Kerry’s gift to Abbas
Dan Calic
Published: 20.03.14, 11:17
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1. Brilliant opinion piece!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.20.14)
Says it all. Thank you, Mr. Calic.
2. great article!
tiki ,   belgium   (03.20.14)
But probably mr. Calic has to apologize in the near future for stating true facts! American leaders have gotten infected by their Arab Palestinian friends who prefer to be fed bobkes instead of facts.
3. not a mistake
Kerry just said out loud what he and Obama believe: just like they want the Brotherhood in Egypt and Turkey and Jihad in Libya and Syria, these two believe Israel has no right to exist and must be replaced by a Muslim country. Kerry telling the truth is not a mistake. Israelis ignoring what Kerry is saying is the mistake.
4. What stock can be placed in the words of Mahmoud Abbas?
Steve   (03.20.14)
5. What I don´t understand
albert snow ,   sweden   (03.20.14)
Why do only Israel have to make consessions for having peace? Is it because only Israel is interested in peace? If the palestinians are interested in peace why don´t they show it by likwise making concessions to Israel? Israel ought to have demanded concessions from the palestinans to prove they are comitted making peace and not start any negotiations before that was done. Not doing so was a big mistake of Israel.
6. The only mistake is ours
Ephraim ,   Jerusalem   (03.20.14)
Obama and Kerry care only about Obama and Kerry. It is our mistake for even starting this process with people like this.
7. Good article.Problem is Kerry+Obama want to give Pals state.
Sam ,   Canada   (03.20.14)
Kerry and Obama think all their mid-east problems will go away if they give Palestinians a state. So, they demand little to nothing from the Palestinians and try to minimize Israeli demands and maximize their concessions. Israeli leaders will have to get over Israeli fascination with the US and stand their ground.
8. Albert #5: Peace process is a sham
Steve Klein   (03.20.14)
Tens of thousands of Jews like me are hoping and praying Mahmoud Abbas is more honest than Yasser Arafat. We are hoping Abbas will not utter some formulaic words that he accepts Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state. The reason is, Israel's right to this land is inviolable. For those who are not sure about Israel's rights, they can be certain of one thing. These peoples (Jews and Palestinians) will never coexist in this land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River. It is simply not possible as Mr. Calic explains in this piece. The Jews have no where to go.
9. Reply to Albert Snow [#5]
Dan Calic   (03.20.14)
In order to understand the Palestinian position completely you must include the role Islam plays. You're painting a 'perfect world' picture. This concept doesn't apply with Islam. Why do you think the emblems of Fatah, PLO, Hamas and all other Muslim groups have no Israel, only one Islamic state of Palestine replacing Israel. Being 'fair' has no place when their eschatology requires the elimination of those the world is requiring they make peace with. The US is not being a fair broker without demanding Fatah change their charter and all other references to destroying Israel.
10. Kerry, with his criticsm of the demand to accept Israel's
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.20.14)
right to be, to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people has demonstrated at least two (1) He doesn't comprehend what we, Jews, do here, in our homeland of 4,000 years and doesn't appreciate the fact that for us it is not only a "safe haven" as the Americans like to call Israel, but it has been a home where we have desired all along to re-institute Jewish sovereignty. (2) He fails to understand the essence of the Arab Israeli conflict, one in which the Arabs object, categorically, to the RIGHT of the Jewish people to exercise sovereignty on ANY parcel of land of the Jewish people's ancestral homeland.
11. Jewish state
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (03.20.14)
Mr. Kerry declares that Israel is the Jewish state and that it is recognized in the world (except Arab and muslim countries). If it is so, let Israel do immediately a Constitution, in which the first article should read that it is a national Jewish state. Then follows article about the minorities rights etc. That is all, no need to ask anybody to re-recognize that fact!
12. Steven Klein #8
albert snow ,   sweden   (03.20.14)
This is of course true. And the conclusion then is it wont be any peace even after expelling all muslims from Jude and Samaria, because islam is a religion not satisfied until every human is a muslim. Meaning war between islam, jews and people with other faith until islam is defeated once and for all.
13. Dan Calic #9
albert snow ,   sweden   (03.20.14)
I totaly agree. Then especially jews has to understand there´ll not be any peace with arab/islamic states until islam is weakend or defeated worldwide; meaning Israel located in the arab/muslim world ought to prepare for many decades of times with only temporary abscence of warfare at the best.
14. Talking to P.A. terrorists is a huge Israeli mistake.
Chaim ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
Israel needs to bring back her former courageous dignified policy of never talking to terrorists. In those days, Israel was highly respected by friends and foes alike.
15. Send an open letter to Kerry & Abbass even Obama
Martin SA   (03.20.14)
Let the message clearly shine out to the world. Thank you so much Dan Calic
16. I LOVE Dan Calic's
Israeli 2   (03.20.14)
interaction with his talk backers. He comes out intelligent, brilliant and simply down to Earth. His writing is a gift to humanity.
17. Thank you Mr. Calic for helping clarify what many choose
A ,   Belgium   (03.20.14)
to ignore or to pervert; there is no trust in American diplomacy regarding Israel and no truth in the words of "palestinian" leaders.
18. so childish
Yaron ,   Israel   (03.20.14)
Are the Usa the homelanf of the ethnic anglo Americans? Is France is the homeland of the ethnic french natives? What does it even mean? What are then the milion of people not represrnted that? Foreigners? Will the future Palestine the homeland of the palestinian people? What does it mean then with respect of the historic ties of th jews to hebron, betlehem,..
19. Send attachment 4 Question 2 confrimunderstoodPesach Hagadh
Martin SA   (03.20.14)
Send an attachment 4 Question 2 confirm understood in Pesach Haggadah Tradition. The answer are given so they can be repeated in the questionnaire. Following in our tradition a comprehension multi choice test is to be attached to the open letter. The test must sent and required to be answered returned or collected in person to make sure that even the “tam” and “roshah” can't get it wrong.
20. "Israel is not negotiating a peace agreement with the US."
CJK   (03.20.14)
dan calic is of course correct in theory. however, under the obama administration, there is hardly any difference between the positions of the obama administration and the demands of the arab palestinian leadership. furthermore, obama has used all means at his disposal to pressure, blackmail and otherwise force his pro-palestinian agenda on the jewish state. obama has already managed to blackmail netanyahu to free hundreds of convicted mass murderering terrorists. obama is an authoritarian figure who disregards even the national security of the us, thus losing egypt to russia. hence, in practice, israel is indeed negotiating with the obama administration.
21. Reply to Israeli [#16]
Dan Calic   (03.20.14)
How kind of you. :)
22. "Jewish State" with 6M Jews, 9M Arabs, not going to happen
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.20.14)
23. Dan Calic, this is such an outstanding piece ...
Devorah   (03.20.14)
that I will give copies of it to every guest at Seder this year because there are a few who inevitably argue in support of Obama's attempted stranglehold on Israel (although they don't view it as such). Also, as Israeli 2 (#16) wrote, thank you for jumping into the fray with us. It means a lot. Dan Calic, you have given us a gift, and I cannot thank you enough.
24. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (03.20.14)
Money and land is the same. If you owe $1000.00 you have to pay back $1000.00 If you have occupied 1000 sq.ft. of land you have to return 1000 sq.ft. of land. Abbas or his future successors should claim all Palestinian lands occupied in 1967. Period. There are many UN resolutions about this subject and have to be honored.
25. Palestinians and Israelis are little children...
TaylorT ,   Earth   (03.20.14)
...who need to be sent to their rooms. And the US is the only parent around to do this thankless job. If the US fails, then it's only a matter of a decade or so until one of Israel's neighbors gets a nuke and Israel is no more. Of course if Israel takes out a few Arab capitols before being wiped off the face of the planet, it might be a win-win for the world. So keep whining about Obama you losers. But don't wonder why your history has been one long tale of misery.
26. Dan, As I've wriiten
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.20.14)
many times in the past---The Pals really don't want a state of their own right now. Reason being, they are not in position to govern themselves as of yet. But to admit that they will lose all credibility and monies given to their "cause". By asking for things that they know they will not get from Israel, they can keep on refusing to sign on.The old cronies keep their jobs and etc,etc.Why take on the responsibility of statehood it makes no sense?
27. #24 "To all commentators"
A ,   Belgium   (03.20.14)
Your comments are slightly less interesting as boiled cabbage.
28. 24
Y.Allon ,   adelaide/Israel   (03.21.14)
Fool-you just won' learn.There is no palwestine-even the Quran says the land belongs to Jews.And that is according to Allah.The Arabs are squatters in Israel period.Get an education before you post.
29. Thank you so, so much for this learned article.
David ,   Boston, USA   (03.21.14)
30. What is a "Jewish State" ?
Michael ,   Haifa   (03.21.14)
Will Calic provide the parameters. What will the Law do to me in a "Jewish State" if I eat ice-cream after my steak ? Will he model the state on the Laws of the Islamic Republics of Iran and Pakistan ?
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