Abbas refuses to discuss framework accord before prisoner release
Published: 26.03.14, 18:35
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1. Well, that's certainly easy!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.26.14)
No prisoner release. No framework. No accord. No "Palestine." Intensive construction in Judea and Samaria. Annexation of Judea and Samaria. Rearrest and imprisonment for the duration of their term of all security prisoners released as a good-faith gesture. Repatriation to Jordan of undesirable illegal aliens. No more intelligence-sharing with the United States.
stude ham   (03.26.14)
and all supposedly over a bunch of pali terrorists. this is totally disgusting.
3. The release of prisoners was subject to progress made.
Elan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (03.26.14)
Israel has fulfilled It's obligation of the agreement! progress ceased, and therefoe no forth batch of released prisoners! Its okay Abbas, ur not the only one with selective memory! any who, good luck at the UN, tell them we said Hi!
4. Israel has no demographic right
Yeoshua F. ,   N.Y   (03.26.14)
to call itself a ¨Jewish state¨. Jews make up between 70 and 75% of Israel´s population. Non Jewish minorities make up nearly a third of the population. They are mainly muslim and christian Arabs, but also christian Russians, Druze, expats from Europe and the U.S who live in union with Jewish partners and descendants of foreign workers from Africa and Asia who were born in Israel. That does not even include the Palestinian population of the west bank Israel wants to annex as part of the deal. Unlike the Islamic republics of Iran and Pakistan whose populations are over 95% muslim, Israel has a sizeable non-Jewish minority whose rights are already being trampled by law as at is, and will be further stepped on if Israel should declare itself a ¨Jewish state¨. I completely agree with the arab league´s decision. They know that the Jewish state shtick is intended to make Arabs´ lives in Israel difficult and to sabotage the peace process as Israel has been doing for 15 years.
5. Good move by the PA
James ,   USA   (03.26.14)
The PA has got the United States number and sees it as a cowardly nation that cannot backup or give these wannabes any grief. Israel on the other hand fears the lack of US support despite the fact the PA only wants all the Jews out of Israel. Bibi is just playing a smoke and mirrors game and is not taking a hard stand on anything even though the US (not Kenya's opinion) Christians are solidly behind Israel. The entire US democratic party would suffer crushing blows if they took the Arab side over Israel. Before anyone starts crying for the PA plight, they should take a hard look at why Zionism exists today and the safety it provides. Only crazy people release murders to the murderers so they can continue to murder and propogate the thoughts of murder.
6. Anyone With Half A Brain
Brett ,   Florida   (03.26.14)
Knows that Abass will go to the UN anyway, for his mythological statehood. So, the prisoner release is only a way for Bibi to say he tried his best. BUT, he will still be condemned for the "piece" talks failure.
7. Israel should not release those murderers!
Alex ,   New York, US   (03.26.14)
Rereleasing or not those terrorists should not be an obstacle for peace negotiations if both parties are interested but in any case nothing will come out of it because there is no one to negotiate with!
8. turn his office into rubble.
9. Good! Greater Israel then. No BDS, UNSC, ICC, NATO, US GI's.
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.26.14)
10. Blame Game
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln,USA   (03.26.14)
The peace talks are a reminder of ancient shouk negotiations between two merchants who don't really want to finalize a deal. Both are playing the blame game, and in doing so, they can demonstrate to the world that they are the victim. Abbas refuses to recognize a Jewish state. Netanyahu balking on prisoner exchanges, and more settlement expansion. Kerry running around like a chicken with his head chopped off. Welcome to the Middle East. Neither side really wants peace. What a waste of time.
11. To No 4
Valerie ,   Israel   (03.26.14)
I thinlk you should go back to school and learn how to add up. Your Maths does not make sense
12. "Abbas refuses..."
C   (03.26.14)
let abbas the terrorist refuse till the end of times.
13. The obvious way forward
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (03.26.14)
There is an obvious way forward - release the terrorists without the obscenity of pardoning them - allow them to stay in Israel and if Abbas does not go back to the table re-arrest them. We then have our pre-condition - Abbas is given 24 hours to take the BDS propaganda off the PA website and to stop financing it - if he does not then the Government instructs Israeli companies that trade with our "settlements" to honor the BDS demands and since the Palestinians would welcome this, the first two companies to stop the PA from the shame of trading with companies that support setllements should be Mekorot and IEC
14. Kerry the usefull idiot -
Arn. ,   Sweden.   (03.26.14)
- trying to save His idocy at the expance of Israel. His and Obamas Peaceinitiative to begin with was of the same sort. To go ALL IN will accomplish nothing but loss. Obama and Kerry are loosers. Arn.
Robert ,   Israel   (03.26.14)
It seems to be that Abbas thinks he become the director of the orchestra and wants to set the rules and conditions.
16. To Sarah B, U.S./Israel, at nr. 1
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (03.26.14)
Very well written down. Let him and his gang go to the so-called Arabian peninsula. Problem and issue solved. ISRAEL FOREVER AND ALWAYS!
17. "Palestinian authority"
Sjoerd van der Velde ,   Hoorn, Holland   (03.26.14)
Always complaining and accusing the other party and nothing else. What can humankind do with that?
18. Arab league an Pals reject peace with Jewish state of Israel
Destruction is their peace negotiation strategy today.
19. Yet again israeli concessions for futile talks
Israel making concessions yet again for talks about talks which never lead to serious peace progress. Money for old rope.
20. The United States of America, the world economic, political
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.26.14)
and military superpower, goes down on its knees and begs of the head of a group that until recently was a designated international terror organization, to abide by its request. This is how far down the Obama/Kerry duo has brought America, as viewed by both friends and foe of the US. How sad, how sad indeed...!!
21. No prisoner release w/o "Jewish State" demand in framework
Dr. L. Brnd ,   San Diego, USA   (03.26.14)
Bibi should make clear to Kerry that without including in his "framework" an explicit requirement for PA recognition of Israel as the Jewish State, along with Israel's already agreed-to recognition of a Palestinian Arab state next door, there will be no prisoner release. Israel should also demand that if Abbas refuses this language and rejects the framework, the US will publically and explicitly blame Abbas and only Abbas for the failure of the talks, and will refuse to certify to Congress that the PLO is not negotiating in good faith. This will trigger existing law and acts of Congress requiring the US to close the PLO offices in the US, including its UN mission, ban the PLO from US soil, and move the US embassy to Jerusalem, if there is no PA good-faith negotiation. Israel should then put Abbas on notice that Israel will respond with force and sanctions against the PA if it tries to run to the UN. Israel should make bluntly clear to Kerry and the Obama White House that after Kerry's sickening and duplicitous attempt to undermine Israel's "Jewish State" demand, reversing 60 years of US policy, that Israel owes them nothing in the way of cooperation and that Kerry is no longer welcome as a mediator. A "peace process" that does not demand Arab recognition of the Jewish State, as the UN demanded in 1947, is not worth having or discussing,and violates the clear language of UNSC242.
22. Sarah, As I've stated many
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.26.14)
times, this is all bulls--t. Pals are not ready to have statehood, they know it, but they will not admit to it.So they just play the game in trying to blame the other team for their woes.We got that here in the U.S., a certain element of our society passes the blame and that way they get the sympathy along with all the "goodies" the government will provide. If the Pals get what they ask for they'll have to have some sort of a democracy and it will not work. Not for now anyway.
23. #4 I ask you
arne ,   chicago usa   (03.26.14)
If the non jewish population of Israel has it so bad why then, if it were put to a vote in transfering land from Israel's arab populated cities to palistine the people would vote against it.evidently living in a jewish state is in their best interest.please let me hear.
24. Let him get away with this
Yael Schlichting ,   Munich - Germany   (03.26.14)
At the bottom line, it's about who failed the talks. If you let Abbas get away with this, he ends up in a situation, that looks very luxurious in the first place. He keeps everything open and free and he will make new demands. At this point Israel can make clear, that she released 104 felons with no result and that Abbas must give an answer on his attitude towards any talks. Yet there is no result at all, except the release of 78 hardened terrorists. And we have clarity on the difference between a Jewish state and a Palestinian state. At this point Israel should make clear, that it will not be able to accept a Palestinian state to be "Judenrein". If the Arabs don't want to accept the Jewish state, there cannot be mutual acceptance.
25. Of course they can't
Mark ,   London, UK   (03.26.14)
Recognise Israel as the nation state of the Jewish people? Of course Palestinians and their Arab friends cannot do this. It would spoil their narrative that Palestine has been invaded by a bunch of people who have no interest in the country; that all are there as colonialists having "stolen" a country etc etc. Had they not been ranting on about this the Israeli government (and people?) may have been fooled that recognition of Medinat Yisrael was the same thing. Duplicity is not a good solution on either side. Palestinians are looking for the Algeria solution - where Israelis are the Pied Noirs and should all go back where they came from. They certainly do not accept that there is nowhere for most Israelis to go. I don't suppose 'Back to the Pale of Settlement' is an appealing call to any sector of the Israeli society. 'Off to California' might be a bit more acceptable but it is not in the power of Palestinians to make that happen.
26. 4. Yeoshua F.
Marco S. ,   Sansibar, Tansania   (03.26.14)
Sorry boy but you are an idiot. It's not a necessity for Israel to be of 100% only Jewish citizen's to be called a Jewish State! Refer to the Resolution of April 24-25 of 1920 in San Remo / Italy and the vote concerning the Mandate at League of Nations in June 1922. It's not the Jews of Israel that are making the live of Arabs "difficult" and sabotage the "peace" process its the Arabs!
27. Peace talks first or no prisoner release
Mark Jeffery Koch ,   Cherry Hill, NJ USA   (03.26.14)
What kind of leader would insist on the release of cold blooded killers who murdered innocent men, women, and children before he will discuss peace with Israel? Netanyahu could release all the prisoners who are in Israeli jails, remove 80% of the settlers, give the Palestinians East Jerusalem, and let them have total control of the Jordan Valley after five years and Abbas still would not agree to a peace treaty with Israel that ends all claims. The conflict was never mainly about borders, settlements, or Jerusalem. It has always been about the Right of Return and that is why Abbas is misleading Obama, Europe, and the rest of the world. Abbas will never sign any agreement, no matter how many concessions Netanyahu agrees to, that ends the conflict and ends all claims forever. It's time the Americans, British, French, Germans, Chinese, and Russians get their heads out of the sand and realize that they are all being mislead by the Palestinians who will never give up their claim to all of Israel. The corrupt Palestinian leaders have spent their entire lives telling their people to keep the keys from the houses they left in 1948 and they have never stopped telling their people the lie that they will all be able to one day return. It's never been about land, settlements, Jerusalem, or the Jordan Valley. The entire so called peace negotiations have been a total fabrication from the very beginning where one side is being pressured to make concessions to the other side who will never accept those concessions and whose definition of the end of the conflict and the end of all claims is the dissolution of the State of Israel.
28. To 27
Júlio ,   São Paulo Brazil   (03.26.14)
Well said buddy!
29. #14 what?
How is he useful?
30. Arne #23..
Yeoshua F. ,   N.Y   (03.26.14)
The reason Israeli arabs refuse to be handed over to the Palestinian authority is not because their lives in Israel are so wonderful, it´s because they understand that this is a trick intended to ¨launder¨ the settlements in the west bank that were illegally built on stolen lands (many arabs in Israel have relatives in Palestine) by making it look like a population exchange, which it clearly isn´t since Israeli arabs did not steal anybody´s lands. There is only one logical solution : A Palestinian Arab state, and an multinational Israeli state next to it.
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