Saudi denies entry to reporter covering Obama trip for Israeli paper
Published: 25.03.14, 18:54
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1. Perhaps we can find......
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (03.25.14)
a Saudi here and expell him to give our protest some teeth.
2. Saudi terror state
CJK   (03.25.14)
the saudi terror state to this day practices strict discrimination against all non-islamic religions, and in particular, against jews. the saudis also practice medieval torture as punishment even for moral flaws, including severe floggings and beheadings. women in saudi are the most repressed in the world. this small kingdom is responsible for huge numbers of terror attacks against civilians in the west, including the nine eleven attacks in the us. the saudis finance most of the fundamental mosques and madrassas in the world where hatred of the west and of jews is preached. unfortunately, successive american and british administration have been appeasing this terror state. obama bowed down to the saudi king while he has humiliated the prime minister of the jewish state. yet the saudis rely on the united states for their security. they are never expected to change their behaviour for american protection.
3. Lovers quarel between strange bedfellows.
Gabe ,   Canada   (03.25.14)
4. Post Reporter
Leon ,   USA   (03.25.14)
Where is the guts that the US had in the past. ALL reporters should boycott the Saudis. Without the oil, they would be still herding sheep. And they will in the future when the oil runs out.
5. 4 house of saud
CJK   (03.25.14)
these primitives pretend that they are royalty. they are not. they are torturers and terrorists. without american protection they would be overthrown. they forget that and successive american presidents fail to remind them that only a few decades ago they were nomads herding camels.
6. Apartheide policy
Abu Yousuf El- Dugri   (03.25.14)
7. So why didn't Sotero stay away from S.A??
Beary White ,   Norway   (03.25.14)
He should know that new kisses on the hand of the SA king will reach publicity, and leave him standing as a jerk..
8. Highly principled White House press corp
Gary ,   Cape Town   (03.26.14)
Whilst the White House press corp found it an affront and Ioutrageous that the Saudi government has refused to allow a White House reporter entry to the country to cover the visit of President Barack Obama ... They all including Obama continued on their journey
9. Well, it's a free trip to SA, how can they turn that down?
Rhonda ,   Chicago, usa   (03.26.14)
Too bad that the journalist's colleagues in the White House press corps didn't have the guts to say, "you dont let this guy in, we're all staying home." Their unwillingness to refuse to go suggests a lack of character.
10. And what about Qatar 2022
Tim ,   Brighton   (03.26.14)
Repeated requests to FIFA to confirm that Israelis and Jews will be permitted to attend the World Cup in Qatar 2022 have been met with stony silence So in the absence of ANY clear assurances are we to expect that Israelis and Jews will not be permitted entry which will mark this as FIFAs first Racist Football World Cup? Having said that, as awareness of this issue is growing a crescendo of opposition and dissent among footballers, football fans and politicians is growing and will not stop until FIFA come to terms and grapple with this issue to ensure that Qatar abides fully by its responsibilities and FIFA Terms for hosting the Games
11. Simple solution
Matityahu ,   Slovenia   (03.26.14)
Deny all muslims entrance to Israel, without exception.
12. Who cares
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.28.14)
there will be a day when they'll want the Jews to come in and then the jews will tell them thanx , but no thanx. I hope i'll live long enough to see that day.
Iranian Jew ,   LA USA   (03.30.14)
Isn't that an insult to BHO? He still went there to kiss Abdullah's feet, anyway.
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