Source: White House out to discredit Ya'alon
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.03.14, 17:18
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31. the loser in the white house
bernhard ,   munich/germany   (03.19.14)
A president who has sent the US to the geopolitical sidelines, not really realizing what's going off-shore, just bashing Israel and Putin's cronies now. In geopolitical terms not only a nobody but a burden for all the allies the US have with the same canon of shared values (not the Mullahs from Iran). What a shame. Obama and his "freedom and framework-fighters" have given way to the Kremlin autocrat re-establishing the fallen Sowjet Union. Hopefully, he will vanish in the dust of history without further damage.
32. Ya'alon has backbone - speaks the truth
Scott ,   Haifa   (03.19.14)
33. Obama & Kerry are Israels WORST enemies !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (03.19.14)
34. yaalon
JL   (03.19.14)
if obama is trying to discredit yaalon..then yaalon is telling the truth
35. yaalon is talking the truth
alanash ,   nyc   (03.20.14)
Yaalon is talkingtbhe truth Kerry will destroy Israel.
36. When you can't hurt your real enemies hurt your friends
r ,   Atlanta   (03.20.14)
Y'all on has killed his chances to be PM, but I expected a more measured response from the current WH personnel . He was wrong they , the WH, were worse; they are just a bunch of cry babies!!!!
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