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Lapid: No VAT for young couples buying first home
Avital Lahav
Published: 18.03.14, 09:41
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1. Why not couples with 2 children?
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.18.14)
2. who will enjoy the benefit
ole jadash ,   Jerusalem, israel   (03.18.14)
What about young olim jadashim? We left our countries, family, friends, jobs to come to our beloved country Israel, and because of our age we did not do IF or civil service, but we are everyday contributing to the country by paying taxes. We will not enjoy the benefit?
3. Good only those who have served..
Al   (03.18.14)
Yair..I am proud of you. I always thought you were only a pretty boy, but you are redeeming yourself. Congrats.
4. Idiotic
Max ,   Netanya   (03.18.14)
This is a populist idiotic scheme. What about the guy with 3 kids who has been working for 15 years to buy an apartment and is no closer to his dream or the poor shlumiel who once had an apartment in Dimona and now needs to move or upgrade-sorry mate no help for you but don't forget that approximately 50% of new apartment price is paid to the government one way or another. At the end of the day a small subgroup will get cheaper apartments and the price will increase for everyone else
5. To the editor
R ,   Israel   (03.18.14)
"Those eligible for the benefit and who buy an apartment for the maximum price, or lower" - maximum price or lower? That means absolutely any price. Why not just say that?
6. Why only young couple wit one child or less?
Yaara ,   Israel   (03.18.14)
How is decided who is young couple and who not? We are a couple in late thirties / early forties with three small children and still have not saved enough money to buy our own apartment. In my opinion any couple that is buying their first home should get this benefit and not to pay VAT.
7. Good for Lapid!
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.18.14)
Still glad that I voted for him.
8. Lapid, the sone yisrael, the Jewish enemy just like Haman
Lapid is a racist ,   and Jew-hater   (03.18.14)
in fact, all over the world whenever Haman was mentioned, machine gun volleys were fired and everyone had in mind Lapid and Bennett yemach shemom. Before Israel should worry about about racism in the world, they should take care of Israeli racists and Jew-haters first. Lapid, the rasha, announced that he is reducing housing prices but not for Haredim and Arabs.
9. @1 what's even more Bizarre is that IDF service is required!
LMAO @u ,   Israel   (03.18.14)
10. Possibly Good Intentions, but Mostly Helps the Rich
EGGM ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (03.18.14)
This proposal might have good intentions, but it mostly helps the rich. This applies only to new apartments, which are usually almost 50% more expensive than second-hand apartments, so now they'll be about 27% more expensive. No average person who can't buy an apartment will benefit from a cost reduction on the most expensive apartments--they'll still be buying second-hand, and the prices for second-hand won't go down. Good intentions that, in the end, benefit the rich.
11. no vat for young couples
hila ,   tel aviv   (03.18.14)
i am only one voter, but if this goes through, i will not be voting ever for Lapid, It is totally unfair for those of us not married, working hard to buy a home, What happened to equality? It will only raise prices...,
12. #2 Olim can benefit from this too
Mordechai   (03.18.14)
Please never rely on ynet reporters. Spoke to Dov Lipman who said that Olim who were unable to serve can still benefit from this exemption from VAT. Its only those that refuse to serve who will be denied the benefit.
13. Welcome initiative
Veronique ,   Rehovot, Israel   (03.19.14)
Hi, Welcome initiative.... but did Lapid think of all the consequences? Why after the first child (What if the couple has problems conceiving?)? Why after I imagine - marriage (What if the couple cannot marry - one is not Jewish - or does not want to get married?)? I am sure there are a lot of other reasons.... What about young people who are not going to get married? I think that each young person who never bought an apartment should get 1/2 a share.... if they decide to buy an appartment together they get 1/2 + 1/2.... then nobody gets into their privacy... and everybody is happier. But I like the fact that a person who served the country gets the rights. :)
14. Reporter is incorrect you can have more than 1 child
Mordechai   (03.18.14)
Reporter is incorrect according to MK Dov Lipman there is no requirement families only have one child.
15. no VAT
Daniel ,   Petah Tikva, Israel   (03.19.14)
great idea - except the only having 1 child part - which is what % of the population? the 'best' although probably never happen way to help people buy homes is to lower the down-payment needed. Sure, it's higher risk, but bringing 40% to the table is just out of the question when prices hover around 1,000,000 nis or more
16. lapid vat
steve ,   usa   (03.19.14)
most chareidim have more than one kid he wants to eliminate this service and exclude chareidim so it is only for one kid or less.
17. Why not just reduce the VAT for all homebuyers?
Sean ,   Phoenix   (03.19.14)
Instead of spending 2 billion giving one section of the population a special benefit why not reduce it for as many people as possible? If the tax is 15% (or whatever the real number is), reduce it across the board to 10%. That will help a lot of people.
18. 9 Bizarre that not all IDF soldiers...
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.19.14)
receive the same benefit, Seems unfair to me.
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