murderers. Nobody can argue that one.
5. Obamas, be smart and ask Netanyahu one question
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.17.14)
"Why should Israel be recognized as a Jewish state when the only true Jews are the haredi minority?'
6. Seriousness for peace....
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.17.14)
It's always up to Israel. Abbas and the ersatz Pals NEVER make any concessions for peace. Israel only wastes time and lives trying to appease people whose only goal in their lives is to destroy Israel and kill Jews. Tell these jackals that when they are willing to publically recognize Israel as a Jewish state then and only then will Israel talk.
7. Abbas to bail out after prisoner release if it happens!
michael redboun ,   Lisbon - Portugal   (03.17.14)
joyce fraser ,   USA   (03.17.14)
and long overdue, for the concerned leaders to find common ground for stabilizing and harmonizing their constituents' futures. However, it is with great misfortune to report, that too many encumbrances continue to dog their objectivity and/or their genuine desire to reach accords that are able to accommodate one another, given "realpolitik influenced logic". Compare that to the marriage bed's being shared by more than the subject life-love partners. Now factor in all the complexities - wanted and unwanted - to really fix their marriage!
9. IDF in Jordan Valley area Necessary,
Zechariah   (03.17.14)
An IDF force in the Jordan Valley Area is Necessary to Stabilize against Islamic Jihadis and Ba'ath Greater Syria both easily capable of Barbaric War crimes To Arabs for Peace and Jews always.
10. Wow abu mazen Is Delusional!!!
Hey abu, Israel has Released Convicted Murder just to talk to you? What Have YOU given to sit on the other side of ISRAELI'S?????????? Bibi should Not Release fourth round Unil the arabs Give what Bibi hunks they should Give, NOT kerry or b.H.o., that's Fair!!!
11. Abbas should follow Obama's example
CJK   (03.17.14)
abbas should draw a long thick red line which then turns pink. then there might be a glimmer of hope for peace.
12. Obama understands while the rest of us are befuddled
CJK   (03.17.14)
obama: "everyone understands what the contours of the peace deal look like." here is what we understand: 1 the release of hundreds of convicted mass murderers on the orders of the present american president is a total travesty of justice and an inacceptable interference in the affairs of the sovereign jewish state of israel. 2 israel is the jewish state, homeland of the jewish nation, the land where the ingathering of the exiles is still ungoing. 3 jerusalem is the holy city of the jewish nation, seat of zion, indivisible and internal. 4 the jewish state of israel will not allow any arab muslim of any descent to claim the status of refugee in the sovereign jewish state of israel. 5 the eastern border of the sovereign jewish state of israel will not be based on the 1949 armistice lines which were negotiated with the kingdom of jordan. 6 neither the arabs, i.e., members of the arab league, or any other muslims, nor obama or the eu can impose their own dicta on the sovereign jewish state in violation of the principles of sovereignty and universality. any attempt to to do so will result in unending bloody wars.
13. forget about it
marv   (03.17.14)
do not release saadat and bargouti. Obama's is a moslem to the bone and is in bed with arabs. all he talks about are israeli concessions and sugarcoats abbas who is anything but a partner. Moreover obama's sancitons on russia are patheticallyweak. Other than obama's hit on bin laden which was good, quite good, he is another jimmy carter. His iranian venture is garbage, the russian syrian peace arrangement and weapons transfers are weak and putin pulled off the crimea venture sensing obama's weakness. he is another jimmy carter.
14. AAbu Mazen, your whole life was one big
Mira ,   Vienna   (03.17.14)
treason and lie, beginning from your Hlocaust thesis to the socalled renouncing of terror! Instead of going on ending your life with treason you should renounce the "t" and finish your life with reason!
15. We have released enough prisoners, but what have you done?
Naomi   (03.17.14)
No country release terrorists and murderers who have killed their own people but we did. Yet Abbas has not done anything nor did he stop escalation of violence by his own people. We have done MORE THAN ENOUGH but the Palestinians have done NOTHING in return. So even a fool knows who is NOT serious in this peace talk.
16. Go ahead Abbas take some risks
Dror ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.17.14)
We will never stop building on OUR land, our ancient and modern homeland you vile interlopers and invaders will not stop us. The Americans won't stop us, no one will stop us. The lefties can go to hell and choke on it.
17. A Muslim "Summiit" in WH between two radical Islamists
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.17.14)
18. PA "two tracks", 1..talks, 2..ICC, UNSC, BDS all of Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.17.14)
19. obama can throw a release party for his terrorists allies
BUILD BABY BUILD   (03.17.14)
Other than terror, rockets, threats, and kidnappings, what has Israel to show for this obama led fiasco? Toss them both out two heads of the same muslim snake. KEEP BUILDING !!!!
20. Good Faith
LJH ,   Canada   (03.17.14)
If Israel is supposed to release terrorists in good faith, then abbas should show a little good faith too and recognize Israel as a Jewish state. That would show he is serious about peace and this process is not one sided.
21. Shortly after the 1967 Six-Day War, the U.S. Joint Chiefs of
Linda Rivera ,   Florida, USA   (03.17.14)
Staff submitted their report stating Israel can only be defensible if it retains Judea, Samaria, Gaza, the Golan, the tip of the Sinai, Sharm El-Sheikh and all of Jerusalem. Armed with this knowledge, the US/EU/UN are seeking a Second Holocaust via a Muslim terror state reducing tiny Israel at mid-section to 9 miles wide INDEFENSIBLE, Auschwitz borders. Israel, save your lives and nation! Don't submit to Muslim President Obama!
22. Delusional!
Abraham Nachmias ,   Petach Tikva IL   (03.17.14)
Mr. Obama is absolutely detached from reality! We have already seen how he was wrong in each one of his stands in international politics! Why should we trust him? Abu Mazen will be in power till the moment he signs anything, then hamas will kick him out, and everybody but Obama knows that!
23. Abbas is not serious at all .
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.17.14)
When all prisoners are released, he can lean back and dont Give a Shit !. Arn. Sweden.
24. I am 79 years old & not ready to end my life with treason
zionist forever   (03.17.14)
So if he accepts two states shy is it treachery to recognise Israel as a Jewish state if we are going to be making peace based on two states? The man has no interest in peace and he doesn't want talks to succeed, he wants it to fail but looking like Israel is to blame then he wants to go to the UN General Assembly get a resolution for a state. If he goes to the GA he will get his resolution with a huge majority accepting every single demand he has made of Israel and more, Israel will of course refuse and then Abbas will demand individual countries who voted in favour of the resolution to place sanctions on Israel until it abides by it. These days Abbas makes you think of the Arafat days with nostalgia.
25. Abbas should wait a little bit longer
Shalom   (03.17.14)
once haredim will be taken to the army and carry their own guns they'll get the Zionists out of Israel and Abbas won't be forced anymore to recognize Israel as a Jewish state because it'll be as obvious as day. And once Israel is really Jewish, Abbas and the PA and the entire world will finally come to respect Israel as the Holy Land of Jews.
26. gimmie--gimmie--gimmie
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.17.14)
sounds like a lot of people I know--just let some more Buffalos out and I'll be nice--and we'll be pals--that's a "promise"
27. Agree with 24 except for
James ,   USA   (03.17.14)
Thats exactly what Abbas will do except the major problem they will have with UN sanctions is that the PA will be crushed by Israeli reprisals and building in these lands. Abbas knows what a downward spiral will look like.
28. Abbas cant deliver now except on Israeli concessions
Jeff   (03.18.14)
Abbas is not in any position to deliver a peace treaty now although he knows it would be the right thing for the Palestinians. All he can do is hope to get further concessions out of the Israelis and continue to try and move a process forward somehow either through international pressure or further Israeli concessions which might placate his opposition very slowly. The international arena is not stable enough for him to stick out his neck . Israel for its part is tied to the peace process but at a pace where they can see genuine palestinian engagement achieved by the majority expression of public opinion rather than clerical hierarchies . This may require a predicated collapse of proxy ME powers in the region and further strengthening of free thinking palestinians who understand the benefits of peace rather than decades of confrontation.
29. Main thing he will risk is being murdered by Pals if he
Alan ,   SA   (03.17.14)
makes "peace"
30. We must to release all the prrrisonerrrs
The Tsipomonster   (03.18.14)
It is our duty to our dear Arab cousins, we love you dear Arabs, love, Auntie Tsipi
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