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Israel moves to address runaway housing prices
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Published: 18.03.14, 23:17
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1. hahaha They should have moved right into Detroit
Al   (03.19.14)
They could have picked up a shmatta for less that $100.00 In 10 years they will be very sorry they left. Israel will pass them by.
2. @ 1
sheik rattle & roll ,   USA   (03.19.14)
Sure Israel will pass them by with it's 100 percent tax on tiny over priced cars, small homes, low third world salaries and $110 a month soldier salaries the kids will get paid in 10 years if they decide to return, however I do agree they could of moved to Miami and brought a home for $175K and at least got a swimming pool and a higher salary.
3. "and one of them must have served in the Israeli army"
Some Logic   (03.20.14)
What about couples with younger children or kids that have yet to join the IDF: They will have to wait till the kids are 18???? Lapid is a (nasty) joke.
4. There is no problem in Israel
Billy Billionaire ,   Kesarya   (03.20.14)
I own a villa in Kesarya, another house in Ra`anana, and rent out several flats in Tel Aviv. I don't know what these little people are on about, everything's great here. They need to work harder, (for me) and complain less.
5. # 4 And?
BUILD BABY BUILD   (03.21.14)
I'm sure you'll agree with me more Jews need more homes and, at a fair price, right Billy Billionaire? So. KEEP BUILDING, BOOBY!!!
6. # 4 Billy Billionaire
dezon ,   london UK   (03.22.14)
What your point Billy Billionaire, Pity you are so arrogant referring to "these little people" carry on dreaming little billy
7. Housing in Israel -- Freeze rents to current price
Alfredo ,   Raanana   (03.22.14)
This should be the first step and immediate step.and then craft rent-control regulations.
8. Land is frozen by ILA corrupt policy
Philippe ,   Raanana   (03.23.14)
The ILA freeze on building permit helps the real estate developpers to maintain very high prices.As a result the Young buyers will take a 25 years mortgage and repay the bank with blood, sweat, tears.In Israel a peniless person must pay twice his roof : the first time to the developper because of artificially high land price-the second time to repay the extra-long mortgage loan.The ILA policy is aterrible swindle towards the citizens and it is only directed towards the profits of the developpers and the banks.
9. Housing
Dennis ,   Nj USA   (03.23.14)
One of the reasons I left in 1988 was due to the fact that our linked mortgage was strangling me. I agree with all the above talk backs except 8:Phillippe: the buyer only pays once: either to the developer or to the mortgage co. Of course, if there in linkage and interest, over many years they pay a lot, but that's the same all over the world. The costs in Israel are indeed astronomical. With all the propaganda about Zionism, etc., I believe that most of the Gordimer leave due to finances. If one can't support his family b'kavod, what's the point of hanging around? Ironically enough, after struggling with this issue in Israel, I work in the affordable housing industry here in the USA. IF the government wills it ( sound familiar?), it can indeed happen: tax credits, incentives, and some subsidies do the trick.
10. Wonderful... But
Adam ,   Raanana   (03.23.14)
What about people who did not have the option or opportunity to serve in the army. My wife and I are both in this position. We both work in high tech and our payments in tax cost about as much as someone else's mortgage/ No army = not good enough
11. #6-You missed the sarcasm
Koose E Mack ,   NY USA   (03.24.14)
I don't believe that "Billy Billionaire" was serious...he's being ironic!
12. Special interest groups are at fault for the high prices.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.25.14)
The government in Israel is not capable to squash the special interest groups which control housing construction and get richer all the time. It is compounded by the high population density and the desire to live in large cities. There is a word to describe special interest groups which governments fail to control ... hm, hmmmmmmmmm.
13. 4.
Birdi ,   Israel   (03.25.14)
Hey Billy, if you would live in ''Kesarya" as you say you do, you would know the correct spelling of the city. It's Caesaria!
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