Gaza terror tunnel 'designed for kidnap mission'
Yoav Zitun
Published: 21.03.14, 10:59
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1. a "terror tunel"
Albrecht ,   EU   (03.21.14)
and old "terror socks" inside.
2. Flood it
John ,   Herzliya   (03.21.14)
Wait until rats enter it in high numbers and flood it.
3. Call one junction Picadily Circus,another Edgeware Rd and
Alan ,   SA   (03.21.14)
another Oxford Street
4. Cement
John ,   Herzliya   (03.21.14)
While there is no cement to build houses for inhabitants of Gaza, there is, obviously, a plenty of it for terror activities.
5. They need to be taught a lesson
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.21.14)
No electricity. I don't care if the Qataris offer to pay double the rate. No fresh water. When they run out of bottled water, they can drink salt water. No humanitarian aid. Seal the border. For good. Summer's coming -- they can't cry "cold." Collective punishment? You bet. When the people of Gaza get tired of suffering, they will take the necessary steps to rid themselves of Hamas and other terrorist elements. They think they can make Israelis live under siege by the constant threat of missile attacks? Kidnappings? Well, let's show them what a siege can be.
6. Note, these are precisely the people to whom the duo Obama/
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.21.14)
Kerry want us to hand over a state, one from which the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, Israel, will continue to be attacked, until "victory" as Mr. Abbas pronounced it, i.e. until Israel's demise and the "cleansing" of the ancestral homeland of the Jewish people of its Jews. We say: Never Again!!
7. Now we know what all the cement on that ship was for
Alan ,   SA   (03.21.14)
Not just to camouflage the rockets,but for tunnels
8. If earthquake guys can detect earthquake on opposite side of
Alan ,   SA   (03.21.14)
world,(Richter scale )why does Israel not be able to detect scratching and digging exactly under their feet?
9. We just need Courage and thats all
HENRY ,   ISRAEL   (03.21.14)
What can I tell you people? After I have read this article ,Israel needs FOR A SHORT TIME a leader like Mr. Putin (I remark...but only for security) and in few months we could see order and respect to each other not only inside the country..i mean IN KNESSET,but outside as well. Believe me.. many people would agree with this solution.
10. More 5 like this in Lebanon Border.
Rosenvald ,   Brazil   (03.21.14)
11. #8 Alan
Maurice ,   Montreal   (03.21.14)
When there is an earthquake the tremors propagate as waves from the depths of the earth towards the surface and are felt on a very large area. When a tunnel is dug, the earth movement is localized and is felt only in the immediately surrounding area.
12. Old School Method
Yonatan ,   Dishon, Israel   (03.21.14)
In Viet Nam the US would flood tunnels with an air-fuel mixture then detonate it and discover all the many entrances from the debri fields near them after the explosion. A good way of dealing with jihadists and very little expense.
13. Dont know what WE are waiting for
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.21.14)
Lets start digging Israeli tunnels right into the heart of Gaza
14. henry #9
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (03.21.14)
Henry Israel doesn't need putin I VOLUNTEER TO BE PRIME MINISTER FOR ONE DAY, I guarantee the problem would be rectified and I will fly to the hague the next day. it would be worth it.
15. Nuke it; then fill it up with Sarin,
16. Use it for raw sewage
Cowboy Joe ,   Calgary, Canada   (03.21.14)
17. take a lesson from the Egyptians
Stu   (03.21.14)
pump the tunnel full with raw sewage so that no one can ever go back down there
18. Have a webcam on the entrance 24/7
Arnold-Canada ,   Montreal   (03.21.14)
Watch what and who pops up. And or use the tunnels in reverse to sneak into Gaza.
19. #1 No, actually it was only a playground for
A ,   Belgium   (03.21.14)
"palestinian" sewer rat children. No terror involved.
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