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Tel Aviv's rabbi slams mayor: City is annulling Shabbat
Gilad Morag
Published: 18.03.14, 21:48
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1. Freedom from other peoples religion
Miri   (03.18.14)
Religion is like a mans penis, its a perfectly good thing to have and take pride in but when you dangle it in front of my face then we have a problem
2. To Secular Jews hypocrites:
Jewish Goyim are ,   HYPOCRITES   (03.18.14)
You have no right demanding that the PA recognize Israel as a Jewish state if you live like goyim. Shame on you!
3. Only those who observe the Shabbat will have shalom peace.
Rivkah   (03.19.14)
Only the nation and the only nation is Israel that observes the seventh day Shabbat not to buy or sell food or wares from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday and not to work except to do good then, that nation will have a blessing of shalom peace other nations will not have. The choice is to obey Elohim and survive as a nation or to rebel against Elohim's only Commandment that has the words REMEMBER and HOLY. Better though difficult the right way to go than the wrong though easy where the end is woe. Elohim protects those who obey Him. The freeloader athiests think their atheism and rebellion against Elohim will protect them. The fool says in his heart there is no Elohim.
4. If trend continous close the State
What"JewishState!? ,   Jerusalem Israel   (03.19.14)
The Palestinians know that even the Jews here don't want a "Jewish State" so why should they recognize one ?! If this trend continues there will be even less reason for any serious Jew in the world to want to come and live here as it is fast becoming just another Western secular "colonial " style country in the middle of a hostile and very religious Middle East. The less Israelis respect faith the less the Arabs respect them , the mayor in Jerusalem is doing the same thing .
5. religion
dahlin ,   haifa   (03.19.14)
what has shop opening got to do with religion?
6. # 2
Mendoza ,   Tiberias, Israel   (03.19.14)
Significantly you dont mention your country of abode.I guess you live outside Israel.
7. The extreme leftist mayor
NYwomen   (03.19.14)
Another self hating Jew. The Mayor of Tel-Aviv not only will allow businesses to be open on Shabat. He is helping the 100,000 African illegal migrants stay in Israel. they are Muslims that follow Sharia law and created their own city in the South of Tel-Aviv. The illegal migrants are growing and expending to other parts of Tel-Aviv. They do not follow Israel laws. They are stealing, raping, mugging and creating a health risk in the South of Tel-Aviv. The trash and noise make the life of the Israeli poor people that live there a hell. The mayor is helping the illegals. He is a real idiot.
8. Religion in public space
Marcel ,   San Jose, Costa Rica   (03.19.14)
I am neither Jewish nor Israeli but I could never understand how a modern country like Israel can allow the rabbinate to dominate the public space to the extent they do. The same goes for any other religion - particularly my own - Christianity. I don't condone the clergy imposing limits on the wider public (Sunday store closures, reduced public transit etc).
9. Hey, it's Shabbat! Take the day off!
manicdrummer ,   Haifa, Israel   (03.19.14)
Shabbat was created by G-d for everyone, whether you believe or not. Just think of it as a guaranteed day off...from everything. G-d is real and G-d loves us all.
10. Very good example, Miri...I like it...
Israeli 2   (03.19.14)
except that JUDAISM is NOT a religion. Judaism is a way of life. Therefore we may not impose it on others except when we live in a land that is conditional upon its way of life. We were given Israel as a condition for doing as instructed by the Torah. So the Rabbis are right. Agree?
11. Business loss to Yafo hurts Tel Aviv on Saturdays.
Michael ,   California, USA   (03.19.14)
People prefer to shop on Saturdays and enjoy doing it in Yafo, but they need cars to get there. Israelis who are better off do it, but it is a discrimination against the poorer elements among Tel Aviv residents. Mayor Lahav is correct to demand both public transportation and the stores to stay open on Saturdays. Demand not just a few stores to stay open, but all of the stores, like in America.
12. paradox
Eisenfeld ,   Ashkelon   (03.19.14)
Instead of asking for the palestinians to recognize Israel as a jewish country,the governemernt should ask to the israelis to recognize it as a ewish country.
13. #2 Denying other Jews are not Jews is a sin
Avi   (03.19.14)
Don't force your life style on other Jews. Who are you to claim a monopoly over the faith? Israel was built by the secular movement while the religious objected to it. It's only fitting seculars get to choose how they want to live in it. By claiming Jews who are different from you are not Jews you show your extremist colors to be the same as the extreme litai haredi minority. Shame on you!
14. When we want equality for poor and
ORA ,   JERUSALEM   (03.19.14)
rich, then the same rest day for all is not an option, but a necessity. It is very frustrating to have to work while the lucky ones have a day off. Therefor Judaism has given to the world the genial idea of a weekly rest day for all. How can we Jews, break this practice and at the same time pretend that Israel is a Jewish State? It is by living all for one and one for all that Israel will be a great nation.
15. Tel Aviv Has Already Annulled Morality...
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (03.19.14)
with their permission and support of homosexual parades in public. Albeit Tel Aviv was the first "Jewish" city in Israel, it no longer can claim to be Jewish in spirit any longer.
16. Whats the purpose of a Jewish State if it serves to destroy
naftules ,   Jerualem   (03.19.14)
Whats the purpose of a Jewish State if it serves to destroy our Jewish Culture. Our Culture should be proud of our Jewish Heriatage !!! If you cant stand Jewish Heritage why in the world dont you find some good non-jews in a non-jewish country and quitly find your way out of the Jewish people.
17. #2 what utter nonsense
Haim   (03.19.14)
We are all free to believe what we like or not to believe. If being Jewish means having matzah at pessach and apple cake on rosh ha shana well thats your right, but what is not your right is to force religion and religikous rules on those who choose not to believe or live by such rules, Tel Aviv is a modern democratic city that allows people the freedom to live like they choose. So keep your religion to yourself, go live in Jerusalem and stop shoving it down our throats because quite frankly its none of your business.
18. #1 funny
The extreme Left always demands the rule of law until it is inconvenient for them. As for Shabbat in Tel Aviv: I guess you are rich so see nothing wrong with forcing poor people to lose their only day of rest to serve you.
19. Racist Jews and #1
history nut ,   Israel   (03.19.14)
Why do you dna goyim jews deserve a homeland any more than Native Americans? #1 same pathetic low intellect. You also deserve a land where the survival is for the fittest?
20. #10 What does Shabbat have to do...
HIstory nut ,   Israel   (03.19.14)
With the rabbis? Right? Except when they don't know the difference between fire and electricity. Right?
21. #15 Reuven Thankyou for your lesson in morality
David ,   hAIFA   (03.19.14)
Hello Reuven, i was born gay, yes we are either born straight of gay its not a life style choice as you seem to think. I am a good person, who helps others who are less fortunate than i am. I am not a religious man and neither do i live by such rules. I do not think that someone who claims to be religious such as yourself has the right to slander and judge me based on my sexual orientation. If you are looking for imoarlity i suggest you try looking at your ultra orthhadox pals, whose hobbies include, spitting on 8 year old girls, not working, not serving in the IDF, attacking women on buses and lots not forget beating a man senseless for allegedly looking at a women. So I suggest you clear our your own filthy house before slandering others,. Hitler murdered 6 million jews along with 250,000 gay men, their crime was being different, i see you continue his legacy. My own hope is your children will come out as gay. Were here were queer get over it.
22. #18 what a lame exscuse
Miri   (03.19.14)
Oh let me understand, these people are forced to work are they? Total nonsense and a complete lie. Just a lame excuse to force religion on secular people. I think that you will actually find that such people are greatful to have the opportunity to work, which as we know is a foreign concept to you and your ilk. We will live our life as we please and you are free to live yours, but you are not free to tell others how to live there's. So my answer to you is i shall do my shopping on Saturday instead of Thursday night. Stay out or our lives the only alternative is civil war, which is fine by me
23. it's about time
iselin ,   oslo   (03.19.14)
Israel should be a totally free country (which it is not) rather than a theocracy. No one forces anyone to work or shop on Saturday, and those that do usually get a different day off during the week - much more practical, because they can shop when the stores are open, not be stuck at home with nothing to do because the rabbis rule. If the stores are open on Saturday, the religious will not be affected at all. They protest to maintain their own version of how life should be, to the inconvenience of others who want to be free to choose when to do what they want.
24. The Sabbath was made for man.
Jerusalem   (03.19.14)
Six days may you work and perform all your labor. This is working a job and any work you have to do of your own. A seventh day is for your rest and relaxation, to do as you like. Service related businesses can work a same schedule and have their Sabbath which may not fall on the "official" one. Any issues a person has that keep them from loving the Lord with all their heart, mind, strength and spirit, following in accordance with laws, statutes, ordinances and ways should be able to be addressed by "official" Sabbath representatives so that their Sabbath is a restful one. Pinchas earned God's covenant of peace, rest is inclusive. Tel Aviv has other things that aren't Jewish that need remedial action to be Jewish. Only if more attention was given to these "other things" as much as the Sabbath would Tel Aviv really reflect the Light of all that's spoken of about being Jewish.
25. #21 Attn David
Mark ,   London, UK   (03.19.14)
Don't forget that religion is indubitably a lifestyle choice whereas sexual orientation is innate.
26. SHABAT=Day of Tranquility,Peacefulness=Day OFF for ALL !!!!
zoro ,   israel   (03.20.14)
Shabat is a single sacred Day for Jews, for Israel. It's a DAY that provides Tranquility and Peacefulness for everybody. It's DAY that provides a Peace of Mind for everybody. It's a single day that allows to Tel Aviv to be cleaned from TERRIBLE Pollution from DIESEL vehicles, especially BUSES, Sherut Taxis, and other french-italian cars equipped with diesel engines. NO to BUSES. NO to Service busineses.
27. Tel avivs Rabbi should move to Jerusalem
Haim   (03.20.14)
And let people live their lives in the secular city.
28. Intrinsic part of Israel's character
Joseph ,   London England   (03.21.14)
Shabbat is an intrinsic part of Israel's Jewish character. Allowing shops to open is one step further in 'deJudaising' Tel Aviv. How can a High Court in a Jewish state force a Jewish city to countenance Shabbat desecration?
29. The Rabbaunut anulled their say eons ago
Larry ,   Or Yehuda   (07.06.14)
Corrupt organization
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