Tibi: Lapid's VAT exemption on first-house purchase is racist
Moran Azulay
Published: 18.03.14, 22:09
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1. Pas de probleme -- Let the Arabs and hareidim contribute
Charles ,   Paris, FRANCE   (03.18.14)
through sherut leumi.
2. Racism =Arabs want all benefits from Infidels with no duties
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.18.14)
3. its aimed at Lapid voters
zionist forever   (03.18.14)
The people who vote for Lapid are not arab and they are not religious so give the seculars rewards not given to arabs & religious and they will love you for it. What Lapid has not done is explained how this plan will be funded because government will loose alot of money in VAT. The sooner Lapid is out of finance the better the economy is, last thing we need is a finance minister who is a 1 man political opportunist who will use the ministry to further his personal political ambitions.
4. Vat exemption
Abe Benjamin ,   Migdal HaEmek Israel   (03.18.14)
It is about time that our government 'compensates' in a small way our beloved soldiers who risk their lives for us to live as normaly as possible. If Tibi wants, he can persuade his followers to do civil duties for 3years and get paid a handsome 300 odd sequels a month. Then they too can get this discount. Stop appeasing these wingers. They are better off here than in any other Neighbouring Arab country.
5. it's about time !!!
Goldenberg ,   Guaruja   (03.18.14)
Compensate those who care and defend our country.
6. The Wadi
Ron ,   oc us   (03.18.14)
Give up the Wadi area per Leiberman. The Jewish state gets rid of 300,000 Arabs and the ball and chain that goes with it. Tibi can take ip his agenda with the PA anf his Arab bretherin.
7. no benefits without contributing and responsibilities. free
ralph   (03.18.14)
ride over. want freebies go to saudi arabia.
8. So it equally applies to Arabs and Jews
Mordechai   (03.18.14)
Sorry if the idea of contributing to the country you live in is considered racist to Mr Tibi. His complaint proves it isn't racist. Jews who refuse to contribute to society are equally penalized with Arabs who refuse to contribute to society. It also applies to Tel Aviv leftists who refuse to serve in the army too.
9. This arab Has Batsum The Size Of A Elephant
Listen up ahmed, The Day You Act Like A Human Being is the day you get treated with rights humans deserve! Your a anti-Semetic squatter who Bashes The Country you Pays You, if life is so bad for and your arab buddies, then pack up your shit AND LEAVE, you will never be afforded the rights you have in Israel in Any arab country, if the grass is greener then try it out for your self!!! Masalami Gochba
10. Ahmad Tibi is RIGHT!!! This is BLATANT RACISM!!!
Apominondis   (03.19.14)
And I, for one, am fed up! I plan on pursuing vigorous legal action against the Israeli government! First, though, you can be sure that I'll sue those rogues at Mirriam-Webster - the dictionary which they sold me is absolutely FULL of typos and outright nonsense... you should see their definition of "racism," it bears no connection to reality whatsoever!!!
11. You want to make a gesture to our young soldiers?-Don't free
tom ,   tel aviv   (03.19.14)
Arab terrorists that these soldiers have captured, risking their lives. Then you may continue with other populist BS!
12. Then encouraging your Arab voters to serve
Naomi   (03.19.14)
13. Only those who are parasites on the system fear Lapid
William ,   Israel   (03.19.14)
So if MK Tibi is upset with providing benefits to those who actually fulfill their obligations to the State, then perhaps he can ask his constituents to fulfill their's rather than bleed the State dry without giving anything in return. If you want perpetual welfare, go see your local UNRWA office. And this isn't racist either - both haradim and leftist trolls in Tel Aviv will be affected.
14. Lol! This guy is a fake!
Mira ,   Vienna   (03.19.14)
Does he think that the Arabs will forever only have rights and advantages, but no duties? If they do not want to serve in the army they can serve in civil institutions or get the he** out of the country!
15. Segregated education-military-police-civil service is racist
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.19.14)
#2 not mine.
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (03.19.14)
"There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Lunch."
17. Service guarantees citizenship
Walter ,   Germany   (03.19.14)
This is for the thinking...
18. Lapid is first a Jewish racist an enemy of Jews like Haman
Lapid is a racist ,   JewHater & ArabHater   (03.19.14)
He's also an Arab racist. All over the world whenever Haman was mentioned at the reading of the megillah on Purim, machine gun volleys were fired while everyone had in mind Lapid and Bennett yemach shemom. Before Israel should worry about about racism in the world, they should take care of Israeli racists and Jew-haters first. Lapid, the rasha, announced that he is reducing housing prices but not for Haredim and Arabs.
19. What about new immigrants past draft age?
Noa ,   B7   (03.19.14)
I donĀ“t think Lapid is a racist. He just forgets that Israel consists of more groups than (Ashkenazi) vatikim.
20. Arab racists segregate education-military-police-civil serv.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.19.14)
21. Arab Civil Wars Mean Strong Israel
Zechariah   (03.19.14)
The Arab Civil Wars mean for the Palestinians a Strong Israel is Vital and the Two could be allies against the Common Enemies of The Holy Land .
22. Arabs can volunteer in the Army or National Service
Zev ,   Israel   (03.19.14)
is not racist. No Jews allowed to live in Palestine is Racist
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