Report: Kerry suggests defining Israel as 'national homeland for Jews'
Roi Kais
Published: 29.03.14, 11:00
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1. They wont agree to that either - waste of time
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.29.14)
When will Kerry understand that these primitives aren't interested in anything but killing Jews, Christians - ANYBODY & EVERYTHING!
2. Kerry visits Israel to stop Iran attack not for Palis hudna
3. Ask the Jews first
chris (munich)   (03.29.14)
As far as I know, there has never been a vote among Jews to decide on whether Israel is in any way representative. Zionism has come a long way since the days of Herzl, but there is still no justification for imagining that all Jews must identify with Israel (especially if you look at where they choose to live). There is also the problem that if Jews are assumed to identify with Israel, then their loyalty to any state they live in outside Israel will seem to be questionable.
4. Sorry, but no
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (03.29.14)
The State of Israel is the Jewish State. Jerusalem is the eternal, undivided capital city of the Jewish State of Israel. It's not for sharing. There is no "right of return" for "Palestinian" voluntary quits. Abbas makes these statements, or he had better start packing.
5. Yellow = Coward. Red = Liar.
BUTSeriously ,   Sydney   (03.29.14)
6. Don' t mess with israelis about our Holy Jerusalem !
Frederic   (03.29.14)
7. #3 chris
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (03.29.14)
What are you talking about? I love Israel cause it's my place of birth and the historic place of the jewish people read your bible, but I live in Canada for the past 55 years and I love it as much as I love Israel. I don't plan on calling for it to be a jewish nation that is what a democracy is,
8. It is NOT for Kerry to define what Israel is!! The State of
N.L.Katz ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (03.29.14)
9. Hope that is a homeland for Jews and Messianic Jews. Now
Rivkah   (03.29.14)
there needs to be a homeland for Christians, too. The USA used to be that but with successive Secretaries of State that are hostile to Christian migration to the USA and who preferred Muslims and terrorists and Hindus and atheists, people like the White Christians of South Africa who are suffering genocide from the Black communists in power, there is no homeland for Christians to migrate to. How about changing that, Secretary Kerry?
10. above
moishe   (03.29.14)
Kerry is desperate for results and proposes a fantasyland concept that no Arab leader will accept on pain of assassination! takes two to tango! or maybe 3 including USA. Presidents and Secretarys of State come and go but the ME problems linger on.
FO ,   Belgium   (03.29.14)
I suppose the legal advisers of Mr. Kerry "discovered" the text of the "Mandate for Palestine" voted unanimously by all the 51 members of the League of Nation, the 24th of July 1922. In the Preamble of the Mandate for Palestine, the League declares: "Whereas recognition has thereby been given to the historical connection of the Jewish people with Palestine and the grounds for reconstituting their national home in that country". If Kerry's legal advisors indeed "discovered" the League's writing, than they must be in shock, because the Mandate for Palestine was part of the A Class Mandates, together with Syria-Lebanon and Iraq, 3 territories considered being mature enough to become independent, being aided for a while by a mandatory, a member of the League. It is evident that the League considered the "Jewish National Home" as the coming JEWISH STATE, and gave the Jews the IRREVOCABLE RIGHT to settle in the territory between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River, including the Golan Heights, a right that became International Law and was reaffirmed by Article 80 of the United Nations Charter. Conclusion: the "National Homeland for Jews" is the "Jewish State", so the State of Israel is "THE JEWISH STATE".
12. National Homeland
chanan ,   Israel   (03.29.14)
"Homelands" remembers me at South-Africa during the apartheid... so Israel will be for America a kind of Transkei with the capital Umtata...?
13. semantics as diplomacy
CJK   (03.29.14)
the arabs will not recognise israel as jewish however jewish israel is phrased. obama/kerry must understand that the very core of the conflict is the refusal by the arabs to recognise any jewish sovereignty in the land of israel. the arabs refuse to recognise jewish historical ties to the land of israel, including the existence of the two jewish temples. arab refusal to recognise jewish historical ties to the land of israel, which pre-date islam by well over a thousand years, stems from the religion of islam and its supremacist ideology.
14. Oh Mr Kerry
vicky ,   Ashkelon Israel   (03.29.14)
I Think u have become the Heinz 58th variety! The worst sauce ever made! G-D gave us the Jewish Land, It is not for the likes of you or any other country, religion, Non-religion to decide what we call it. Israel was chosen by the Israeli Government. If it was left to me I would have chosen the biblical Judea (Land of the Jews.) Perhaps we Israeli/Jews from overseas should decide not an Arab bumboy!
15. Right track
Dan   (03.29.14)
'Jewish state' suggest building biases into laws and institutions. 'Jewish homeland' only assures Jews certain rights. This both placated Palestinians and protects Jews against them: even if they become a majority, Israel remains a Jewish homeland. Of course, in the end this is just words on paper, and there is no longer any reason to believe the Palestians will ever respect a piece of paper. Kerry and Obama ignore the long learning process that has taught this to once equally naive Israelis.
17. Mr. Kerry, we, Jews, don't sell our identity for the sake of
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   The State of Israel   (03.29.14)
pleasing those who call for our demise... Our national home is the State of Israel, the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people. You may not like it, or you may like it, but it doesn't make any difference. It is our identity and the identity of our nation-state and it is neither for you nor for anyone else to attempt to change it.
18. Jerusalem, also known as Zion, has been the capital city of
NLK ,   Israel   (03.29.14)
the Jewish people since the Jewish king, King David, set it up as such, more than 3,000 years ago. It has since served not only as the capital city of the Jewish people, but also of the Jewish Hebrew/Israeli/Jewish kingdom in ancient times as well as the capital city of the liberal democratic and sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, the State of Israel. Of particular interest, Jerusalem, throughout this history of thousands of years, has not been proclaimed the capital city of any other people, none. And, the only time the city was partitioned was during the 19 years of illegal Arab rule over some neighborhoods of the city, between the years 1948 and 1967. Asking us to divide Jerusalem is simply ridiculous. It is high time both the Obama/Kerry duo and the Arabs whose interests they obviously try to represent accept this historic, ethical and legal reality.
19. Kerry redefines Vatican City
ASTRONAUT ,   SC, USA   (03.29.14)
as the New Islamic Homeland. Poetic justice, Kerry?
20. When the US divides the District of Columbia and hands part
Anat ,   Haderah, Israel   (03.29.14)
of it over to others to be their capital city, only because they would continue to fire rockets if they don't get their wish, then and only then will the Jews permit thugs to take over part of Jerusalem.
21. Like Yosemite Park is national homeland for Bears.
Alan ,   SA   (03.29.14)
and Kruger Park is National Homeland for Elephants
22. First Moses defined Jewish Homeland and now Obama+Kerry
Alan ,   SA   (03.29.14)
23. I suggest Kerry start trying his "renaming" ideas at home:
A ,   Belgium   (03.29.14)
The Occupied Native American and Mexican Territories of Amerika.
24. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (03.29.14)
Abbas wants more what was given to Arafat and not less.
25. Obama's 2nd attempt to wipe out Israel
Not on your life; 1st $8bn to Morsi for Al Qaida to corner Israel; Now Jewish Homeland
26. Oh goody. Another definition change.
Gideon Reader   (03.29.14)
Actually I'm still chewing on the John EFFEN Kerry "Hero" change of definition. Something to do with a "Magic Hat" and spendding Cchristmas in Cambodia on a non existant river in a boat that never was. Or maybe it's the whole Genghis Kahn and American war crimes thingy. Lurch should have gone to Fort Leavenworth rather than the U.S.Senate Now about the new name for JOOO things.......
27. 22 arab states, but only ONE Jewish state
mary_of_Bethany ,   Singapore   (03.29.14)
why Jews cannot stay in arab ruled Gaza and West Bank, and Gaza and W Bank will be Arab states...but why then can't arabs who stay in Israel Proper,or Jerusalem accept that Israel is a Jewish state...the One and Only Jewish state?
28. Build the temple
America might be willing to budget!!!
29. Zionism debated that a century ago.
David Turner ,   Richmond   (03.29.14)
Ahad Ha'am and Cultural Zionism. HOMELAND is not sovereignty!
30. It is even worse for Arabs, homeland means that Jews have
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (03.29.14)
historical rights to all of Israel from the Euphrates to the Mediterranean Sea, which Jews indeed do.
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